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We’ve told you all about Make Music Music Day over the past weeks and it’s now only 5 days away. We wanted to remind you to REGISTER YOUR EVENT!

Held annually on 21 June, Make Music Day is part of an international movement  launched in 1982 in France, it’s now held in more than a thousand places across 120 countries.

Make Music Day is like a DIY music festival that’s free and open to the public and we call on Australians to CREATE YOUR OWN STAGE on June 21

You can organise your own gig, or join the many organisations that will host events.

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Here’s a few ideas for getting involved in Make Music Day on 21 June:

Create your own stage, wherever you are!
Grab your guitar/violin/bongos and head to the park. Contact your local council and ask if they have a spot you can play at (this could be a park, plaza, shopping centre etc). Get together with some friends for a jam session. Get your school/college/uni band to perform. Join a community choir – or start one! Join an existing community event.

Go live on your socials hashtags #makemusicday and #makemusicoz

Simply live stream your gig, jam session or even a music lesson from your phone on your socials.

Live From Home Challenge
Record a video of yourself performing one of your own songs, upload it to your social media, and tag three friends to challenge them to respond with their own performances. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #makemusicday and #makemusicoz

Songs from the Couch
Ask your housemate, friend or family member to film you performing your song from your couch, and post it on Make Music Day Australia website. If you submit pre-recorded content, it will be displayed in an online gallery on 21 June.

Global Live Stream
Make Music Alliance is organising a day-long video stream on 21 June, showing the rich diversity of Make Music Day events around the world. Last year’s live stream featured live performances from all across the world, including Ngaiire live from Sydney.

Live stream and share your performance on the Make Music Day Australia Facebook page. Here’s how:


1) Decide which platform you will be livestreaming from (Facebook or Youtube) on Make Music Day

2) ’Like’ the Make Music Day Australia Facebook page so you can share your stream to it and be visible in the ‘Community’ section.


3) On the day, Livestream from your own Facebook page or YouTube channel and post the link on the Make Music Day Australia Facebook Page. This way you are live on Make Music Day site as well as your own

4) Also use the tags #makemusicday #makemusicoz for maximum exposure

Don’t forget to promote your Make Music Day event!

Register your performance on the Make Music Australia website so we can help promote your events online in the lead up to 21 June. Submit an event

Upload a Video for Make Music Day to the main website – we’ll publish what we can on June 21!

Create your own Make Music Day post with this Social Media Post Generator

Print your own posters at

More handy guides, ideas and tools are available on the Make Music Day website.

Check out some of the early event registrations for more inspiration!

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