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This Saturday, April 27 Mantis and The Prayer and friends will not only launch their new single and video The Whistle of the Gods at The Retreat Hotel in Brunswick but will also pay tribute to friends Ash and Jacquie, who sadly shuffled off this mortal coil in 2023.

Singing about transcendence, spirituality, magick and the beyond; the band weaves sacred themes into their tunes and stage show.  Mantis and the Prayer are a 4 piece rock band from Melbourne Australia. Releasing their first album ‘Butterflies and Demons’ in 2016 they have since gone onto place their music in the soundtrack for independent movie ‘Queen of Hollywood Blvd’ which was featured in the film festival circuit and had a cinematic release in Los Angeles. Characterised by delicate vocal harmonies and stinging guitars, Mantis and the Prayer will release their new vinyl single and video clip on the night: The Whistle of the Gods.

Whistle of The Gods:

“Ever since bluesman Robert Johnson struck a deal with the devil there’s been a link between esoterica and rock’n’roll. There was a revival of occultism in rock in the ’60s. Take the arcana around the Beatles for instance – rumour had it that Paul McCartney was dead and you could make out John Lennon singing “I buried Paul” if you played Strawberry Fields backwards. The ’70s had another crack: Bowie was at peak mysticism in his Starman days and Led Zepp took to quoting occultist Aleister Crowley. In 2013 Ben Lee took a trip and made a concept album about it (Ayahuasca: Welcome to the Work) and now we’ve got Mantis and the Prayer, a four-piece Melbourne-based band, lifting the veil between our world and whatever the hell else is out there. – BEAT MAGAZINE

Joining Mantis and the Prayer at The Retreat on Saturday night are:

Peter Wonderfeel
Peter is a spiritual activist who holds a space where disconnections need healing. Peter believes that spirituality needs to coexist with realness. He has hosted rituals for healing between Christians and Pagans, for compassion and renewal at a battery hen farm, and for remembering the people in unmarked graves at Australia’s first asylum. Where there is brokeness Peter Wonderfeel facilitates wholeness. On this night he will be holding space with you, for those you are missing and to those you are sending love and healing.

With a firm nod to the Post Punk musical era that spawned the likes of Pil, Wire, Pavement,Joy Division, Talking Heads and modern day contemporaries like Interpol and Idles: INDTIKO is a gender diverse act best described as a rousing concoction of pulsating rhythms, epic guitar sounds, deep water carnival sonic synths and occasionally discordant melodies.

All fronted by a poetic semi unhinged preacher man who promises no real salvation…

About this event:
We are remembering:

Aisling Clifford (Ash) Feb 7 1998 – Nov 24 2023
Ash was a very dear friend to Mantis and the Prayer,  especially guitarist Jimi Vaughan who brought her into the fold. She starred in the video Go Too Far as the Gothic Girl in White to everyone’s delight. She is forever part of the Mantis and the Prayer story.

Jacqueline Parmelee (Jacquie) April 22 1978- August 11 2023
Jacquie was the beloved sister to lead singer Mantis. Her passing occurred as The Whistle of the Gods single was releasing on vinyl.  She now appears in the Whistle of the Gods music video, in a white rose gifted from the beyond. ” I can hardly wait to see you again,  but I guess we both just have to be patient.”

We invite you to remember them with us and to share with us those that you wish to remember.

Date: Saturday, April 27
Tickets: Early bird $10 + fees, GA $12 + fees, door $15

Set Times:
Doors 7:30pm
8:15pm – INDTIKO
9:15pm – Peter Wonderfeel
10:00pm – Mantis and the Prayer
Ticket link:

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