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The MarkBass brand has long enjoyed a great reputation for producing bass amps and cabs of the highest quality. Marco De Virgiliis and his team at MarkBass in Italy have really been stretching their wings of late with a move into the manufacture of not only bass instruments but also bass strings.

“Maybe not many people know that since the past centuries Abruzzo has been the motherland of almost all string makers, “ says Marco De Virgiliis. “The art of string making was born in this beautiful part of the world and many great brands in today’s worldwide market can trace their own origins here, it’s a history made of skilled hands, hard work, sacrifices and so much genius:  typical features of the people from Abruzzo.”

“I’ve decided to continue this ancient master strings’ history and tradition by acquiring D’Orazio Strings, one of the historic Abruzzo string producers since 1859 and blend it with all Markbass know-how about production experience, the selection of innovative materials and ultimate quality controls in order to offer a real superior product.”
Several series of bass strings including Contra, Ares, Groove, Energy, Vintage, Advanced and Ultimate have been created to suit all bass players needs.

We’ll let you know as soon as MarkBass strings are available in Australia

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