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Lucas Michailidis

Report: Greg Phillips
Photos: Jason Rosewarne

The third Melbourne International Guitar Night took place last night at The Toff in Town. Since hooking up with Acoustic Uprising’s Drew Roller at our Melbourne Guitar Show a few years ago, we have been proud to support his fantastic night of quality musicianship. An enthusiastic and discerning audience was treated to some wonderful performances by four very different but equally enthralling artists.

First up Melbourne-based singer, songwriter Joshua Batten performed an energetic set, playing tunes from his soon to be released album The City Within. Joshua’s passion for music and his fretboard proficiency won over the crowd, even getting them to singalong to his tunes.

Nathan Varga then took to the stage to offer some fingerstyle techniques, multi-tasking with one hand on the fretboard while the other delivered percussive beats on a cajon. Using multiple capos and repositioning the guitar while he plays is incredible to watch as he conjures contagious beats and contemplative moods.

Ella Belfanti, who delivered a stunning performance at the Melbourne Guitar Show this year was up next and showed that she’s continually developing as an artist. Her ability to create beautiful harmonies on the fly with her loop pedal, while delivering a quality brand of songwriting is impressive. Ella, who is Brisbane-based has also just formed a new band named Tyde, so check them out too if you’re up that way.

Finally, internationally acclaimed guitarist Lucas Michailidis, who has also appeared at our guitar show played a seamless set of beautiful guitar instrumentals, each one introduced with an enchanting story behind the tune. Lucas is the Director of the Melbourne Guitar Lab where he hosts in-depth guitar workshops and seminars. You can find out more about the guitar lab at

No news yet on when the next Melbourne International Guitar Night will be but you can rest assured that it will happen soon, given the great response so far to Drew’s first three special events. It’s such a great atmosphere, in a wonderful venue, where the audience is free to enjoy quality musicianship without any gimmicks or hidden agendas involved. It’s simply music made by passionate people purely for the purpose of entertaining an appreciative audience. We’ll certainly let you know when the date is set for the next Melbourne International Guitar Night.

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