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Following soon after the Melbourne Guitar Show in August, we debuted the Melbourne International Guitar Night at the Toff in Town. The philosophy of the guitar night was to bring together a collection of local and and sometimes international, skilled guitar players to perform in front of a room full of lovers of guitar music. The aim was to create a regular event, where people could feel part of our amazing guitar community.

Curated by Drew Roller, the man behind the wonderful film Acoustic Uprising and supported by Australian Musician, the Melbourne Guitar Show and NAMM, the guitar night was back at The Toff this week and building on the spirit of the first evening, even more people attended and enjoyed a fabulous night of guitar music.

Despite global guitar guru Joe Satriani playing just a few blocks away on the same night, a packed house enjoyed fabulous performances by Adam Miller, Phisha, Cooper Lower, and Sonia Serin. Look out for news on the third Melbourne International Guitar Night in early 2019.


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