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Tempus Sun celebrate their win
Tempus Sun celebrate their win

The 4th annual Melbourne Music Bank final took place last night at Melbourne’s Hamer Hall. Created by the Bank of Melbourne, the Melbourne Music Bank offers Victorian musicians the opportunity to enter one of their songs into the competition with the chance to win a career-changing prize package valued at over sixty thousand dollars. However for a young band or artist starting out, most of these prizes have benefits well beyond their dollar value. As last night’s winners, Tempus Sun will soon  discover, the industry assistance and guidance that they will receive from quality people in management, publicity, booking agencies and radio plugging will make the world of difference to their aspirations. In addition they get studio time, professional photo shoots, music videos, media training, album artwork, a slot on the Beyond The Valley lineup, the chance to have their music used in a TV commercial for Bank of Melbourne and an EP launch with east coast tour.

For a little added inspiration for the 4 finalists, the whole finale was presented on the stage of Hamer Hall, where so many great artists have stood before. Melbourne Music Bank ambassador Ella Hooper kicked off the night with a couple of tunes and as we witnessed a couple of weeks ago at her New Magic Band show, she’s in top form. Last year’s competition winner Jade Alice followed and showed just how far she has developed as an artist and songwriter. Kudos too to the event organisers, who allow the presence of friends and family of the finalists, who are on hand to share in the celebration of the music that their progeny has been created.

The first of the finalists Anna Oliphant Wright performed her track ‘Hooks’ and as the name suggests, was a catchy tune indeed. Next up, Caulfield-based  four-piece band  Birdhouse played their song Bitter, a polished piece of pop rock featuring impressive harmonies. Bloom, a vocalist who is not short on stage presence, held the audience in the palm of her hand with the beautiful ‘Bittersweet’. The night’s eventual winners Tempus Sun played an infectious tune called Owls, echoing the spirit of bands such as Mumford and Sons and Fleetwood Mac. While the construction and flow of their song was masterly, the delivery gave it extra bite with undeniable vocal power and assurance.

In a shower of confetti Tempus Sun was crowned this year’s winner of the Melbourne Music Bank. In their acceptance speech, the band was both humble and grateful, plus generous in their praise of their fellow finalists.  The quality of finalists this year was yet another notch higher, as more Victorian musicians discover the benefits of entering this great competition and continue to demonstrate what brilliant talent resides in this country.

More info on Melbourne Music Bank here

Ella Hooper performs


Last year’s winner Jade Alice performs


Anna Oliphant Wright
Tempus Sun perform
Bloom performs
Judges Ella Hooper, Jac Phillips, Emily Cheung
Tempus Sun win!

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