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With the easing of lockdown rules, Melbourne’s musical instrument stores are back baby! Not that they actually went away, they’ve been servicing the needs of Melbourne musicians admirably since lockdown began with their fabulous online, pickup and delivery systems .. but now their doors are back open to instore customers.

Let’s all celebrate and support our local music stores. Call in and say hi, grab some accessories or you can actually now browse for that long awaited instrument purchase. However while covid case numbers are very low, we still need to respect and follow the health guidelines. First be patient and kind to store staff, wear a mask, observe store customer limits and social distancing, apply sanitiser and of course all of those lockdown pickup and delivery services are still available.

Use our ‘Find A Store’ locator to find your local music store


Melbourne’s music retailers have been quick to hit social media to announce their opening. In this Facebook video, Craig Johnston of KC’s Rockshop, Boronia said “without customers, a music shop loses it’s soul, so today it feels like we get a piece of our soul back”


Guy Palmer of the Bass Centre, South Melbourne said yesterday, “It’s been an incredible three months but that period of our lives is over and it’s onwards and upwards”























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