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The Australian Music Association and Australian Musician Magazine were represented at the State Memorial for the late Michael Gudinski AM on Wednesday night, in what was a most fitting tribute to a man that has meant so much to the music and culture of Australia. He was remembered as an icon, a fearless entrepreneur, a visionary and someone who loved the artists that he nurtured, promoted and took chances on. Mostly he was remembered as a Dad by his children Matt and Kate, a loyal family man by all who spoke and a father-figure to Ed Sheeran who struggled to ride the emotional rollercoaster and sing a song he had especially written since Michael’s passing.

The quality of artist and performance was testament to a life’s work well done. Jimmy Barnes, Kylie Minogue, Paul Kelly, Mark Seymour and many others. So many people expressed their indebtedness to him for their careers, prosperity and well-being. Michael’s influence was felt far and wide as shown by the extensive list of international stars such as Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift, Elton John, Billy Joel, Dave Grohl, Shirley Manson, Josh Homme and more, who lined up to express both their gratitude and condolences via video.

A lot of the guests referred to the fact that Michael loved musicians in the Mushroom family so much and worked tirelessly for them. He made people strive to be better and believe in themselves.

The Rabbi who spoke at the end, said if all the thousands who were here tonight, went and helped one other person to be better, we would honour the man ten-thousand fold, a man that himself had helped thousands along the way.

Vale Michel Gudinski. Irreplaceable in the music industry – there will never be another like him.

Photos courtesy: Mushroom Group


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