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Dynamic Music, Zoom’s Australian distributor is proud to announce that Zoom Corporation has just released the amazing MicTrak series of recorders!

Zoom has been using 32 Bit Float Technology in their remarkable professional field recorders, the F6, F8nPro and the F3 but the MicTrak series takes this remarkable innovation to a new level of accessibility.

The flexibility that 32 Bit Float with dual AD converters affords means that it’s that much easier to create outstanding pristine audio, whether you’re a dedicated sound designer, musician, a filmmaker or a content creator that just doesn’t have the time to constantly monitor gain levels.

Check out the:
M2 – RRP $399
M3 – RRP $399
M4 – RRP $799

See how remarkably they cover an extraordinary breadth of applications and see how many problems they can solve for content creators while producing the most pristine audio possible. The first substantial shipment will arrive in Australia mid-February.

Zoom distributed in Australia by Dynamic Music

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