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New-York based act My Son The Bum have released a great animated video for “Follow Me, Like Me”, a new tune which may well become a social media anthem.  We first profiled MSTB, the brain-child of songwriter and guitarist Brian Kroll, in print back in 2010. It’s a unique band in that they have never played live and the band members have never  been in the same room together. It’s an ongoing recording project.

“I recorded the basic idea on my cell phone after I left a meeting with the idea,” explains Brian of the new track. “I got the chorus in my head and luckily captured it. I am playing all the guitars and the solo. Bob Stander is on bass, John O.Reiily (from Trans Siberian Orchestra) on drums, and new to the band, Mike Wuerth producer/musician on vocals.”

See the video below and learn more about My Son The Bum at

You can also read our 2010 interview here:

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