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Thomas Blug of BluGuitar was quick to launch his fabulous new product, the AMPX in a livestream the day before the 2022 NAMM Show had officially opened.

With four decades of being a sound designer, BluGuitar owner Thomas Blug came up with the idea of creating an all analog Nanotube™ guitar amp design that is fexible enough to (re)-create any amp that he could think of – those that have excited us in the past as well as any ideas that might come in the future. With this in mind, Thomas and his team developed the ground-breaking Neural Analog Amp™ design, which offers the capability to edit and save analog circuit parameters at a component level – like a “virtual soldering iron“ for analog amp tuning.

Combined with BluGuitar’s 100 watts Nanotube™ power amp stage, couldn’t this be the most powerful guitar amplifier ever?

… a collection of the best tube amps of all time, in fully analog original quality, united in a single device.
… you could freely combine these amps with all your favorite effects (analog, digital, mono, stereo) and an extensive speaker collection (based on IRs, with great dynamics) and store them in presets.
… a huge online library of vintage amps. You’d find rare classics, priceless boutique amps, and unique sounds that you can transfer to your amp at any time.
… your whole guitar rig shrinks down to just one pedal-sized device.

From the creator of Bluguitar AMP1, AMP1 Mercury, AMP1 Iridium now comes the most innovative of all the AMPX.

Watch Thomas Blug launch the AMPX here at NAMM with this livestream

And watch the conversation we had with Thomas Blug back in 2020

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