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Former Thousand Needles In Red and The Knowing guitarist, Tristan ‘Trizo’ Bouillaut, has created a new guitar app called Guitar Get Up to enhance the learning experience for budding guitarists.

“Our approach at Guitar Get Up is a simple one; keep things basic, and make it excellent at the core” says Trizo. “We have uniquely designed a guitar learning platform using backing tracks specifically written & recorded for the app, based on fourteen years teaching and twenty eight years playing experience. We only include those features and functions that enhance the playing experience; we’ve created four tempos in five different keys allowing you to focus your energy on playing. All keys and tempos have been carefully selected, designed & tested so you can sit down and begin playing quickly and easily. To get started, simply select a key and a preferred tempo and start practicing scales, writing leads or improvising solos. Be sure to refer to scale diagrams and video links for more”.

TRIZO is a successful, highly regarded Sydney based guitarist, producer & songwriter. He has performed on several international stages and has worked with some of the world’s top record producers and musicians along the way. He has played in some high profile Aussie bands, including Thousand Needles In Red; the group earned a Top 5 single & album, national radio play, sold-out shows & attracted global sponsorships. Notably, Bouillaut was named an ambassador for VOX Amplifiers. His image and endorsement were featured in the company’s massive print advertising campaign. He also had major sponsorship agreements with TC Electronic & Faith guitars; once again Trizo’s image and endorsement was featured in both company’s national advertising campaigns. In a career spanning 26 years, Bouillaut has undertaken hundreds of interviews with radio, print and online media. He has been featured in numerous national newspapers, street press and magazines. Bouillaut also runs a thriving guitar school, now in it’s 14th year!

“I created the Guitar Get Up app because In my many years of teaching, I have found the students that really practice their timing, tend to have a more professional sound. I’m not only talking about being in time to a metronome or a song; I’m talking about using half time, full time and double time. This essentially gives you more dynamics and flexibility playing all styles. The combination of playing in three different stages of timing simply brings a three-dimensional quality, providing a more professional sound” Added Trizo.

A great practice tool that you can take wherever you go, available on IOS devices.

Guitar Get Up Preview

Guitar Get Up is available via iTunes

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