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PreSonus are proud to announce Revelator, a USB-C microphone with StudioLive voice effects processing (this mic has the FAT CHANNEL DSP BUILT IN !!!) More than a USB microphone, Revelator also features two stereo streams for loopback audio so you can quickly and easily conference in Zoom calls, record gameplay, or showcase the audio in a YouTube video while adding commentary.

Two streams for loopback audio mean you can mix and record the audio from two different applications on your computer, along with your voice, at the same time using the intuitive interface in Universal Control. It’s got a built-in headphone output for zero-latency monitoring which lets you listen to your performance and your mix in real-time.

Revelator features an array of condenser capsules allowing you to choose from three pickup patterns (Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Figure-8). It seamlessly integrates with the bundled software and offers 16 presets from StudioLive that will push your vocals to a new level. Software mix control and the built-in headphone output let you monitor and control the final sound with total ease.

The Revelator isn’t just the right mic for streamers; it’s a top-notch microphone for content creators of all types. The Revelator does all that and more at a pristine 24-bit/96 kHz audio resolution.

● Unique Multi-mode configures Revelator as three stereo devices: Revelator, Revelator Loopback 1, and
Revelator Loopback 2 to make recording Zoom calls or streaming Gameplay a breeze
● 6-in/6-out audio interface
● 2 dedicated input streams for the Revelator microphone
● 2 dedicated output streams for headphone monitoring
● 4-in/4-out virtual streams for application-to-application recording and playback with loopback options for macOS and Windows
● Built-in Fat Channel with EQ, Compression, Gate, and Limiter plus Voice Effects, and Reverb
● 8 easy-to-use factory presets and 8 user presets. Access up to 4 presets from Revelator, additional presets are available in Universal Control

Distributed in Australia by Link Audio

Stock available in January 2021


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