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Roland Cloud’s ever-expanding universe just got bigger with today’s announcement. Starting today, Roland is excited to announce the new ZENOLOGY software synthesizer, new Roland Cloud membership options, and the ability to buy Lifetime Keys to your favorite instruments. You can discover Roland Cloud today with a FREE 30-day trial of Roland Cloud Ultimate or consider one of the new membership level options—Core, Pro, and Ultimate—perfect for different styles and budgets. But first, here’s the big news on Zenology!

To further broaden your sonic horizons, Roland’s ZEN-Core Synthesis System—found in the Roland FANTOM and JUPITER-X synthesizers—is now available for your DAW with the new ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer, available only in Roland Cloud. Utilize the same sounds in both your DAW and hardware instruments, create custom banks, and share with friends and collaborators.

Synthesizers are in just about every style of modern music, so you need something versatile, authentic, and forward thinking. ZENOLOGY embodies nearly 50 years of synthesizer research and development. Its roots go back to the dawn of synthesis. Its future will reshape your relationship with sound.

Features of the new Zenology system include: • ZEN-Core Synthesis System plug-in for Mac and Windows • Thousands of sounds including 80 drum kits • ZEN-Core tones have four partials, each with flexible oscillator, filter, amplifier, dual step-LFOs and equalizer • Each ZEN-Core tone is also provided with a lush effect • Layer multiple synthesis types including advanced virtual analog and modern PCM • Legendary effects including JUNO-106 and CE-1 choruses and SDD-320 Dimension D • Advanced tone browser to explore sounds, find favorites, and create custom banks • Compatible with Sound Packs and Wave Expansions • Share sounds between ZENOLOGY and compatible ZEN-Core hardware • Upgrade to ZENOLOGY Pro (coming soon) or use ZENOLOGY Lite for free

The power of ZEN
For decades, Roland sounds have had a massive influence on music. A string of legendary instruments defined genres like techno, house, rap, trap, and hip hop, and deeply influenced pop, rock, and film music. This experience has culminated in the ZEN-Core Synthesis System. It’s the most advanced sound engine Roland has ever made, powering our professional synthesizers like JUPITER-X and FANTOM, used on stages and in studios around the world.

ZENOLOGY is an expandable plug-in version of the ZEN-Core Synthesis System. ZEN-Core is based on discrete synth voices—each containing a flexible oscillator, filter, amplifier, dual step-LFOs, and lush effects. It mixes multiple synthesis types, combining vintage Roland oscillators and filters with PCM waves capable of PCM-SYNC and cross modulation. Layer up to four voices in a single tone for rich, complex sounds, both classic and modern.

With ZENOLOGY you have access to an ever-expanding, always-evolving universe of sound. Driven by the powerful ZEN-Core Synthesis System, a steady stream of new sounds and expansions focus on specific genres and instrument types, or feature sounds from leading artists.

With thousands of sounds available, ZENOLOGY’s friendly and informative browser helps you find exactly what you’re looking for. Filter and organize your sounds, rate favorites, and even create custom banks—so no matter how you work, your sounds are never far away.

ZENOLOGY works seamlessly with compatible Roland hardware like FANTOM, JUPITER-X and the RD-88. Use the same sounds in your DAW and in your hardware instruments, create custom banks, share with friends and collaborators, and use sounds from artists and professional sound designers.

ZENOLOGY puts the ZEN-Core Synthesis System in your DAW, and provides access to a universe of amazing sounds—but this is only the beginning. In the coming months, ZENOLOGY will get new synth engine expansions and grow into a sound designer’s dream with deep editing capabilities. Find out more about ZENOLOGY

Along with new membership plans, Roland Cloud now includes the ability to buy Lifetime Keys to your favorite instruments like the TR-808, JUNO-106, JUPITER-8, TB-303, and more! All you need is a Roland Account to purchase. This will allow you to browse the entire Roland Cloud instrument roster and start building your dream studio. Drop the latest Sound Packs or instrument expansions into your ZEN-Core-compatible hardware, or load different PLUG-OUTS into your AIRA SYSTEM-8 hardware synthesizer. Plus, whenever an update is released for your Roland Cloud software instruments, Roland Cloud Manager will apply it automatically. As soon as a new instrument or Sound Collection is released it’ll appear in Roland Cloud Manager, ready for your consideration. Find out more about LIFETIME KEYS

ROLAND CLOUD NEW MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS, including 30 day free trial
Explore everything that Roland Cloud has to offer. All paid membership plans start with a 30-day free trial to Ultimate. Download Roland Cloud Manager and start your musical journey today. Roland Cloud has new membership levels—Core, Pro, and Ultimate—perfect for different styles and budgets! Or try it out for yourself with a FREE 30-day trial of Roland Cloud Ultimate! Pick a plan and supercharge your sound. Check it all out HERE.

Please note that pricing is listed in US dollars. Pricing at checkout is in local currency, including applicable taxes.

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