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Love Police is delighted to announce the 6
thannual OUT ON THE WEEKEND which will once again be held at SEAWORKS, WILLIAMSTOWN on SATURDAY OCTOBER 12.

As usual Out On The Weekend offers some of the finest alt-country/Americana artists on the planet, including established names and emerging talents guaranteed to blow your mind. It also presents some truly first-rate food, fine alcohol, record shops, two step dancing, barber and beauty saloon, vintage clothing stores, and spontaneous good times. And this year there’s a new stage that promises even more mind bending good times.

OUT ON THE WEEKEND is all about music – and a whole lot more. It’s a full family-orientated, kid friendly afternoon/evening down by the water, with all stages, food and activities in one area. This isn’t Luna Park – it’s Cosmic Americana Park.

And yes, it’s 50 years since 1969, the glorious Summer Of Love which was a ground-breaking year in music. Just stop and think how many great records came out that year. And OUT ON THE WEEKEND will celebrate that with a number of full album recreations by a diverse array of artists.

 Look at the initial array of talent coming to OUT ON THE WEEKEND. Just savor this.

Following on from the release of the finest album of their career, THE FELICE BROTHERS bring their cosmic tunes for troubled times back to our shores. The enigmatic and multi-talented JIM LAUDERDALE and his band will be appearing, alongside the one, the only, how could there be another POKEY LA FARGE.

The Australian music icon DON WALKER will be performing with his band THE SUAVE FUCKS. Also on the line-up is another Australian music legend BRIAN CADD. After slaying them at Port Fairy, TAMI NEILSON will give an exclusive Victorian appearance at OOTW. Then there’s the endless joy of a reunited JONNY FRITZ & JOSH HEDLEY SHOW to sweeten things up. After previously touring Australia with Kasey Chambers, THE EASY LEAVES return for their OOTW debut, and anyone who saw SIERRA FERRELL last year will know why we’re so excited to have her back.

And in keeping with the grand tradition established over previous years OUT ON THE WEEKEND is delighted to introduce some first time visitors to this country. Prepare to welcome bluegrass talent MOLLY TUTTLE, and wait till you hear DEE WHITE who was listed as one of Rolling Stone magazine’s ‘Ten New Country Artists You Need To Know.’

 And of course there is MUCH MUCH more to come.  Some seriously exciting stuff. We’ll be hitting you up on a regular basis with new artist announcements, and a whole array of reasons why there is simply no other place to be – like NO. OTHER. PLACE. TO. BE.– than Seaworks for OUT ON THE WEEKEND 2019.

 Not from Melbourne? This is simply not a problem. Plan now for an OUT ON THE WEEKEND excursion. The best day you can possibly have at OOTW and build some crate digging, fine food and drinks and the Victorian Rock Vault or whatever takes your fancy around it. We have put together some packages to make this real simple for you to decide. More on that later.

 BT from Love Police says: “Neil says Time Fades Away and it sure is going quick. This day is so special to me. I started it to celebrate stuff I love, and hoped there were like-minded people out there that would be the same, and there were! We have built a solid community of good times folks at this event and the kind words, hugs and high fives I get at it and all year long make it a pleasure to create it every year. See you there.”

YOUTH TICKET (ages 12-18) $50

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