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Owen Ray is a Toowoomba based musician/guitar tech with over 50 years experience in the music business. Owen’s passion and specialty however is in the collection, restoring and sales of collectable vintage guitars, amps and memorabilia.

Many people who come to the Melbourne Guitar Show head straight to Owen Ray’s stand to see what rarities, treasures and curios he has in store. This year will be no exception, as you can see from the list below. Come on down to Stand #4 and check it out for yourself.

As founder and owner of two successful musical instrument stores, he was often invited and traveled to Europe and America to tour such factories as the Fender, Gibson, Music Man, G&L, Peavey, Rogers drums, Rhodes piano, Wurlitzer piano and organ and Rickenbacker factories. Owen, having once held the largest collection of Maton guitars in the world, has also toured the Maton factory many times. He has received recognition from Fender, Peavey and Ibanez for design development to these brands and proudly displays these awards in his office.

Owen has numerous photos of many industry greats he has met including Leo Fender, George Fullerton, Freddy Tavares, Tom Walker, Harold Rhodes, Les Paul, Ernie Ball, Jim Dunlop, F W Hall, Sam Hutton and many more. However, his favourite photo is of him and his son Stewart sitting with Leo Fender in Leo’s workshop a few weeks before Leo passed away. Owen was told it was the only photo allowed of Leo to be taken in the last five years of his life. After Leo’s death, Leo’s wife Phyllis presented Owen with a G&L guitar pendant that Leo had worn on his favorite coat lapel. Owen feels both honored and privilaged to have it and the memory of Leo.

Here’s some of what Owen will have on stand at the Melbourne Guitar Show this year

Ltd.Edit. Eureka. Number ! of only 50 made. New
Mini 12 string electric. signed by rock legends ,THE  SEARCHERS.
1964  Ibis sunburst with original case
Custom Shop   BUSH  BALLADEER.made by Andy Allen
Custom  Shop   BG 808  The Artisan
Ltd Edit.Carlisle  Number one of the limited run.
12 string electric Custom FB 1220.
Mini Diesel Custom 12 string with factory thin neck
60th Anniversary ,   EM 325C. Number ONE of only 60 made. Custom timbers.
Maton  Maxim F hole electric C 1959

Fender 40 th Anniversary  P Bass. New. 1992. unplayed
Hofner Original German Beatle Bass Vintage 63.
Ernie Ball 20 th Anniversary Bass Amazing quilt maple top 1996
EKO mod 1100 . 100% original with orig case.  Mint.
Fender 1951- 2001  Commemorative .New With cert,signed by owner of Fender.
Epiphone Thunderbird Bass Custom
Fender American Deluxe  Active P Bass Cherry SB .new   2005
Fender  50th Anniversary  P Bass  Ltd, Ed.
Fender Hot Rod P Bass.Ltd
B C Rich  Eagle  new.
Peavey Zodiac  EXP, Maple neck Special P.J.model

Fender  Strats , Telecasters .Duo Sonic.
Chandler USA .  Yamaha  and Gretsch

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