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Review and Photos by Henry Chow

After 3 years since last setting foot on an Australian stage and armed with their current album Day/Night, the electro-disco band Parcels, now based in Berlin, returned to Sydney for a stunning sold-out gig at the Enmore Theatre.

The show was opened by the 5-piece band Velvet trip which graced the crowd with their enchanting psychedelic rhythms. The music with the colorful lighting set the atmosphere perfectly.

Parcels walked on the stage in the midst of blinking white lights and trance music intro to the loud welcome of the crowd – kicking off with a rendition of ‘Lightenup’. Parcels turned the disco-hit song into an extended track filled with a different deep-house feel – it’s amazing to witness the band experimenting with their own music and bringing such a high-intensity atmosphere to the audience. They continue the dance vibe with the second track ‘Gamesofluck’, sending the joyous crowd into dancing rapture.

Their biggest hit ‘Tieduprightnow’ totally engaged the crowd, so much that they sang along loudly to the band’s falsetto harmony. Song after song from the daft-punk collaboration track ‘Overnight’, to 2000 dance-hit song ‘Groovejet’, the acoustic ‘Bemyself’, and the rhythmic ‘Famous’ from the new album, Parcels unleashed immense energy on the stage – this is by far the most lively show ever seen in this venue, with the kind of music you can lose yourself in.

The band is so versatile that for different songs the vocals were led by different band members (guitarist Jules, bassist Noah Hill, rhythmic keyboardist Patrick) – and the glorious harmonies among these guys is just electrifying and soothing to the soul. During ‘iknowhowifeel’ the band delivers yet another extended track with repeating chorus and additional electro remix which brings the joyful atmosphere to the peak.

‘Toto’ performed a surprising drum solo performance while the entire band gathered around the drums with percussion instruments – highlighting the obvious chemistry the group share with each other, as they improvise and groove together. The gig closed with ‘Free’ after nearly two straight hours of uplifting and vibrant music.

It is an absolute pleasure to witness in person the amount of passion, joy and thought this extremely talented band put into the show. Check them out if you get the chance.


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