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Roland has introduced to Australia a couple of new compact V-Drums kits based around the TD-07 sound module.  The new TD-07DMK  kit expands the lineup to give developing electronic drummers more options with a variety of different pad and stand configurations. And for players who prefer an acoustic drum appearance, the streamlined VAD103 kit and its shallow-depth wood shells bring an affordable entry-level option to Roland’s acclaimed V-Drums Acoustic Design series.

At the centre of the new V-Drums kit is the powerful TD-07 sound module. Delivering the best performance in its class, the TD-07 comes packed with ready-to-play acoustic drum kits that provide instant gratification for players, allowing them to dive into an authentic drumming experience right away. Every kit features sounds captured in pro studios, then brought to life with advanced V-Drums technologies that make them behave just like their acoustic counterparts. Easy-to-use editing tools allow players to personalise every sound in detail, just like they would with acoustic drums. EQs, ambience effects, and other processing options are also on hand to bring studio-quality polish to the sound.

The TD-07 module features many useful tools that make drum practice more fun and productive, including onboard Bluetooth® wireless technology for playing along with music from a mobile device or computer and Coach mode exercises that help players build skills with enjoyable drum timing and accuracy challenges. The module also integrates seamlessly with Melodics™, a Mac/Windows software application that provides a growing selection of free drum lessons to develop rhythm, timing, and muscle memory.

The new kits come outfitted with Roland’s legendary double-ply, tension-adjustable mesh drumheads for snare and toms, giving players the most accurate playing feel and sensing available. They offer quiet acoustic performance as well, a vital feature for home practice with headphones. The quiet performance also extends to the kick pads and stands, which are purpose-built to reduce noise and vibration transfer that might otherwise disturb family members and neighbours.

The entry-level TD-07DMK is the most affordable kit in the TD-07 series. It features a compact pad layout and a slimline kick pad that attaches directly to the stand, making it ideal for tight setups and situations where the kit needs to be stored away when not in use. SSP$1499. (stool and pedals optional and available as the DAP2S or DAP2D (double kick) 

Affordable and compact electronic drum set with expression and features inherited from more advanced V-Drums
*compact rack
*rack-mounted double kick trigger
*dual-ply mesh heads
*TD-07 Module with sound editing
*USB MIDI/Audio streaming


As the new entry point to the V-Drums Acoustic Design series, the VAD103 is the affordable, all-digital kit that captures the vibe and feel of a traditional acoustic set. It features shallow-depth wood drum shells throughout, including an 18-inch kick drum for a full-immersion acoustic experience. SSP$329. (hi-hat stand, snare stand, stool and pedals optional and available as the DAP4S or DAP4D (double kick)

Following on the warmly received, larger drum kits including the VAD306, this is a 4 piece V-Drums Acoustic design style kit on conventional stands with the TD-07 module.

*18″ kick, 12″ snare
*10″ and 12″ toms
*TD-07 Module with USB MIDI/Audio and Bluetooth
*2x DCS-10 combo tom/cymbal stand and 1x APC-10 module clamp included

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