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It’s always a good week when members of The Rolling Stones band are in town. Long time Stones’ backing vocalist Bernard Fowler and horn guy (since 1999) Tim Ries, are in Australia under the moniker of The Rolling Stones Project for a 4 state tour beginning with a four night residency at Melbourne jazz club Bird’s Basement.

The Rolling Stones Project is a concept Tim created a decade ago, in which a 6 piece ensemble play jazz-tinged versions of classic Rolling Stones songs. Tim and Bernard have  performed Ries’ multi-genre arrangements of Stones material all over the world and the project has been officially endorsed by Jagger, Richards, Watts and Woods, with all four having made appearances on Tim’s recordings.

Ries’ Rolling Stones Project has released two albums of Stones material, The Rolling Stones Project in 2005 and Stones World in 2008, which featured Latin and African flavoured treatments of Stones songs such as Brown Sugar, Fool To Cry, Miss You and Hey Negrita to name a few.

Standby for an Australian Musician interview with Bernard and Tim later this week

The Rolling Stones Project kick off their Australian tour at Birds Basement this Wednesday night:
22-25 March, Bird’s Basement, Melbourne

28 March, Lizottes, Newcastle
29 March, The Basement, Sydney (2 shows)
2 April, Ellington Jazz Club, Perth
8 April, Brisbane River Jazz Festival

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