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anzacLast April Chris Doheny released the single Gallipoli, an emotional tribute to the servicemen and women of Australia and New Zealand who have fought in many conflicts over the last one hundred years. The song struck a chord with many people who have family ties to serviceman past and present nationwide.

On ANZAC Day 2014 Gallipoli was played across Australia (and the USA) throughout the day to a listening audience of over two million people.

“The reaction has been phenomenal! All the money earned from this song I am giving to the RSL, so I want to get it out there to as many people as possible. I’m sure that if the public realise the money is going to our returned servicemen and women…they might be more inclined to shell out 99 cents for a single” explains Chris.

gallipolicd“When the RSL became aware of what I was doing they immediately wanted to get involved,” he added. “My label manager went and met with the head of RSL Victoria and discussed how they could help. They gave us permission to use the ANZAC Appeal logos and they will be showing the video clip on rotation throughout all the main RSL branches. Their communications manager has promised that it will go out in all correspondence to members and will be visible in all RSL branches not just for April and Anzac Day but for the whole of 2015!”

Chris will be performing his song Gallipoli this ANZAC Day, April 25th at Darebin RSL (early) and Waverley RSL (arvo)

Chris’ full length album DOHENY is available on Diamond Dog Records and features the songs Gallipoli, More Than A Game, and many other songs with Australian themes.

It’s available on iTunes here:
CD’s available online and at gigs
See the video here:

Read the Australian Musician interview with Chris here.

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