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Shaky Stills is somewhat of a Melbourne institution, a pickup truck full of country, swing and RnB that you tip your hat to knowingly when see them play at your local suburban pub or a rural town just outside the big smoke. Fronted by Patrick Carr and featuring the legendary Ed Bates on pedal steel, the band possesses an unmistakable sound and style, celebrating what’s best about Country & Western, Tex Mex, Rhythm n’ Blues, Western Swing and Americana shuffles.

Not content to give us just one shot of their fabulous Australian roots homebrew, today Shaky Stills fire off both barrels with the release of a double AA single, Gambling Man and Shooting Star.

Gambling Man
Do you believe in luck?
“One evening at band get together down Maivary Lane there was word that a fellow musician nearly came to the end down Merri Creek that day and it reminded us of how short & precious this life is and how we gamble with every day decisions and the impact of such on our friends, family & community.”

Shooting Star
A song for the holiday season of hope & dreams.
“After driving back from from Sydney Jan 2020 when the fires were causing much chaos & devastation – my daughter Valentina wakes up and is singing “shooting star come back to me I forgot to wish for my beautiful dreams’ and I was encapsulated by the lyrics so later that day whilst sitting on our veranda and thinking about what we’ve come / were going through the rest of the song came along – it’s like a time capsule & yes change was coming indeed.”

Both songs were recorded at Gold Dust studios in Preston by the band, and then completed with overdubs at home. Mixed and mastered at Maivary Lane Studios.

AA double single released today and the band will be celebrating with a launch show playing two sets at The Union Hotel Brunswick Saturday 26th of November 8pm ( Free Entry )

More info on Shaky Stills and the singles at

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