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Thursday May 30, 2024


SLIM JIMZ ‘Don’t Keep Quiet’ (EP)
Sydney surf-rock up-and-comers SLIM JIMZ have released their long awaited sophomore EP. ‘Don’t Keep Quiet’ is available now, and features the recent single ‘R.I.P’, as well as the focus track ‘You Must Be Right’.
‘You Must Be Right’ is a true highlight on the 6 track ep – showcasing the band’s incredibly tight rhythm section, atmospheric riffage from the guitars and a punchy, quickfire delivery from vocalist Ben Roach. Sonically the track is one of the faster, more up-beat songs in the band’s discography – an ongoing stylistic theme throughout the EP, as the band explore sounds outside of the more traditional indie-rock they’ve become known for.
“Writing this song was a lot of fun because we were experimenting with a style we hadn’t taken on before. Jamming it together as a band was exciting because it was a fast paced groove with lots of energy and when we started playing it live, the crowd’s reaction really showed us that this is a style of music that we want to lean into more. It’s taking influences from rap and fast paced rock.” BEN ROACH, SLIM JIMZ

Overcoming mental health and relationship struggles are an ongoing theme throughout the rest of the EP, with a strong focus on embracing changes and battling these issues head on – coming out the other side with a renewed sense of life.
The band teamed up with frequent collaborator Jack Nigro (DMA’s, Pacific Avenue, Skeggs, The Terrys) at the Grove Studios for production and mixing on the majority of the EP (except ‘You Must Be Right’ & ‘Don’t Keep Quiet’ recorded and produced by close friend Luke Payne), which has led to an impeccably crisp sound across the EP. Going into the studio the band experimented with different songwriting techniques and genres, leading to an eclectic, unique and compelling 6 tracks.

Saturday, June 29th Tom Cat Brisbane, QLD
Saturday, June 6th Bootleggers Sydney, NSW

‘Don’t Keep Quiet’ (EP) is out now. SLIM JIMZ: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok |  Triple J Unearthed



A Neil Young and Crazy Horse inspired track with Wayne Gillespie -Vocals -Electric Guitar, Tony Waine – Bass


Rob Grosser – Drums. APRA award winning Kiwi born Singer/songwriter Wayne Gillespie has been making quality music in NZ/Australia since he released his first indie effort in 1984 followed by CBS NZ/Australia  releasing his second album New Locations back in 1987.

Gillespie made his professional debut busking in Paris subways, playing to audiences in London folk clubs and Sydney’s Darlinghurst cafes before returning to Auckland in the early 80’s.  Wayne Gillespie’s first independent release, the acoustic ‘Wayward Son’ made the finals of the New Zealand Music awards in 1984 and the song ‘Away with You’  also won a special APRA award in the same year.

The success of ‘Wayward Son’ resulted in Gillespie coming to the attention of producer Trevor Lucas (Fairport Convention, Sandy Denny, Goanna) and being signed by CBS Records (NZ). Lucas produced Gillespie’s second album; the electric ‘New Locations’ in Jan-March 1986, which achieved critical acclaim and chart success and saw Gillespie relocating to Sydney to support the albums Australian release  in 1987.

Gillespie’s 3rd album was made  with a local community of  Australasian musicians (such as Dave Dobbyn, Margaret Urlich, Amanda Brown (Go-Betweens), Pedro Bull (Paul Kelly), Mal Green (Split Enz), Dave Sparks (the Saints), Peter Moloney (Johnny O Keefe),  Tony Waine (Narcs) and Nigel Gavin (Ex-Robert Fripp) to produce his third album Living in Exile (released in 1993 by Sony (NZ) .

Gillespie was invited by the NZ award winners the Narcs to produce and co-write their third album Push the Boat Out released in 1996.  Live shows have included sharing the stage with Suzanne Vega, the late Chris Whitley, Stan Ridgway, Colin Hay, Ed Keupper, Dave Dobbyn, Margaret Urlich, D.I.G, Shona Laing, Neil Murray and the Narcs.

During the 90’s Wayne also completed a psychology degree at Macquarie university. His thesis ‘The Personality of Rock Musicians’ was published in the UK Journal of Music Psychology in October 2000 which led to him combining songwriting/performing with working arts as a counselling psychologist to those in the creative arts field.

2006 saw the release of “Live at the Bunker” an  acoustic album with long-time associate guitar wizard Nigel Gavin. His latest collaboration with drummer Rob Grosser and band FAMOUS BLUE RAINCOAT has produced the album FRAZZ  released  on 24 June 2022 and a number of sold out shows with his band including Lazybones, Foundry 616 and Bayview Hotel in 2022/23.

The Live band is:  Band: Wayne Gillespie -Guitar/Vocals, Pierre Luniere – Bass/Vocals (Bad Kitty), Mal Green – Drums (ex Split Enz), Stephan Schaffer – Saxophone/Flute (Joe Camilleri), Mel Forbes – Guitar/ Vocals (Swamp Daisies) & Don Hopkins – Accordion/Keys


SALMON BROTHERS ‘Fools Can’t Tell No Lies’ (Single)’
The Salmon Brothers’ journey began as a lighthearted jest, quickly evolving into a passionate musical endeavour fueled by the creative synergy between musicians Nick Weaver and Nick Meredith. One evening the long time friends coincidentally wore almost identical salmon-coloured blazers, and before the end of the night, the band Salmon Brothers was born. Not wanting a good name to go to waste, the duo were struck with a wave of inspiration, recording a plethora of music over the months that followed, performing DJ sets, and working towards the release of their debut record.

Now, Nick Meredith, on behalf of the duo unveils the long awaited debut single ‘Fools Can’t Tell No Lies’, ahead of the release of the posthumous album ‘More To Love’, in a heartfelt tribute to the late Nick Weaver. A fitting introduction to the Salmon Brothers, ‘Fools Can’t Tell No Lies’ is a vibrant reflection of Nick Weaver and Nick Meredith’s dynamic relationship. With Weaver’s clever lyrics, the song blends infectious fun, irresistible danceability, and a witty perspective on life.

Tragically, Nick Weaver passed away in 2021 due to a rare form of bowel cancer, leaving behind a void in the hearts of his friends and family, and peers across the broader music industry. Despite his untimely departure, Weaver’s creative spirit lives on through his varied catalogue with Deep Sea Arcade, Tambourine Girls, and his solo works ‘Won’t Let Go’ released posthumously in 2022, once again captivating audiences with his unparalleled talent and heartfelt compositions. The album was a testament to Nick’s artistic vision and unwavering dedication to his craft, serving as a precursor to the forthcoming album, ‘More To Love’.

Speaking on how their connection grew through music, Nick Meredith says, “the more we got to know each other the more we started to share our taste in music. We spent hours chatting about 70s disco, reading articles about how their songs were made, trying to dissect the work. But it took a year or so before we actually wrote any music together.”

The journey to releasing ‘More To Love’ has been marked by unwavering determination and collaboration, as Nick’s friends and family rallied together to honour his vision. Spearheaded by his devoted mother, Helen Wellings, producer Richard Belkner, and close friend Simon Relf, the album has been meticulously crafted to uphold Nick’s standards of excellence. Prior to Nick’s passing, ‘More To Love’ was in the final stages of completion. With every song written and recorded, the album has preserved his artistic direction and creative essence in every note and lyric.

“It’s been a journey filled with laughter, tears, and moments of profound inspiration,” remarked Nick Meredith. “Nick Weaver’s passing left a void in our lives, but his music remains a beacon of hope and light for all who listen.”

As Salmon Brothers release the debut single  ‘Fools Can’t Tell No Lies’, and unveil the ‘More To Love’ album for release via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records on 16th August, 2024, fans can anticipate a musical journey marked by authenticity, emotion, and a celebration of Nick Weaver’s enduring legacy.



­For more info on Salmon Brothers, visit: INSTAGRAM


The Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues is thrilled to announce the Festival’s bold return in 2024. Coming into its 34th year with a fresh look, the Festival has been revived under the helm of Festival Chair Andrew Nunn, and Artistic Director Serge Carnovale, founder of Melbourne’s renowned Paris Cat Jazz Club.

The pair, along with a new board of directors and a team of passionate Wangaratta locals are excited to relaunch this iconic celebration of Australian Jazz and Blues. With persistence, and support from the Australian jazz and blues communities, Wangaratta Jazz and Blues will deliver its 34th Festival taking place from November 1-4.

With 13 venues already secured, more than $40k from crowdfunded donations, Nunn says, “We’ve been overwhelmed by the support of our local North-East community, and the broader jazz and blues scene. These donations have provided the support we have needed to lay the foundations to stage the 34th festival, and it’s great seeing the Jazz, Blues and Wangaratta communities pushing this forward together.”  Nunn is a local business owner and musician who has been instrumental in moving the Festival to its next phase.

As the owner of Melbourne’s beloved Paris Cat Jazz Club, Carnovale programs over 600 gigs a year at the inner-city venue, which showcases the best of Australia’s emerging and established jazz artists. Now, stepping into the role as Artistic Director, Carnovale is excited to bring the deserving calibre of artists back to Wangaratta.

Artistic Director Serge Carnovale said: “Wangaratta Jazz and Blues has played an integral role in supporting Australian musicians over its 30 plus year history and is one of the country’s premier regional festivals. I’m excited to be involved in this new phase and showcase the very best Australian Jazz And Blues artists. There’s a lot of public and industry support for this event and we really plan to put on something special. I’ve been impressed by the board’s passion and desire to keep the festival going in these challenging times.”

The Festival will continue with the prestigious National Jazz Awards, with this year set to crown Australia’s best saxophonist. Previous winners of the Jazz Awards have reached the top of Australian Jazz, including ARIA award nominated artists Kristin Berardi (vocals) and Sam Anning (bass) and Grammy nominated pianist and composer Barney Mcall (piano).

Festival-goers can expect a four day musical feast showcasing jazz and blues of all styles, including original, contemporary, traditional, mainstream, experimental and improvised music. In its new direction, the board aims to honour the Festival’s long standing legacy in showcasing the country’s best and brightest jazz and blues musicians, while bringing some new fresh twists to the festival yet to be announced.

Instagram / Facebook

Program announced and tickets on sale for select events from June 30

Multitalented teen musician, actor, and model, Sienna-Rose Jerak is poised for the spotlight with her new single To Fly. Sienna-Rose’s song aims to acknowledge the pressure that her generation experience having their lives played out online and the judgement and stress that comes with that. The timing is right for a power ballad from the teen who at just 14 is living in the digital and social media era.

The release of To Fly coincides with the recent push to ban social media for children under the age of 16. ”I support the initiative to regulate access to social media and to make it more safe for under fourteens in Australia. The negatives outweigh the positives. Expectations, being compared, trolled  and always being visible impacts our mental health. We just want to  be kids hang out with friends, work on our music or play sports, without the  pressure.” Said Sienna-Rose.

Working alongside GRAMMY award-winning songwriters and producers Jordan Omley and Michael Mani who have worked with greats including Leona Lewis and Becky G, Sienna-Rose is starting her musical career with undeniable strength. To Fly is a powerful ballad shining a light on what it’s like to live in the digital age as a teen. With lyrics including “Sometimes I feel like I want to leave, The storm seems so strong” and “Maybe I’m just afraid of me” the song shares the confusion of growing up, and the masking that all young people do of their true feelings. This is a beautiful song and Sienna-Rose brings to the music moments of Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore with her powerful alto.

“The meaning to me is we all sometimes just need a break from that online space.” Said Sienna-Rose. “We want to be just a kid without constant judgement and trolling. We want to do things we love without the pressure of criticism and always being visible.”

Living across two continents Sienna-Rose is based in both Melbourne, and Los Angeles. The talented Sienna-Rose has a wide range of life experiences to draw from. Inspired by 90s’ sensations Brandi, Monica, Back Street Boys and Christina Aguilera, Sienna Rose is also passionate about the Y2K era (the early 2000s). “It seemed like a fun time for young people,” she explains. “There wasn’t the constant pressure that we have today of being continuously judged or influenced by social media.’”

When the young artist isn’t working on her music, she’s a regular kid, going to school, attending dance classes and kindling a passion for animal rescue. Someday, Sienna-Rose would like to start a foundation or rescue for endangered or vulnerable animals. For now she is enjoying exploring her talents and sharing her music with others.

Spotify: 17k monthly listeners Sienna-Rose Jerak
Apple Music: Sienna-Rose Jerak
Instagram: 8k followers Sienna-Rose Jerak
TikTok: 4k followers Sienna-Rose Jerak

YouTube: Sienna-Rose Jerak

Triple J Unearthed: Sienna-Rose Jerak

Imdb: Sienna-Rose Jerak


SHEPHERDS REIGN -‘Ala May’ (Single)
Renowned Polynesian metal band, Shepherds Reign, proudly announces the release of their latest single and music video, ‘Ala Mai,’ the title track of their most recent and highly acclaimed album. With this evocative track, the band calls upon the strength and wisdom of their forefathers, uniting not just Samoans but the entire Polynesian community as they journey across the globe, leaving their indelible mark.

‘Ala Mai,’ which translates to “Awaken” in Samoan, is a stirring anthem that transcends cultural boundaries and speaks to the universal struggle for recognition and peace. The song captures the band’s mission to overcome obstacles and ensure that the voices and stories of their ancestors are heard and respected worldwide. In a time marked by global challenges and changes, Shepherds Reign offers a message of hope and resilience.

“Ala Mai is our call to the forefathers for strength and guidance. It’s a reminder that we are part of something bigger, a Polynesian legacy that spans across oceans and nations. We face many difficulties today, but with the help of our ancestors, we believe we can bring peace and share our stories with the world.” says the band.

Shepherds Reign has consistently captivated audiences with their unique fusion of heavy metal and Polynesian culture. Their powerful performances and authentic storytelling have earned them a dedicated following around the world. With the release of ‘Ala Mai,’ the band continues to break new ground and inspire fans with their unwavering message of unity and resilience.

‘Ala Mai’ is now available on all major streaming platforms, and the music video can be viewed on Shepherds Reign’s official YouTube channel, premiered at 5pm AEST on May 27.  Stream ‘Ala Mai’ HERE


MAYAH ‘Indecisive’ (Single)
22-year-old Sunshine Coast singer-songwriter and prolific music machine Mayah, is consolidating her more upbeat, electronic pop sound with her upcoming release ‘Indecisive’.
Now five years into her professional music career, Mayah has played countless gigs both solo and with her fab rock band, and hit over 600,000 collective streams on Spotify.
A natural-born songwriter, Mayah is an intriguing, intuitive, free-spirited talent with new sounds and songs constantly echoing in her head.
With her newest release ‘Indecisive’, Mayah continues her contemporary pop journey, deftly blending hauntingly beautiful vocals, African-style dance beats, and a hint of the wilderness.Indecisive catches you off-guard with a contrasting uptempo yet eerie vibe that hits you right in the feels.
Mayah explains; “Indecisive is about being able to move on from broken relationships in a healthy way. The white wolf symbolises independence, strength, freedom, and free-spiritedness and this song is about finding your inner wolf and releasing the negativity that limits you and holds you back.”
Recorded, mixed and mastered with Bob Brierty at Bobos Productions ‘Indecisive’ is a crowd favourite at Mayah’s live shows on the Sunshine Coast and she is delighted to be able to share it through Gyrostream via all major online streaming platforms. The official lyric video was released on YouTube on April 19th.
Mayah regularly performs her acoustic guitar three-hour solo show around Southeast Queensland. She performed with her band at The Yandina Street Fair in August 2023, Nurture Festival in May 2022 and 2023, Hostile Fest at Norton Music Factory in February 2023, The Paddo Tavern, Brisbane as support for British India in November 2022, The Caloundra Music Festival in September 2021 & 2022, The Pre Gympie Music Muster in August 2022, and as the opening act for the Fabulous Caprettosfeaturing Daryl Braithwaite, Russell Morris, Jack Jones and Rai Thistlethwayte at Nightquarter in 2022. Check Mayah’s socials for upcoming gigs.

Indecisive (Soundcloud)
Social Media Links:
Spotify – Instagram – Facebook
TikTok – Website – YouTube – Twitter


RICK HART ‘Bird That Won’t Sing’ (Single)
Melbourne’s soulful, alt country troubadour Rick Hart releases the latest single ‘A Bird That Won’t Sing’, from his recent ARIA charting album ‘In The Midnight Sky Alone’. A melody soaked tale about the realities of lost love. The unyielding regret and sense of inevitable change, as everything that once was is no longer.

In typical Rick Hart fashion, the stark sadness of his words and imagery are layered atop a melodically weaving, harmony laden soundscape. All with the Americana and Country undertones that form so much of Hart’s identity as a songsmith. With influence from likes of Wilco and The Jayhawks seeping through.

Of Hart’s third, recently released long play, co-producer and renowned Australian artist/songwriter Lachlan Bryan (Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes, The Pleasures) said, “Rick Hart writes and delivers beautiful country songs – they are thoughtful, poignant, heartbreaking and smart. I wanted to work on this record because I already believed every word he sings, and after spending weeks in the studio with Rick and his guitar, I now KNOW them all to be true”

‘A Bird That Won’t Sing’ is officially released as a single on May 27th 2024.



FALLOW FIELDS ‘Help Me I Need To Hurt You’  (Single)
Right person, wrong time? For relationships to work the stars need to align.  It’s hard enough finding someone you click with… but finding this person at a time that makes sense for both of you is rare.

‘Help Me I Need To Hurt You’ chronicles the first holiday Rach and Danna took together.  Over the course of the holiday the questions were raised: Where is this going?  Coming back from the holiday, rather than string Rach along, Danna made the decision not to pursue the relationship – right girl, wrong time.

Spoiler alert: When Danna told Rach about his intention to break up, she said ‘don’t be stupid’… and here they are – 20 years later, still together. STREAM AND DOWNLOAD AUDIO AS WAV AND MP3 HERE 


Based in the misty hills of the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, Australia, Fallow Fields are a captivating alt-country ensemble led by the husband and wife songwriting duo, Danna and Rachel Simmons. Fallow Fields’ songwriting is a raw and unfiltered portrayal of the complexities of love and life, where Danna and Rachel fearlessly lay bare their hearts for all to see. From moments of blissful joy, to heartbreaking despair, their songs capture the full spectrum of human experience with a vulnerability that is as brave as it is beautiful.

Fallow Fields’ country-tinged harmonies resonate with the depth and richness that only two decades of musical partnership can bring. With their voices finely tuned by years of shared experiences, Fallow Fields deliver harmonies that evoke the nostalgia of a bygone era.

Their forthcoming debut album ‘Rocky Head Road’ has been a long time in the making, but was well worth the wait. Recorded at their amazing home studio (Narnia Studios) and featuring some of Australia’s finest alt-country talent, the album wears its heart on its sleeve. From haunting ballads to foot-stomping anthems, the record takes the listener on a guided tour of a life well lived. Mixed by the illustrious Paul McKercher and mastered by the brilliant William Bowden, this is a release you won’t want to miss.

Connect with Fallow Fields


ZEAL & ARDOR ‘Clawing Out’ (Single)
ZEAL & ARDOR isn’t just a band; it’s a living and breathing entity. Like any other sentient being, it consumes, evolves, and transforms from one season to the next. It has only sharpened its claws, lengthened its teeth, and steeled its nerves over the years, growing more undeniable and unpredictable in the process.
After delivering gentle, harmonious new song “to my ilk” on the announcement of their astonishing, forthcoming new album GREIF last month, today the Swiss iconoclasts delight in flipping the table over delivering snarling, staccato new single “Clawing out.”
Ringleader Manuel Gagneux proclaims, “We like to surprise people. So of course after releasing our softest song to date with “to my ilk” we want to create some whiplash with “Clawing out”! Not satisfied with a mere heavy riffed song, we elected to borrow some elements from other musical styles to further the impact. Revel with us in righteous violence – justificatum malum factum.”

Get the track here

ZEAL & ARDOR were also recently honoured to win a coveted, prestigious Swiss Music Prize, the highest national recognition in the field of music in Switzerland, at the award’s 11th edition. Designed to reward outstanding and innovative Swiss musical creation and bringing it into the limelight, candidates are selected from all regions of Switzerland across all musical disciplines.

Manuel divulges, “It’s rare that we get a prize that holds such esteem as this one does. Not just due to it being a national one, but because of the staggeringly talented alumni we have the privilege of calling our peers. It feels immensely validating and flattering. Sincerely: Thank you.”

After gathering tens of millions of streams and earning widespread critical acclaim, ZEAL & ARDOR prove as dynamic and dangerous as ever on fourth full-length, self-produced album, GREIF, set for release on August 23rd, 2024. GREIF is available to pre-order now on CD, transparent vinyl, and digitally.


CHRISTINE ANU ‘Waku – Minaral A Minalay’ (Single)
One of Australia’s most celebrated recording artists and performers, ARIA-winner, and proud Torres Strait Islander Christine Anu has unveiled her brand-new single ‘Waku – Minaral A Minalay’ out via ABC Music.

The original concept for Waku was sparked in the early 90’s during one of Christine’s pre-Stylin’ Up songwriting sessions with Don Walker (Cold Chisel).

 “When you listen to the words of the song, you’re brought onto the waku, the mat,” Christine shares, “you do everything in your life on that mat, and when you die you’re covered by it – like a blanket. So it’s with you your entire life. And when you look at the colours, they are the faces. When you look at the patterns, they are how we’re all brought together; we’re all kept in this beautiful, bound bit of love and family.”


The prolific Australian music icon also shares the news of her upcoming album, the first original album in 20 years, Waku- Minaral A Minalay is set for release on Friday July 19 via ABC Music.

The album was recorded across Cairns, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Torres Strait Islands and the Solomon Islands; an extension of her award-winning, debut record Stylin’ Up, Christine has teamed up with long-time musical ally and producer David Bridie. This speaks to her wide reach and depth across the Pacific.

The title track of the same name Waku – Minaral A Minalay’s calling card. Sustained strings and flourishes from traditional percussion instruments underscore the album’s lead single, including the Warup [drums], the Urub [shakers] and the Kulap [seed pot rattles], and travelling to Thursday Island to capture soundscapes.

Together with her daughter Zipporah, Christine followed the Samu Clans’ migration from Saibai Island to Mutee Head, to gather visual references for the record. They embarked on the same journey as her grandfather made in 1947 with his young family.






GYPSY ROAD ‘Letters To A Friend, From Interstate’ (Album)
‘Letters To A Friend, From Interstate’, the emotionally charged debut album from Naarm/Melbourne based outfit Gypsy Road, is out now. This heavy, Midwest-emo, post-punk project navigates relatable topics to most melancholy Melbournian youth, including watching TikToks, breakups, smoking weed, and drinking beer.

Showing off their incredibly emotive instrumentation and vocal capabilities alongside their clear knack for relatable songwriting, Gypsy Road began writing their debut album after their short break in 2021, recording in the Dandenong ranges at Studio DELOS with Beau Mckee.

Offering up an eight-track sonic journey highlighting the emotional struggles the band faces throughout the whole project, ‘James Boag Draught’ marked the beginning of the albums rollout late last year, followed by ‘The 7 Stages Of Grief’ with its release in February , and most recently releasing the album title track ‘Letters To A Friend, From Interstate’.

Opening the album is the track ‘Sky High’, an upbeat, fast paced track despite its heartbreaking lyrical content, detailing the story of a friend moving interstate and loneliness. A rush of distorted guitars riffing up and down the fretboard, raspy, dynamic vocals, and drums like a punch in the face, hitting almost as hard as the raw, emotion-packed lyrics set the scene for the rest of the album.

Next, the intro to lead single ‘The 7 Stages Of Greif’ fills the listener with suspense, anchored by a pattern-picked, hopeful guitar melody, followed by waves of roaring vocals. This track conveys waves of emotion and desperate plea, mourning an intense breakup.

Beginning with a quick-building intro, steadily taking the listener from 0-100 in a climactic 40 seconds, the first chorus of ‘What I Know’ is shortly followed by a very contextual bong rip.

“This one is about not being able to trust people in my life.. and smoking weed,” as front man Alex Centofanti describes.

Flaunting the real, raw nature of Gypsy Road, they show that nothing is off the table when it comes to being authentic to their audience. The track continues with soft, acoustic guitar, again quickly building to an instrumental climax filled with massive guitar layers and stacked vocals, transparently expressing their feelings to listeners.

The title track ‘Letters To A Friend, From Interstate’ smashes the ears with dazzling, yet brooding guitar, a forceful punch from the drums, and Alex’s heart-wrenching screams, altogether evocative of nearing a breakdown. The emotional track reflects on wanting to see an ex, but knowing distance is the proper way to heal and grow.

‘James Boags Draught’ rolls in next, clearly describing what the song entails with the all too familiar title. Driven by the smashing drums and passionately strummed guitars, ‘James Boags Draught’ brings a more hopeful note to the album, ending in the laughs of band members.

Roaring with feedback straight from the start, ‘Honestly, This Gave Me PTSD’ comes screaming with the heaviest vocals yet. Alex’s densely layered, guttural yells, heavily distorted guitar, hard-hitting drums, and lyrics describing anger and thoughts of running away, all combine to create a wall of hefty emotions.

This is closely followed up with Alex’s raspy shouts over a tappy acoustic guitar, contrasting in a way that only enhances the urgency in his incredibly emotive voice on ‘L’antipasto è buono, la pizza ancora di più!’. Continuing the optimistic stint of the album, this track hopes for new beginnings and a promising future.

Closing the rollercoaster of intense emotion is ‘Catch22’ which suitably wraps up a story of depression and relationship struggles. A slower, more concluding guitar riff plays throughout this song, acting as a closing track you would see at the end of a coming-of-age movie, perfectly summarising the ups and downs of the album. The ‘woahs’ at the end of the track reverberate as the piercing strums of distortion from the electric guitar ring out, closing up the 8 song masterpiece called ‘Letters To A Friend, From Interstate’.

This project undoubtably marks listeners hearts with its jam-packed emotional crescendos and mellow moments, conveying raw feelings through its loud, forceful layers. The powerful songwriting and skilfully produced instrumentation race the listener through a roller coaster of Gypsy Road’s struggles, making a huge impact for the band.

Let Gypsy Road take you on an emotional journey of watching TikToks, mourning breakups, smoking weed, and drinking beer with ‘Letters To A Friend, From Interstate’, out now.

Follow Gypsy Road Spotify | Apple Music | Bandcamp | Youtube | Facebook | Instagram


GOOD DEEDS ‘Blind’ (Single) Out Friday May 31
Originating from London and now located in Boorloo/ Perth; Good Deeds, the moniker of singer, songwriter, and multi instrumentalist André Georges mixes the classic sensibilities of old school soul and funk with a modern slickness. Recently nominated for a WAM (West Australian Music) Song of The Year award with Racka Chachi (funk/ hip-hop group he co-founded/ co-writes in), Good Deeds is just getting started on a sensational year ahead with his latest upbeat yet forlorn release Blind.

Stream Blind HERE

Following on from singles Here Comes the Rain, Feel So Good, It’s Okay, and Fresh Air (which caught media attention with a clip of André premiering the tracks music video for his primary school class), Blind continues to build upon the community Good Deeds has created through his music, thematically celebrating and embracing the highs and lows of life by capturing vivid snapshots of the human experience.

After a sombre slowed intro, Blind begins to build the tension with uptempo piano stabs before exploding into a full funk groove thick with thumping beats, smooth bass lines, atmospheric guitars, and euphoric harmonies, reminiscent of Brothers Johnson, Tom Misch, and Earth, Wind and Fire. “The song is inspired by a mix of old and new funk acts from the 1970s to the 2020s. Vocally, it is inspired by modern RnB or indie pop acts like Tom Misch and Rex Orange County as well as Jacob Collier” explains André. With an undeniably dancey energy to it, there’s a stark contrast between the tracks and instrumental backing and lyrics, which express feelings of loneliness and frustration, André continuing to share “this release is about rejection and the struggle to find a soulmate. The sad and introspective topic is integrated into a funky, upbeat instrumental.”

Co-written and co-produced with Ezekiel Padmanabham (Scratching, GAZEY) and mastered by Lee Buddle at Crank Studios (Luke Steele, Kelly Clarkson), Blind continues Good Deeds’ trajectory of carving out a unique space in the local music scene, captivating listeners with his authentic storytelling and genre-defying range.

Good Deeds’ new single Blind is out May 31, 2024.


JIMI THE KWEEN ‘Don’t Touch The Hair’ (Single)
Prepare for a sonic revolution as Jimi The Kween, the unapologetic force of drag, DJing, and club culture, unveils her fierce anthem ‘Don’t Touch The Hair’, just in time for Pride Month. A throbbing third single from Jimi, the track is an electrifying house number centred around the drag experience, serving as a bold reminder: you can look, but don’t you dare touch the hair!

With an unapologetic, loud, and proud vocal, ‘Don’t Touch The Hair’ celebrates a gurl’s most prized possession – her hair! This fierce kiki banger also marks Jimi The Kween’s debut music video, directed by none other than legendary queer artist Larry Tee (who co-wrote the biggest drag queen track of all time, ‘Supermodel (You Better Work)’ by RuPaul), and features queens from the iconic House of Colby and House of Jetê. With this release, Jimi firmly establishes herself as a club diva both in front of and behind the decks.

Reflecting on the track, Jimi shares, “I feel so powerful in this vocal, and you can hear how much fun I am having living my fierce fantasy. This is the first time you don’t hear me singing in a track, and I kinda live for it! This track is for my sisters and all my community, respect your kweens!!”

With an exuberant stage presence, Jimi The Kween has been lighting up festival main stages the world over including a recent performance at Stagecoach on Diplo’s Honky Tonk stage, as well as Snow Machine, Splendour In The Grass, World Pride, Pitch Music & Arts Festival to name a few.

Jimi continues her journey to world domination dropping ‘Don’t Touch The Hair’ ahead of main-event shows at two of the biggest Pride celebrations in the world this June; WeHo Pride (Los Angeles) and New York Pride, alongside big names including Kylie Minogue, Diplo, Trixie Mattel, Big Freedia, Keke Palmer, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Janelle Monae. The far-reaching tour sees Jimi perform further shows across the US, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, and New Zealand, with more local shows to be announced soon.

‘Don’t Touch The Hair’ is available now on all streaming platforms. Embrace the power of the hair and get ready to dance into a new era of drag music!



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DISCLOSURE ‘She’s Gone, Dance On’ (Single)
Disclosure are back with their hugely anticipated new single ‘She’s Gone, Dance On’. Already whipping up a frenzy in clubs and parties all over the world with DJ support from the likes of Todd Edwards, Joy Anonymous, salute, DJ Seinfeld, Peggy Gou, Sammy Virji and Dom Dolla (at Coachella) on hand to spread the good word, support for the new track has led to a swathe of fervent viral attention from fans who have been relentlessly sharing online and eagerly awaiting its official release.

Seven months later, that day has arrived and is a timely injection of new music ahead of Guy and Howard’s busy summer as they return to the live circuit. In the coming months the brothers will showcase an all-new live show – replete with live instrumentation and a bigger, bolder audio-visual experience – for a solid run of headline slots across global festivals over the next few months. The first is Primavera this Friday, Parklife and Glastonbury next month (their second time headlining The Other Stage), HARD in LA and Portola in San Francisco.

‘She’s Gone, Dance On’ is a BIG vibe. Sampling orchestral supremo Ennio Morricone’s ‘Dance On’ from the film Così Come Se, it has been teased across recent months, originally getting its first play from Guy at their LA pop show in October. These packed-out underplay events led to the birth of Friends & Family – a new club series curated by Guy. A joyful space where Guy visits the world’s intimate venues to throw a party with, you guessed it, friends (the DJs) and family (the fans). Each unexpected lineup consists of exciting B2Bs, which have included so far Cajmere (Green Velvet), HAAI, Chloé Caillet, salute (see recent set in Medellín), Sammy Virji, DJ Tennis, TSHA, Duskus and many more.

This series has given Disclosure fans – old and many, many new – the chance to fully immerse themselves in their world; a very different but equally rewarding experience from their epic, full-blown live shows. Disclosure are brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence. They began releasing music in 2010 with their debut album Settle arriving in 2013 to huge critical acclaim – a lead single of which, ‘Latch’ featuring Sam Smith, has recently surpassed 1 BILLION streams. They have released three further studio albums, Caracal (2015), ENERGY (2020) and Alchemy (2023). They have been nominated for 8 GRAMMY’s, 4 BRIT Awards and an Ivor Novello, amongst many other accolades. They have headlined arenas and festival bills all over the world across their 14 year career with the slightly younger sibling, Howard Lawrence having only just celebrated his 30th birthday.

Single out now via DisOrder / Virgin Music Group Listen here


GAVIN MAC ’Sideswiped’ (Single)
A swaggering alt country ode to misadventures, the brand new single Sideswiped out today from Sydney-based country sensation Gavin Mac is a slick follow up from Mac’s 2023 trio of singles, Bushfire, Live Your Life and Getaway. Also marking a further glimpse into Mac’s impending debut album, Make You Feel set for release in September, Sideswiped is a crisp outing as well as a meaningful full circle moment for the talented artist.

Produced by multi CMAA and ARIA Award winner Matt Fell, Sideswiped welds Mac’s effortless combination of nostalgic country licks, with rock, folk and soul hues linked alongside nods to Chris Stapleton, Eric Clapton, Midland, and John Mayer. Summed up by Mac himself as being “like mechanical bull riding”, Sideswiped evolved from a demo that first drew Mac to the attention of Sony Music Australia as a teenager, as Mac explains, “I first penned, then demoed Sideswiped when I was just 16 years old. The demo helped me capture the attention of Sony Music Australia, who ultimately signed me. By the time the deal was done, I had grown a bit older, and moved to a different place musically, so the song (and I) got shelved. It wasn’t until years later that I dug it out, rewrote it and recorded it properly for the first time, with Matt Fell, and incredible guitarist, Ben Butler.”

Teaming up with Grammy Award winner William Bowden on mastering duties, Sideswiped also features Mac’s effortless vocals and earworm choruses along with guitarist extraordinaire Ben Butler (Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Suzanne Vega) on lead guitar, culminating in a track built both for sun-soaked highway road trips and hazy whiskey bars; or, as Mac reveals, to also soundtrack those days where things go from bad to worse. “I love classic cars, so I’m pretty sure there was a subconscious desire to write a song that featured one,” shares Mac. “The story itself though, is one of misadventure mixed with a dollop of bad karma. A bit like something out of a Quentin Tarantino flick, the (fictional character, loosely based on yours truly) has the proverbial day from hell, that starts off a mess and just gets worse, and with every turn. We all have those kinds of days…right?

Discovered at the age of 16 by Sony Music’s Denis Handlin and John Watson, Gavin Mac quickly gained the title of being Sony Music Australia’s youngest-ever Australian recording artist at the time. Evolving his music industry skills and knowledge in the years to follow, Mac worked alongside both international and iconic Australian artists, including previous work with Nickelback, Queens of the Stone Age, Linda & Vika Bull, and Alex Lloyd. And from managing A&R duties for Roadrunner Records to stepping back from the industry to raise his family, Mac still kept his creative fires alive, co-founding the award-winning brand experience agency Urban, conceiving and delivering marketing campaigns for Electronic Arts, Airbnb, and Netflix.

With years away from music, a fortuitous 2019 road trip to the Tamworth Country Music festival provided the very kindling that would ultimately turn Mac’s gaze firmly back to his passions, songwriting and storytelling, with the Melbourne-hailing singer-songwriter emerging from his musical hiatus with gusto in 2023 balancing renewed purpose, perspective and the powerful drive that comes with unfinished business. In 2023, Mac released his debut solo singles Getaway, Live Your Life and Bushfire, amassing over 300K streams and counting, with 2024 also garnering Mac his first industry nod, taking home the Tamworth Music Association’s 2024 New Songwriter of the Year. Now poised to release his long-awaited debut album, Make You Feel on September 5, Mac’s latest single Sideswiped is the perfect appetiser, providing a full-bodied taste of the dynamic sound and depth of songwriting lying in wait later this year; and there will also be plenty of good vibes in the mix when Mac takes the stage with his new material in Northcote and Waverley in June, as Mac concludes: “I love fans and people who discover me at my shows to feel like they’ve just been invited into a  party with their close mates. No egos, lots of chatter and songs you can stomp along to.”

Sideswiped is out now. Make You Feel is set for release on Thursday September 5.


Tickets available from

Tickets available from

Free Event, onstage at 4:30pm


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