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Thursday May 9, 2024


AARON THOMAS – ‘Before I Met You’ (Video) (Album ‘Human Patterns’ Out May 17)
Showcasing the natural beauty of Adelaide, Aaron Thomas moves through stunning backdrops in his feel-good music video for his new single ‘Before I Met You’. ‘Before I Met You’, a track from Aaron Thomas’s upcoming album ‘Human Patterns’ (out Friday, May 17), is a romantic and cheerfully honest track that embraces the joyful feeling that comes with a new relationship.

The accompanying music video captures the song’s playful honestly, by setting up the filming process of a music video and subverting expectations by stepping away from the green screen and into the beauty of real life Australiana, while still invoking a dreamlike state. Aaron Thomas reflects on filming it, saying,

“This video was made with the very talented Conor Mercury (Director) and James Haskard (Cinematography and Editing) over a couple of afternoons. It’s a bit of a meta video of a music video. A dream within a dream. It was super fun to make and I am so happy with the way it turned out. It was shot in high speed and then played back at normal tempo so it syncs up with the song and has a sort of floaty, dreamy effect. We chased the natural light and shot in a bunch of different places in South Australia. The main thing is that it’s a happy video, just like it’s a happy song.”

Watch ‘Before I Met You’ Music Video

This video romanticises everyday life in the same way the song does, reframing the mundane into a blessing all while keeping it authentic, as the video is filmed with natural light and on-location. Take a moment to keep it real with the music video for ‘Before I Met You’ from Aaron Thomas, before he releases the full-length album, ‘Human Patterns’, on Friday, May 17.

Pre-Save and CD/Vinyl Pre-Sales Of ‘Human Patterns’ (Out May 17) HERE Follow Aaron Thomas Spotify | Apple Music | Facebook | Instagram


ZOMBEACHES – ‘A Taste of Oxygen’ (Album)
Naarm post-punks  Zombeaches have released their second full-length LP titled ‘A Taste Of Oxygen’; a dark, introspective and dynamic body of work that explores themes of isolation, connection and hope.

From the opening riffs on ‘Laughing Under A Beating Sun’ the listener is fully immersed in the chaotic beauty that is Zombeaches. With dissonant guitar leads coming from every direction and a commanding, preacher-like performance from vocalist James Young, the band manage to create an immediate sense of atmosphere that carries on throughout the rest of the sprawling album.

Tracks such as ‘A Taste Of Oxygen’, ‘Now In Red’ and ‘Nocturne’ showcase the band firing on all cylinders – with blistering riffs and a relentless rhythmic backing that steadily drives the band’s frantic sound, with every member adding their own unique element to the albums sonic tapestry. Whilst this huge sound makes up a large portion of the tracklisting here, songs such as ‘Forever Bright’ demonstrate a more emotive, understated side to the band, pulling all the focus to the beautiful imagery presented in Young’s vocals.

Engineered and mixed by Nao Anzai (Floodlights, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Belair Lip Bombs), the album was recorded live and mostly written during their time in the studio.

We recorded the foundations of each song to tape (drums, bass, guitars) live in the studio at Secret Location Recorders in Fairfield  over 3 days. Most songs’ tempo are to feel but there were a few songs such as A Taste of Oxygen and Dancing Through Blood where the rhythmic nature determined that we played live to a click track, something that we had never done before. (hat’s off for Nick and Tony). After the initial sessions we had a few weeks off before returning to Rolling Stock to record the vocals, synthesizes, percussion and any other overdubs we needed. “JAMES YOUNG, ZOMBEACHES

‘A Taste Of Oxygen’ is a band at the absolute peak of their power – every member combining to create a euphoric, chaotic and introspective harmony.


Friday, 10th of May Bergy Seltzer Brunswick, VIC w/ Milk Sick & Dirt Road Wave

Saturday 11th of May The Curtin Carlton, VIC w/ Chimers

Sunday 12th of May The Gem Collingwood, VIC w/ Public House

Friday 28th of June Elton Chongs Penrith, NSW w/Laura Panic, Runnin’ Hot, Baby Mullet TICKETS

Saturday 29th of June Everglades Country Club, Woy Woy NSW w/ Robbie Thunder, Runnin’ Hot, Baby Mullet TICKETS

Sunday 30th of June Black Aces, Sydney Harbour NSW  w/ Black Aces, Runnin’ Hot, Baby Mullet TICKETS

ZOMBEACHES Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Triple J Unearthed


PETER BAIRD – ‘Home Again’ (Single)
Peter Baird is a singer/songwriter/guitar player from Gippsland, though spent the 80s and 90s playing in bands in Melbourne. His music owes a lot to the singer/songwriters of the 70s but is uniquely informed by the Australian experience and landscape. He explores texture tone and atmosphere with melodic guitar parts to provide settings for vivid lyrics that effortlessly marry the personal with the universal.

He produced the album Lemon Sky with his friend producer/musician Greg J Walker [Paul Kelly, Courtney Barnett] at his studio in the Gippsland hills and ended up with something that sits half way between Laurel Canyon and an Australian country hall.



SUGARBAG BLONDE – “My Time Is Come’ (Single)
‘My Time Is Come’ the latest single from Sugarbag Blonde, has all the makings of a contemporary ‘Blues Rock Classic’. Intriguing lyrics, some stellar musicianship, and all while rooted in classic blues riffs, driving groove and an attitude to match.

Sugarbag Blonde originates from the scenic beaches of Australia’s Sunshine Coast, quietly making their mark in the rock and blues rock scenes. Known for their distinctive blend of original music and finely crafted songs, the band has become a mainstay at festivals and a sought-after support act for Australian music luminaries.

Having shared the stage with iconic names like Thirsty Merc, Russell Morris, Kevin Borich, and the celebrated blues rock organ player Lachy Doley, Sugarbag Blonde has left an indelible mark on audiences with their dynamic performances. STREAM AND DOWNLOAD AUDIO AS WAV AND MP3 HERE

The band has been a festival favourite at the Caloundra Music Festival and graced the stages of renowned events such as the Kickass Camping Festival, Sunshine Sounds Festival, Maroochy Foreshore Festival, and the Agnes Blues, Roots and Rock Festival.

The band, distributed worldwide by MGM Distribution, remains grounded in their commitment to sharing their craft on a broader scale. Sugarbag Blonde is humbled by the support and opportunities that have shaped their journey, and they continue to navigate the music landscape with gratitude and authenticity.

Latest release:


INDIGO BLAZE – ‘Critical Hit’ (Single)
Boorloo/Perth-based nu metal band Indigo Blaze have just revealed their new single ‘CRITICAL HIT’ – produced and mixed by Matt Templeman (Make Them Suffer, Voyager, Sly Withers).

‘CRITICAL HIT’ is a fiery exemplar of vigorous nu metal, emphasised by walls of rhythmic distorted guitars and the distinctive delivery of lead vocalist Rhys Gahan. A dynamic mix helps the interplay between more instrumentally reserved verses and the titanic, riff-heavy choruses, creating a raucous live energy.

The band talk about the inspiration behind recording ‘CRITICAL HIT’:
“Lyrically, the track comments on believing in yourself even when others don’t and being determined to push through and fight back the critics. As always, though, with Rhys’ unique style of wordcraft with some video game references thrown in. ‘Bring you back to the menu soundtrack’ – calls out to the old arcade days when you beat your opponent. All in all, for us, this song is a sly and not too serious shot back at the critics who doubt what we’ve been creating when the crowd and vibe we generate at our shows say different.”

Click to stream ‘CRITICAL HIT’



TEDDIE – ‘Strawberry Cake’  (Single/Tour)
Newcastle’s teddie has today released her third single for 2024; the bright, textured and impossibly catchy indie-pop track ‘strawberry cake’ – accompanied by the announcement of teddie’s first ever headline tour.

Written after finding some key visual inspiration online, ‘strawberry cake’ is a masterclass in pop songwriting – hitting the listener with hook after hook of bubbly bedroom-pop goodness, the track see’s teddie’s vocals and personality truly shine; evoking sonic comparisons to the likes of Clairo, Benee and Beebadoobe.

“In my first 2 releases of the year, you may have picked up on some existential crisis vibes, which I can confirm you were absolutely right. This song is silly and fun, but also comments on feeling grateful to be able to celebrate another birthday with the people I care about the most. To be quite honest I was completely inspired by this very specific photo on Pinterest of a girl in a baby pink dress with smudged mascara, eating cake with her hands, with lace gloves still on. That exact image is what ‘strawberry cake’ emulates.”- TEDDIE

Produced by Nick Zaharaias (The Buoys, Gia Darcy, Awa Mbaye) and mixed by Matt McGuffie (IVEY the band, Tia Gostelow), ‘strawberry cake’ has some seriously slick production at play. During the recording process, Zaharias and teddie were not afraid to experiment to find the sounds they were after, leading to a unique final product that lends itself to teddie’s vocal style perfectly.

Friday, 7th of June  King Street Warehouse Newcastle, NSW
Saturday, 8th of June Low 302 Sydney, NSW
Sunday, 9th of June North Gong Hotel Wollongong, NSW

Strawberry Cake is out May 9th
TEDDIE: Website | Facebook | Tik Tok | Instagram | Triple J Unearthed | YouTube


MELALEUCA  ‘On And On’ (Single)
Melaleuca make guitar-driven power-pop hits for losers with good taste. Their reputation as small-time rock dogs has seen them score supports with the likes of Tiger’s Jaw, Sly Withers, Fiddlehead, Camp Cope, The Buoys and WAAX. In January 2023, Melaleuca launched their debut EP, ‘self-esteem’, alongside Babaganouj, EGOISM, RAAVE TAPES and Dog God. Armed with a hefty repertoire of top-secret unreleased material, Andy, Jane, Matt and Isaac are preparing for their largest year yet. And for a band that makes incredibly big music to start with, that’s saying something!

The new single builds upon the release of the ‘Howdy’ EP in March, and a return to the stage with Brisbane pop-punk favourites Talk Heavy. Writing the duet, Jane and Andy imagined two characters harbouring big crushes on each other, hoping to share a special moment at a party. In the way of every great almost-whirlwind romance, when they’re finally in the same room, both casanovas are too afraid of their feelings to say anything.

Jane expands, “The lyric ‘I’ve been feeling like I’ll let you down’ leans into that anxiety of not feeling good enough for the other person.”

A long-standing favourite of their live set, ‘On and On’ cements Melaleuca as consistently excellent, versatile collaborators. But the rising stars continue to set their eyes firmly on each other, friendship is always the prize, global pop-punk domination is just a bonus.



KEELAN MAK – ‘Naked Eye’ (Single)
Melbourne artist Keelan Mak returns with brand-new track ‘Naked Eye’, the perfect blend of pop and melancholy, out today via [PIAS] Australia. The single was created in a writing session with Troye Sivan, Leland, and Vetta Borne at 301 Studios during 2023 Sydney World Pride. Keelan comments, “There was something really special about having four queer writers in a room, telling a queer love story. The energy in that room was safe, and we all got the memo.”


Keelan discusses the new single, “Naked Eye is about that little bit of love you keep for someone after everything’s done and dusted. I dropped this boy off at an airport, we cried, and I missed him a lot. Things eventually faded and life went on but there was always this little smidge of hope in me that we’d meet again.”

The concept behind the video was inspired by real life events where a love interest had to move back home. The visuals for the latest track were shot on a farmstead an hours drive out of Naarm/Melbourne, with the temperature dropping at night and wind picking up it became gruelling to shoot. Keelan says, “I had Jeremy wrapped in a blanket between takes because the poor thing was wearing this paper thin issey miyake top. The things we do for art.”


Discussing the process, Keelan says, “The story is meant to be cute and cliché. We didn’t want to overdo it and create an unattainable fantasy. He has a boring life, and for a moment, it’s made a little better by this person. Throughout the clip, you see them both come out of their shell and get comfier with each other. On the final night, the alien leaves without a word. I didn’t feel the need for any dialogue at the end, it made a lot more sense to me to leave it open ended, because it felt the most similar to my real life experience with that person.”

‘Naked Eye’ is the first release since his sophomore EP Brave Face which received massive support from triple j Home & Hosed and Good Nights, added to triple j Unearthed, named as part of Apple Music’s UP NEXT ANZ Campaign, plus was featured across Pilerats, The Music, Music Feeds, Acid Stag, and 10 Magazine Australia.

An ever-changing force in motion, Keelan Mak walks the fine line between the feelings of melancholia and enlightenment; music where melody is blended with consciousness in a fragile form of expression.



BANKS ARCADE – ‘A Muse’ (EP out June 28) Touring May
An enticing continuation of their earlier works, today Banks Arcade return with the announcement of a brand new EP, A Muse, due out on June 28 via UNFD. Evolving from the darker sides explored on their recent DEATH 2 EP, released in February, A Muse finds the New Zealand-hailing, Melbourne-based quartet shedding the expected and instead flourishing between moments of searing rock, towering hooks, dance beats and fresh explorations into heavy surrounds.

A deeply personal extension of DEATH 2’s chaos and sonic metamorphosis, today’s announcement of A Muse is also accompanied by the brand new single Heartstop; a swaggering, guitar-driven breakup anthem balanced with audacious grit and potent gloss, with the track premiering on New Zealand’s #1 rock station The Rock.

“Heartstop is a sassy breakup rock anthem,” the band shares of their latest single. “It’s got a bit of ‘f*** you’ to it, but really it’s just a fun song that was made to make people dance and forget about that asshole that broke their heart.”

Offering a memorable companion to their recent new single Self Help, also taken from the forthcoming A Muse EP, Heartstop readily wears its heart on its sleeve with infectious abandon, with vocalist Joshua O’Donnell powerfully declaring, “I like the way that I move / When I’m not hung up on you” alongside a sauntering chorus backdrop. And it’s this very notion of strength in vulnerability that carries throughout A Muse, from the vehement urgency of opening track Alive through to the moody ferocity of No Future and beyond.

Ruminating on their upcoming new EP, the band share: “A Muse follows on from DEATH 2 in a much more vulnerable way. It covers a lot of personal issues from relationships to internal struggles and in each song I tried to speak with my own voice as much as possible as opposed to the more abstract stuff on DEATH 2.”

Via DEATH 2, Banks Arcade didn’t merely build on their previously-established trademark sound; rather, it catapulted their heady blend of hard rock, electronic and metal into an entirely new sonic stratosphere, while also expressing the darkest and heaviest side of the quartet to date.

A band who always wanted to make history, Banks Arcade bring passion and potent execution to their myriad of influences and creative ideas. Formed over a shared love of music with a razor-sharp avant-garde aesthetic, Banks Arcade have always teetered on modernity; a fact displayed firmly on their 2018 debut EP Endnote, its 2020 follow up Fever Dreams, and the group’s head-turning singles Roses and Drown, both of which have gone on to amass well over 2 million individual streams.

Releasing their full-length Future Lovers in 2022, Banks Arcade cemented their future-facing trademark style while also turning heads courtesy of their emphatic soundscapes, searing metal and hip hop additions.

Fresh off the back of releasing DEATH 2 in February, Banks Arcade also supported metalcore titans Northlane nationally alongside ERRA and Landmvrks that same month. And after two years of non-stop touring, Banks Arcade will also hit the road in New Zealand and Australia with a brand new live show this May, with the Death 2 A Muse Tour set to compile the band’s best work to date.

For Banks Arcade in 2024, DEATH 2 was only the beginning. Don’t miss a moment of what happens next.



New World Artists Presents BANKS ARCADE DEATH 2 A MUSE TOUR 2024

Tickets from


JESS CROSSMAN – ‘Trouble’ (Single)
My name is Jess Crossman and I’m a female singer/songwriter from rural NSW. I started writing music when I was around 12 years old, not long after I began learning guitar.

I’ve had the opportunity to open for the Beach Boys when they were in Australia, and I have been lucky enough to perform at the same shows as Killing Heidi, The Potbelleez, Sneaky Sound System and Daryl Braithwaite. I love country music including artists such as Zach Bryan, Morgan Wallen and Haley Whitters. Otherwise, I am a massive fan of Missy Higgins and look up to her in a lot of ways.

I am constantly writing new music, however, it’s taken me a while to find my specific genre, as I love to sing all types of music, mainly country, pop, and indie-rock. The song that I am releasing now, ‘Trouble’, has been such an amazing new project to work on. It’s the first song I have released in a while.

Since my last release, I found more of myself and my sound through working with this new song, which is very exciting! I wrote this song from a personal experience. It’s about “catching the feels” for someone new and not knowing whether you’re ready to fall in love.

The song was based on a particular day that I spent with someone special and how it made me feel. Safe to say, the song portrays that after all the wooing, I was feeling as though I was in ‘Trouble’, because I didn’t realise, I was going to end up falling for this person. Which I am sure a lot of other people can relate to as well.

The song was supposed to end up as a lighter acoustic sound, but my producer and I worked on this song for 10 hours in one day and had so much fun with what we created, that we decided to scrap the original idea. I think it’s a really fun song, and I hope others can jam to it in the car as well as relate to it.


Stone & Wood is thrilled to confirm the return of Festival of the Stone, a celebration of music, community and ancient brewing tradition, that will welcome Winter to Byron Bay on Saturday 1 June.

The 10th instalment of Festival of the Stone will see Byron locals and visitors gather to take in a major lineup of music, tantalising tastes and witness the annual unveiling of the 2024 batch of Stone Beer, while also raising much needed funds for local homeless hub, Fletcher Street Cottage. Wins all round!

Get ready to spend Saturday 1 June with… DAN SULTAN – BEDDY RAYS – THE BEEFS – VERGE COLLECTION – AKA LUI – MID DRIFT

With meticulous care, we’ve created this limited-edition winter brew using the best ingredients we could find, including select Australian malts. Stone beer boasts aromatic notes of brewed coffee, rich dark chocolate, and hints of subtly smoked barley.

Festival of the Stone 2024 will raise money for Byron Shire homeless hub, Fletcher Street Cottage. Byron Shire’s homelessness rate is currently the highest in NSW and Fletcher Street Cottage provides support, information, referral and advocacy to people at risk of homelessness and those already sleeping rough.

“We believe it’s a really important time to support Australian music, events and our community. With Splendour and other festivals having a year off, we’re injecting a little more love into the music side of things this year. Live music in Australia ain’t going anywhere. And with Byron having one of the highest homeless populations in the nation, now is as important as ever to support those sleeping rough. We’re happy to support Fletcher St Cottage’s incredible work in this area for the 10th year in a row.” – James Aris, Stone & Wood Marketing Manager.

There’s nowhere better than Byron in winter! Get that group chat going and make plans to gather in the Bay for music and brews on 1 June. With first release tickets just $60 for 18+, get in early and secure the best deal.


Saturday 1 June, 2024
Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay (Cavanbah)
Tickets on Sale : $60 (18+) | $30 (12-17) | free under 12
Limited Local Release Tickets at the Brewery on Friday 10 May from 12pm: $40 (18+)


JEM CASSAR-DALEY – ’Texas Ain’t That Far, Is It Dear?’ (Single)
There’s an undeniable buzz around indie pop singer-songwriter Jem Cassar-Daley. Leading the awards tally at this year’s Queensland Music Awards, she took home the esteemed Song of The Year and Best Pop awards with her hit, ‘King of Disappointment’; which she followed up with an enchanting live rendition on the awards stage. Now the young star reveals her newest release, ‘Texas Ain’t That Far, Is It Dear?’ LISTEN HERE

The hook-laden up-tempo track is driven by nostalgic synth tones and Jem’s captivating vocal. It’s both brooding and playful, as the singer laments a would-be romance. “I wrote this track about someone I loved very much moving away to Texas for university,” admits Jem, singing “Now every single day gets harder / I never got the chance to say I love you” in the opening verse.

“Although we knew it was coming since the day we met, things got harder as the day he was leaving slowly approached. At this point, I was trying my best to convince myself that Texas wasn’t on the other side of the world and that everything would work out.”

Initially penning the earworm in the winter of 2022, Jem sought the help of collaborator, Celeste Newman, for the final flourish. Together they coaxed a deeply personal experience onto the page. “It is incredibly close to my heart, as I resonate with every single word in the song!”

Jem reached out to her usual partner-in-crime, Garrett Kato (Tones and I, Pete Murray, Busby Marou), when searching for the track’s unique sound. “Garrett and I have worked together closely.  In fact, Garrett co-wrote, recorded and produced my first single, ‘Letting Go’, with me in 2021.”

In addition to her recent achievement at the QMA’s, Jem recently clocked over 8 million overall streams, as her music continues to rise in popularity. Delighting fans old and new on the road, she also recently completed a national tour with Kita Alexander and opened for Aussie superstar, Jess Mauboy.

Since her 2021 debut, Jem Cassar-Daley has enjoyed a swift and well-deserved rise to the spotlight. ‘Texas Ain’t That Far, Is It Dear?’ is undoubtedly the next in a lineage of personal and catchy songs, that showcase Jem’s world class song writing prowess and performance.



DEAN OWENS (featuring GRANT-LEE PHILLIPS) – ‘The Hopeless Ghosts” (Single)
“The Hopeless Ghosts was inspired by something the late great Townes Van Zandt said about his songs. When asked in an interview why his songs were so sad he replied that he had a few that weren’t sad, that they were just hopeless, about hopeless situations. It really stuck with me and that’s what gave me the idea for the line – I follow in the footsteps of the hopeless ghosts. This is very much another road song. I was over the moon that my friend Grant Lee Phillips offered to sing on this one with me. I love Grant’s voice”.

This song very much follows the recurring theme of several of Sinner’s Shrine songs, and in Dean’s songs over the years, of the plight of the displaced, the wanderers and the border ghosts.

Dean Owens is an award winning adventurous troubadour, with fans including authors Irvine Welsh and Ian Rankin (whose character Rebus has Dean’s CDs on playlist!) and BBC legend Bob Harris.  He has released 9 (official) albums to date, with a new one on the way for 2024.

Mostly recorded in the US, they have seen him collaborate with some of the most respected musicians and producers around (including Al Perkins, Will Kimbrough, Neilson Hubbard, Grant-Lee Phillips and most recently, Gaby Moreno and Latin rock legends, Calexico).

Dean is also a consummate live performer, with a searingly soulful voice, a wealth of stories, earworm inducing melodies and great songs; the heart of a rock n roller combined with the spellbinding delivery of folk’s best storytellers, with fun and melancholy intertwined.

Recent live highlights include performances at the iconic Edinburgh Castle, festivals in Scotland, Germany and the Netherlands, and a sold out Netherlands tour (Apr 2023).

He can perform solo, duo or with his band The Sinners – a hugely talented, brass infused ensemble including electric guitar, bass and trumpet – which can tour as a compact quartet, or, as at 2023’s sold out Celtic Connections showcase, a very special 7 piece.

2022’s  Sinner’s Shrine album (recorded with Calexico), and 2023’s follow up El Tiradito, have been pulling superlative-laden reviews from publications throughout Europe, described as an intoxicating, innovative, “marriage made in heaven” collaboration, adding desert noir/Latin nuances to his already extensive musical palette (with his influences ranging across country, classical, punk and indie, through jazz, folk and rock).

Dean’s music has been described as a unique blend of Scottish roots and Americana, but in truth it’s hard to pin down to a single genre.  With each album he has pushed his own boundaries, constantly exploring, as his travels have taken him from Scotland’s post industrial heartlands to Nashville, New York and the panoramic vistas of the US deserts.

A new album, being recorded in Italy (in the land of his lion tamer ancestor) with musicians including Sacri Cuori’s Antonio Gramentieri, is scheduled for release in Fall 2024.

Dean Owens online. Linktree –


DALLAS FRASCA ‘Stand On My Shoulders’ (Single)
“Cleaned the slate and vowed to start again” howls Dallas Frasca in her latest song, ‘Stand On My Shoulders’. The song comes after the heartfelt ballad “River Queen”, and both songs will feature on Frasca’s upcoming solo album, titled Force Of Nature , which is set for release in July.

In this anthemic new release, the Naarm/Melb-based singer-songwriter, showcases the musician’s blues-infused vocals and guitar shredding skills at the top of her game. Joined by an epic gospel choir that’ll have your hairs standing on their end, the dark, gritty, outlaw-vibed tune features raw instrumentation including; banjo, filthy blues rock guitars (all played by Frasca), Tom Wait’s style junk percussion (Josh Barber, Andy Baldwin) as we hear Frasca return to her musical roots. Reflecting on life, the challenges we face, and where we consciously choose to arrive, Frasca sings an ode to lifting others around her, and a pre-warning, the chorus hits hard at the end of this banger.

Frasca shares; “I have been inspired to wildly cross-tune my guitars and see what it brings in terms of writing, you’re going to hear this all over the record. It was super fun to get my shred on for this song.” With a slew of previous releases, Frasca has clocked over 1000 shows including 13 international tours, as well as supporting the likes of Patti Smith, Earth Wind & Fire, and once even fronted members of legendary Aussie rock band, Midnight Oil in support of Amnesty International. From Bluesfest, Falls Festival, Woodford, Sydney Opera House, and many more in between, 2018 saw front-woman Dallas Frasca, show off her guitar skills to an estimated 1.5 billion viewers for the closing ceremony for the Commonwealth Games. Endorsed by Guns n’ Roses icon Slash, who commended the frontwoman’s ‘Great vocals, riffs and grooves’, Frasca continues to convert listeners to fans on home soil and internationally with her fierce brand of roots/rock and no tell-tale signs of slowing down yet.

May 19th – Dallas Frasca @ Blues On Broadbeach Festival w/ Melissa Etheridge, Jon Cleary & more.

The new single, ‘Stand On My Shoulders’ is out Now LINKS


THE SMITH &WESTERN JURY Announce Album – ‘Hotel Texas” (Album out June 14) ‘Have Mercy’ (Single out now)
Melbourne/Naarm alt-country gems The Smith & Western Jury have announced their long-awaited debut studio album, Hotel Texas, set for release on June 14. Inspired by lived experiences, Hotel Texas takes listeners on a captivating journey through tales of pain, love, and loss, imbued with raw authenticity and heartfelt emotion in the face of adversity.

The announcement coincides with the release of the band’s new single Have Mercy, available now via your preferred DSP. The track, which premiered on Double J’s Tower Of Song, revisits the waking nightmare of Melbourne’s COVID lockdowns during which vocalist Sam Lombardi battled a string of serious health conditions whilst processing the crippling grief of losing a loved one.

“The monotonous drain of being stuck inside, day after day, had me feeling like I was going crazy,” Lombardi reflects. “The constant repetition, combined with my anxiety, was agonising. In the middle of the night is when my anxiety is always at its worst; when I sing ‘the devil knows where I sleep’, the devil I’m referring to is my own mind. It’s our western take on my nocturnal sufferings.”

The Smith & Western Jury might be a relatively new name to your ears, but when it comes to the members themselves? It’s far from their first rodeo. Lead singer Sam Lombardi was a teen pop-rock export in a post-Avril Lavigne world circa the mid-2000s, while guitarist Simon Torcasio played in punk bands around Melbourne. Their long-serving rhythm section, Danny Bonnici (bass) and Matt Marasco (drums), both played in cult punk-metal faves Pagan.

Needless to say, the high-lonesome sounds of this twangy, dust-kicking, saloon-playing band is a far cry from their prior musical pedigree. As songwriting duo and real-life couple Lombardi and Torcasio explain, however, that’s more or less the entire point. “We’re not 18 anymore,” says Torcasio. “When we started this band in 2018, the idea was to do something just for us. We did the grind as best as we could, and took it as far as we were able, and we burnt out on it. Now, we want to do things our way.”

“Even though we’d grown up listening to heavier music, we’d fallen in love with country,” says Lombardi. “We went to Nashville, and we were super inspired by all the bands we heard in bars over there. We’d been writing together for ages, but that trip made us want to do something about it. When I wrote that line about being from out of town, it’s me saying that even though I didn’t grow up on country music and wasn’t originally a country singer, I still want to give this my best shot. This is our version of country music.”

Hotel Texas has been a long time coming for the band – but not entirely for the big C-word reason you may be thinking. In 2019, Lombardi was diagnosed with a condition known as vestibular migraines, which can cause dizziness and vertigo for up to days at a time. “I’d seen specialist after specialist to try and get it under control,” she explains. “I’d be doing great for months and then have entire weekends where I couldn’t even walk.”

To make matters worse, Sam learned through a routine test that she’d had a stroke at some point that had gone completely undetected, then discovered she had a rare autoimmune disorder known as Behçet’s disease – exacerbating her issues with migraines. “Obviously, I was an anxious mess,” says Lombardi. “But we were persisting with the band all the same. That’s the one thing Si and I enjoyed through out all of that shit, and we didn’t want to give it up.” That resilience runs through the core of the band’s debut album, which comes as a concoction of wholehearted effort and pipe dreams coming true.

Originally beginning work on the album at Belgrave’s Merrigum Studio with producer/engineer Benjamin Edgar, Hotel Texas was eventually shipped overseas to the great state itself – Floresville, Texas to be specific, at Cherry Ridge Studios. This Texan sojourn did come with a caveat, however: As far as Lombardi was concerned, it was against doctor’s orders.

“Even though it scared the shit out of me, I still wanted to go” she recalls. “The last few years had been really shit, this was our album and this was our holiday. My mentality was ‘who the fuck knows what’s gonna happen next year?’ ”

Once safely in Floresville, Lombardi and Torcasio completed the album under the watchful eye of acclaimed producer Tommy Detamore. The pair were long-time fans of his work, and initially reached out to him as a shot in the dark. To their surprise, it worked.“Tommy had produced this album by Jesse Daniel that we really loved called Rollin’ On,” Lombardi explains.

“We contacted him, and he emailed back saying he loved our sound. We jumped on a Zoom call with him, and he turned out to be a super-kind soul, we knew we were on the same page instantly.” In addition to producing the album, Detamore also played pedal steel across its 10 tracks.

With Detamore’s wisdom and expertise, the pair finely crafted the deeply personal and heartfelt songs of Hotel Texas.

“Every line on this album can be traced to a time, place or event,” adds Torcasio. “Sam has lived this album, and I’ve been there with her through all of it. I felt a real duty of care as a guitar player on this album – I wanted to give her words a chance to breathe, and give the album a bit of space as well as that extra twang.”

So, after a considerably bumpy ride, The Smith & Western Jury have arrived at the destination of Hotel Texas. They welcome you in, and hope you enjoy your stay – after all, they’re here for a good time, not a long time. “Who knows what the hell’s gonna happen in the future?” reasons Lombardi. “I don’t know if we’ll ever put this much work and this much heart into another album. When you’ve been through what I’ve been through, it changes your perspective. You’re not 16 forever. If you’re gonna do it, fucking do it.”

Hotel Texas, is out June 14, pre-order the album here. Have Mercy, is out now and is available on all streaming platforms here.

THE SMITH & WESTERN JURY: Samantha Lombardi (vocals/acoustic guitar) | Simon Torcasio (guitar) | Matthew Marasco (drums)
Daniel Bonnici (bass)




The world renowned Manchester institution has chosen two unique locations in Melbourne and Sydney for its Australian debut
First wave of line up is now announced – featuring Bonobo, Mall Grab, Kelly Lee Owens, HAAi, Effy and many more


The Warehouse Project, Manchester’s revered institution, renowned for its cultural impact in the rave scenes, has announced it will head to the Southern Hemisphere for the very first time.

Following huge international success in Europe across Rotterdam, Netherlands and Antwerp, Belgium last year, Australia is set to be the next destination for The Warehouse Project.

For one weekend only, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May 2024, Melbourne and Sydney will be home to The Warehouse Project. In partnership with Live Nation Australia, the special weekender will showcase an impressive array of international artists as well as home-grown talents from Australia.

Since its inception in 2006, The Warehouse Project has continuously pushed boundaries in unique disused spaces around its home city in Manchester, from the early days at Boddingtons Brewery to today’s industrial rave powerhouse, Depot Mayfield.

Bringing the concept Down Under this May, The Warehouse Project will take over two remarkable venues – the dynamic PICA in Melbourne, and Munro Warehouse located in the prominent Sydney Olympic Park.

The weekender in Melbourne and Sydney will take place simultaneously on Saturday and Sunday. Featuring globally acclaimed artists alongside some of Australia’s freshest talent, Day One in Melbourne (25th May) and Day Two in Sydney (26th May) will see Bonobo bring his international Outlier series to the Australian-cities. Outlier has seen Bonobo harness his talents as a curator and arbiter of club culture, as well as demonstrating his instinctive relationship with music. Bonobo will be joined on the day by Kelly Lee Owens, Australia’s own HAAi, Paula Tape and DJ PGZ, and The Warehouse Project resident, Krysko.

Day Two in Melbourne (26th May) and Day One in Sydney (25th May) will welcome one of the most in-demand artists on the scene and another Australian favourite, Mall Grab, who will present his now legendary Looking For Trouble party for the first time in his native Australia. Mall Grab will be joined by Effy, Jennifer Loveless, and Australian DJ Dameeeela.

Sam Kandel, Co-Founder of The Warehouse Project, said: “Following the success of our first international editions in Rotterdam and Antwerp last year, we’ve been having great fun putting more international plans together.. Australia has always been somewhere we’ve dreamed of hosting The Warehouse Project.. We are also so grateful to Bonobo and Mall Grab, and all the artists both international and domestic who will each play a special part of this WHP Australia debut”

For complete tour and ticket information, visit:, and


RELIQA ‘Dying Light’ (Single/Video) Debut album ‘Secrets of the Future’ out May 31
Fast-rising Australian metallers Reliqa have released a video for their new single, Dying Light, the third cut to be taken from their upcoming debut album, Secrets of the Future, which sees a 31st May release via Greyscale Records and Nuclear Blast Records.

Vocalist Monique Pym comments: “Dying Light is your last taste of the album before we go full send on May 31st. This one is all about the attitude – it’s got a level of sass and femininity that we haven’t explored before, with a dirty, riffy groove to keep it grounded. I think this song really completes the picture alongside Terminal and Killstar for how many diverse kinds of sounds we’ve managed to pack into the record.”

Watch the video for Dying Light here ( DYING LIGHT)

A lush, diverse and sci-fi-hued collection of songs that traverse fleeting moments of the human experience, Secrets of the Future also possesses a melting pot of stylistic inspiration, with elements spanning melodic metalcore through to contemporary rap, K-Pop, J-Metal, atmospheric pop, modern progressive metal as well as more traditional rock and metal.

With Secrets of the Future, Reliqa aren’t merely gazing at what’s to come; instead, they conjure it with poise and finesse, unpacking a rich and vivid tapestry that explores political injustice on tracks like Killstar (The Cold World), finding power in femininity on Sariah, as well as oscillating spotlights on the inner push-and-pull between protest and acceptance of reality.

Defying genre labels and harnessing their potent sonic identity in the heavy music landscape over the years, Reliqa have evolved from being “ones to watch” into an act destined for genuine greatness.

Whether dazzling onstage supporting the likes of Spiritbox, Halestorm, Sevendust, BABYMETAL or Northlane, whipping festival crowds into a frenzy or headlining their own shows, Reliqa never cease to enamour in a live setting alongside multiple singles commanding over 2 million individual streams, including Doomed and Mr. Magic.

Most recently flexing their nuanced take on heavy modernity with their 2022 EP I Don’t Know What I Am, Reliqa brandished dark grooves, layered soundscapes, electronic flourishes and more. I Don’t Know What I Am may have initially stemmed from the group themselves and the broader music industry being unable to categorise Reliqa’s unique and immersive stylings; but ultimately, it’s the group’s bold and boundless sense of self that radically sets Reliqa apart from your standard heavy act.

Facing the future to their impending new album and fresh off supporting American rock powerhouses Halesform for their Knotfest Australia 2024 headline sideshows, Reliqa will embark on their Secrets Of The Future Tour this June, with three headline shows in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney alongside supports RinRin, as well as a performance supporting Caligula’s Horse in Adelaide and an appearance at Never Had So Much Fun in Gosford alongside RedHook, Tiali and many more.

In 2024, the secret is out, the future is now; and its name is Reliqa.


Destroy All Lines + Open Door Mgmt Presents


*w/ Caligula’s Horse, RinRin not appearing

^ Never Had So Much Fun Fest, RinRin not appearing


Tickets from Tickets from


STEVE BALBI – ‘Dragonfly’ (Single)
A new track from the creative chameleon, artist, composer, and producer Steve Balbi – Dragonfly – is out on all streaming platforms from Thursday the 9th of May through Triplespeak/Metropolitan Groove Merchants (MGM Distribution).


‘Dragonfly’ consecrates yet another stylistic departure for BALBI, propelled upon a celestial trajectory cast by the sound of his forthcoming LP – Breakdown – which is best described as unique, gritty, and sophisticated. Meanwhile, the melodic interplay of ‘Dragonfly’ elucidates the gentile flight of an ethereal being and predator, evocative and inspirational yet melancholic and intoxicating.

Featuring Tully Ryan on drums, ‘Dragonfly’ was recorded and produced by BALBI, who plays every other sound on the track, which was mixed by Tony Wall and mastered by Paul Gomersall.

Speaking from his Sydney studio, which he affectionately calls his happy place, BALBI reflects upon the source of inspiration for his latest track.

“Some of us will fuck-up and live. That’s ok… life is art! Others among us will fuck-up and die. That’s simply sad. Some of us are fortunate to live long, healthy lives, meanwhile others will not be so lucky. Yet none of us escape adversity of some kind or other. I suspect that’s living too. Addiction is a thief. It is cunning and baffling, for it steals your life from right before your eyes. I’ve a friend who we refer to as Dragonfly. This song reflects his low-flying existence, bellowing survival and love for his trapped and tortured soul.” – Steve Balbi

In the belly of the beast | Your sonic disease | Smoking through the flicker | Low light is getting thicker | Ears are ringing | Fear has got you singing | Trembling like a flower | So young | So low | Your song, shadow | Stay alive | Dragonfly.

BALBI BESPEAKS Bowie and Lennon in melody and verse, meanwhile exploring the heterogeneity, refinement, and dirty groove of Radiohead. One of Australia’s most captivating, enigmatic, and inspiring performers, don’t leave this gem unturned:

SAT. JUNE 8: LIZOTTE’S NEWCASTLE NSW [GRID] ft. Colin Coorie & Tully Ryan



BLEEDING THROUGH ‘Our Brand Is Chaos’ (Single)
Southern California metalcore titans Bleeding Through have made their awaited return with a brand new single today, aptly titled Our Brand Is Chaos. The track is a ruthless new track is their first taste of something the band is currently brewing behind studio doors.

Commenting on the single, lead vocalist Brandan Schieppati states: “Our Brand Is Chaos is a statement. This is about our unrivaled support by our fans, friends and families. Together we are imperfectly perfect, pure chaos and all love. Let this be our anthem through dark time. Fuck with us and find out.”

About Bleeding Through:
Destined for great achievement ever since their formation in 1999, Bleeding Through’s career has been a lengthy and star-studded one, dedicated to delivering a devastating, yet melodic and entrancing, infusion of metal and hardcore to fans worldwide. But, above all else, the band has stayed true to themselves. A testament to their momentous impact on the genre, the quintet has influenced several generations of artists since their inception and will no doubt continue to inspire fans and artists for many years to come.

Having already triumphantly reclaimed the spotlight after their biggest collective hurdle – the 2014 hiatus which many anticipated would be the end of the band’s career as a cohesive unit – Orange County quintet, Brandan Schieppati (vocals), Derek Youngsma (drums), Marta Peterson (keyboards), Brian Leppke (guitar), and Ryan Wombacher (bass), clearly know what it takes for a successful resurgence.

With five Top 50 US charting records, 100 million catalog streams, over 400k physical album sales, and tours with Slipknot, Motionless In White, Lamb of God, and Unearth under their belts, there’s no arguing with the Bleeding Through’s methods and widespread appeal.

Music’s prodigal sons have returned to retake their throne with the release of their latest single Our Brand is Chaos, and Bleeding Through have no intention of crowning a successor just yet.


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