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It’s easy to get bogged down in the sadness of the passing of so many musicians close to our hearts. After all, they wrote the soundtrack to our lives. The truth is, we’re all going to go. Sadly, as the rock ‘n’ roll genre nears 70 years of age, there will be more of our favourite artists shuffling off this mortal coil. Some who chose a more colourful rock n’ roll lifestyle, may well go before others.

Lemmy. Stevie Wright. David Bowie, and today, Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey. We mourn their loss and thank them for their music. In response to the cavalcade of music legend deaths over the last few weeks, take comfort in the fact that on each of the days those influential artists died, there was most likely a kid somewhere in the world whose music flame was lit. Maybe it was sparked by a song he or she heard on the radio or on the TV or at a gig or even just in a shop. Maybe it was a Bowie, Motorhead, Easybeats or Eagles song. Maybe on one of those days, a kid picked up the guitar for the first time and found their calling. Maybe they were simply born into the world on one of those days. We don’t know their names yet. We don’t know what kind of music they will make. But we know for sure that somewhere out there, future music legends were made on one of those sad days and we’ll be enjoying their beautiful creations in the decades to come. Thankfully, the circle of music life goes on. Always will.

Greg Phillips, Editor

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