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Support Act’s Australian Music Industry Fundraiser

There’s been a lot of talk about how much the coronavirus has effected those in the local music industry. With the cancellation of so many avenues of work, many are wondering how they’ll pay their rent, mortgage or even eat during this shocking period. As you would expect from our amazing arts community, people are starting to think of practical ways to help.

Joining forces with not for profit Support Act, Artist Manager Charlotte Abroms, Sound Engineer Jono Steer, and Musician Angie McMahon have set up a Facebook fundraiser Australian music needs your help. Who would like to help? to get funds to those who need immediate help.

As seen in the response to the bushfire crisis recently, the Australian music industry rallied and donated their time and resources and raised millions of dollars to help our country in crisis.

Australian music workers are part of one of the most vulnerable industries when it comes to job stability and mental wellbeing and is also amongst one of the most generous and driven by passion.

“As a manager, I’ve had to inform our whole team of multiple cancellations throughout the year,” said artist amanger Charlotte Abroms. “It’s difficult when there’s no timeline as to if or when their shows will be rescheduled. Angie and I talked about session musicians and crew and the people who live show to show. I’m speaking to people who are struggling to pay their rent, who are fearful for their futures, who have children to look after. We discussed the fact Support Act’s resources will be stretched during this time so we felt the need to do something for those facing temporary unemployment. It’s the collective mental wellbeing of our industry we are trying to protect. It’s an issue close to our hearts. Support Act are a trusted charity to help our fellow colleagues and friends who are most vulnerable.”

So many people in our industry have lost income, some affected more dramatically than others, from musicians, to sound engineers, tour managers, production companies, artist managers, crew, security, booking agents, venues, door staff, bar staff, publicists, caterers, merch sellers and even music publications and community radio stations.

In less than 24 hours the fundraiser has raised almost $10K. For those out there struggling emotionally, please use Support Act as a resource to help you or use their ‘Help A Mate’ function to help a friend –

All funds raised will be donated to Support Act and donations can be made via Facebook fundraisers:

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