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You don’t need us to tell you how hard it is to make a buck from music these days. While physical, digital music sales and streaming are up in general, it’s still difficult for an indie artist to make a living from recorded music. Selling merch is great if you have an extensive tour happening or you’re gigging a lot but that’s not always the case either. Syncing your music with a TV show, movie or game on the other hand, can be quite lucrative but who knows how to do that? Well the folks at Brisbane-based company The Sync Report have a very good idea about how you can sync your music to that media and they have created a pain-free way for you to get involved.

Unlike pay-to-pitch services, tip sheets or music libraries, The Sync Report puts the ball firmly in the music manager and artists court, whereby they are responsible for securing their own sync deals.

“Volume is up and budgets are down which has opened the door for under-the-radar acts to go direct with music supervisors – Our aim is to guide our subscribers through the entire process, not just give them a directory of contacts but rather give them the information they need to skill up, stand out and get their songs licensed” explains Co-Founder Daniela D’Onofrio.

A defining point of difference that sets The Sync Report apart is a TV calendar that allows subscribers to see upcoming TV shows, the attached music supervisors and the best times to be pitching their music.

The platform also provides Top 50 lists that allow subscribers to pinpoint contacts working on the worlds biggest TV shows, brands, films, trailers, & video games in the USA, UK, Canadian and Australian markets.

“Everyone knows that getting songs synced is a big deal, it helps artists build a media buzz, gain new fans and earn an income, said Daniela. “The Sync Report is for people who are serious about getting sync deals and prepared to learn how to get them.”

In launching their service, music company The Sync Report has hit the DIY market with a series of colourful videos that highlight the importance of sync licensing in the music industry.

Aptly named ‘The Slapman Series’ the animated short films introduce Slapman and his mohawked dog Mr Rex who promptly slap people who tell them that they are too lazy to build a fan base, get media attention and earn an income with their music.
Designed for music managers and savvy artists The Sync Report teaches people how to build lasting relationships with music supervisors/buyers, as well as providing a complete up-to-date report on who’s looking after the music licensing for hundreds of current TV shows, films, brands, trailer houses and video games.

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