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The tonewood pairing of Indian rosewood and Sitka spruce has been a favourite of acoustic guitar players for a good reason: with warmth and depth on the low end and sweet, chime-like tones in the treble range, it’s a balanced, expressive sound profile that can adapt to perform in virtually any musical scenario. In the Taylor 800 Series, we take this all-star combination and elevate it with an unparalleled playing experience.

It starts with the 814ce, a Grand Auditorium that has become Taylor’s flagship model thanks to its clarity, sonic texture and playability. With V‑Class® bracing inside, you’ll hear richer projection and sustain than ever before, drawing out more of the overtonal harmony that players love from rosewood. Recent updates also added a radius-style rosewood armrest for additional comfort.

For an entirely new acoustic experience, the Builder’s Edition 816ce might surprise you with its tonal complexity and power. We’ve redesigned the Grand Symphony body shape to make better use of its large air chamber, outfitting it with V-Class bracing and a soundport cutaway that adds an immersive, wide-angle dimension to the rosewood/spruce sound.

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