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Master guitar designer Andy Powers conceived of the Builder’s Edition collection as a family of guitars crafted to high standards of tonal sophistication, attention to detail, playability and aesthetic beauty, a family of guitars that represents the ultimate playing experience. Each model in the collection highlights Taylor’s signature craftsmanship, blending rich sounds with ergonomic design features such as beveled armrests and cutaways, rounded body and fretboard edges, accommodating neck profiles and more.

Since its inception in 2018, the Builder’s Edition collection has grown to encompass a diverse range of tonewoods, body styles and musical character. From the responsibly sourced Urban Ash of the Builder’s Edition 324ce to the high-fidelity soundscapes of the Builder’s Edition 816ce, there’s no shortage of inspiration in this stunning collection of master-designed acoustic guitars.

Here’s some of the latest and most exciting additions to the Builder’s Edition collection.

Builder’s Edition 324ce: Urban Ash + Mahogany

Crafted with back and sides of Urban Ash responsibly sourced from city trees in need of removal, this Grand Auditorium model boasts a warm, woody midrange response with a strong fundamental focus and a natural compression effect that will help smooth out an aggressive attack.

“The Builder’s Edition 324ce is a seductively fetching acoustic, mostly because its strikingly dark tobacco kona burst finish, as well as all the sleek contours of its chamfered body and fretboard edges, and beveled armrest and cutaway, are flat-out captivating.” – Guitar World

Discover the Builder’s Edition 324ce ›

Builder’s Edition 517e: Neo‑Tropical Mahogany + Torrefied Sitka Spruce

This Grand Pacific round-shoulder dreadnought serves up a seasoned, rounded tone rich with classic warmth and room-filling power. A torrefied spruce top adds an aged-in sweetness and depth to the Builder’s Edition 517e, which is also available with a Wild Honey Burst top finish.

“Bottom line, the Builder’s Edition Grand Pacific guitars bring a cool new flavor to the Taylor line and will certainly establish themselves as every bit the studio and stage workhorses that so many players have depended upon from Taylor flat-tops.” – Guitar Player Magazine

Discover the Builder’s Edition 517e ›

Builder’s Edition 652ce WHB: Big Leaf Maple + Torrefied Sitka Spruce

This maple/spruce Grand Concert is among the finest 12-string guitars we’ve ever created, boasting tone-boosting features such as a reverse-strung setup that places the heavier string on top of each pair for a meatier, warmer response that maintains that gorgeous octave shimmer.

“The design, superb materials, build quality, tone, extraordinary intonation and playability combine to make this a complete package.” –

Discover the Builder’s Edition 652ce WHB ›

Builder’s Edition 816ce: Indian Rosewood + Lutz Spruce

This Builder’s Edition model is built on our recently enhanced Grand Symphony blueprint, which includes an innovative soundport cutaway that disperses sound in a more omnidirectional way, leading to a truly immersive, wide-angle acoustic response with warm lows, crisp trebles and all the volume and sustain you could need.

“The Builder’s Edition 816ce has practically perfect playability. Its slightly shorter scale length makes stretch chords more easily attainable, which comes at the slight cost of vigor. Ultimately, the 816ce is suitable for a broad range of styles. It feels silky smooth under the fingers, in hand, and along the body.”Guitar Player

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