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The Hiding (Anthony Salce, Chris Salce and Ryan Di Cecco) recently released a new single Dream Catcher’s Life, an ode to those who chose to chase their goals regardless of what society might say.  To accompany the track, the group have also revealed a visually stunning clip (see below), directed by Damian McLindon of Shoot films and featuring aerial artists Didj Wentworth and Phoebe Carlson.  To celebrate the release, The Hiding will be playing an exclusive set at The Grace Darling on December 10 as a part of the renowned local festival Pennyfest.

Dream Catcher’s Life is an inspiring tune, characterised by The Hiding’s unique blend of ambient electronic, rock and pop influences and hurled into a new dimension by guest vocalist, Stewart Winchester.  Acoustic guitar and percussive rhythms propel the song forward towards the soaring chorus, prompting the listener to seek out a dream catcher’s life; that is, to live a life pursuing your deepest aspirations.  Anthony Salce, lyricist and lead guitarist for The Hiding, reflects on the writing process, “The song came about after we returned from New York City…it’s really just about living your dreams, not settling for the mediocre, and hoping that you have that special someone to share it with, someone who wants to share the journey with you.”

The clip for Dream Catcher’s Life follows the charming story of two industrial workers, and features a breathtaking aerial routine from the two lead actors.  Expertly shot, with a spectacular use of light and darkness within the cramped, dusty environment, the clip encompasses the pensive, hopeful nature of the song.  On the making of the clip, Salce enthuses, “Damian( McLindon) and I thought that aerial artists would just add to the story perfectly, and we searched high and low for the perfect team who could capture the storyline.  We found that in Didj Wentworth and Phoebe Carlson.”

With their previous single Bonfire Lights being signed by Brooklyn Fire Records, notching up over 20,000 plays on Spotify and their Soundcloud playcount not far behind, it’s been a busy year for The Hiding.  The band are thrilled to be back up on stage in December to celebrate the release of Dream Catcher’s Life, as Salce reflects on the last twelve months, “We’ve really pushed ourselves in terms of writing new songs.  The Bonfire Lights collaboration (with producer Designer Drugs & vocalist Stewart Winchester) really opened our eyes to new possibilities, both in the studio and in our performances.  We’ve aimed to create that ‘party’ vibe with every single show so that we’re achieving a connection with everyone!”

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