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Less than two weeks after opening, new Melbourne entertainment and dinner club The Hummingbird has been forced to change its name due to a legal threat from another Melbourne club, Bird’s Basement, based on the fact that the venue’s name also features the word ‘Bird’. From henceforth, The Hummingbird, located at 34 Inkerman Street, St.Kilda, downstairs at the Newmarket Hotel will now be known as The Fyrefly

The club had already endured a set back when two days into operation a small fire led to the rescheduling of shows. Now with the name change, the venue’s signage and all of the other art elements involved need to be reprinted to represent the new name.

A defiant co-founder Heather Para has brushed aside the problematic fortnight to assure Melbourne music fans that The Fyrefly will become an important and welcoming live music venue for many years to come.

Upcoming Fyrefly events include
May 17: Phileas Fogg trio
May 18: Sammy J
May 19: Grand Wazoo – Kings of Soul
May 24: Jackie Bornstein
May 25: Soul Cupcake
May 26: Alma Zygier & Emilia Schnall
May 31: Monique Di Mattina with Shannon Bourne
June 1: Renee Geyer
June 15: Sarah Maclaine
June 21-22: Paul McDermott & Steven Gates
June 23: Jack Howard
July 13: Ross Wilson & the Peaceniks
Aug 16: Deborah Conway & Willie Zygier

Phone (03) 9810 0087 for information or click here

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