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Tommy Emmanuel has long been one of the most respected musicians, not only in Australia but the world. Apart from being a master fingerpicker, he’s also a great communicator, storyteller and a compassionate human being.

Tommy has been involved with Guitars For Vets for several years now, advocating for veterans struggling with PTSD and championing the healing power of music. On Thursday November 10 (Friday Nov 11 in Australia), Tommy will be selling of a range of guitars with proceeds going toward that charity as well as MusiCares and Doctors Without Borders.

Some of Tommy’s personal guitars and amps that will go on sale include; a Martin 000-28H, Martin 000-28VS, a Paul Reed Smith prototype, John Perkins Macassar Custom, Lauzqcer Handmade 8 string, Martin D28, Gretsch Synchromatic G400C, G Sharp OF-1, Takemine CP-132SC, Sigma 28MLE, Gibson LG-0, Maton EBG808, Larivee D-60, and a McCullough Thinline Hollowbody among many others.

This is not an auction – prices (not released yet) will be set high to encourage offers.

The sale of the guitars will be administered via’s online shop and will go live on Thursday afternoon in the US / Friday morning in Australia.

Here’s your chance to not only pick up a piece of music history but also help out veterans in need

Watch Tommy chat about some of the guitars on offer and the charities which will benefit from the sale below and read more here

Tommy has just released his newest album, Christmas Memories, which he recorded with Pat Bergeson, Annie Sellick and John Knowles, CGP. Check out the interview we did with Tommy when he was recently in Australia in which he talks about the album and other upcoming projects

Note: Tommy has just cancelled a run of European dates to return home to Nashville to attend to a medical issue. We hope it goes well Tommy

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