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Bold. Versatile. Dynamic. Musical. Pocket Queen’s new Signature Vater model is all that and more.  A 5A style grip for a comfortable feel. A sturdy shoulder to dig in with, combined with a small barrel tip that will pull out tonal clarity, and ghost notes along with the subtleties and energy of a fierce groove. Topped off with a striking gold finish for a unique appearance. Stand out musically and visually with Pocket Queen’s Signature Vater model.

Pocket Queen Launch Video –Pocket Queen – Vater Drumstick Artist Since 2008

Taylor Gordon, better known as The Pocket Queen, is an is an LA-based drummer, music producer, and digital content creator. A native of New Orleans, PQ initially gained popularity through candid drumming videos recorded in the rehearsal room at the Berklee College of Music and released on YouTube.

Eventually deciding to move to Los Angeles, she made her break in the industry performing and touring with the likes of Beyoncé, Adam Lambert, Fifth Harmony, Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, and Alicia Keys to name a few – including the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, and a week-long guest drummer spot on Late Night with Seth Meyers among other major television performances.

Moving up the ladder as a drummer, she began producing for artists such as Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson, Luke James, and became Grammy Nominated for her work on Kehlani’s You Should Be Here.

The last few years have seen PQ’s devout fanbase on social media grow to just under 1 million fans across her pages. The Pocket Queen’s debut, self-produced single, “We Came To Move” (feat. Ryck Jane) was licensed by Apple to accompany their viral iPad mini launch campaign. This was immediately followed by the release of her debut EP Groove Theory, Vol. 1, which has racked up over a million streams.

With new music on the way, some huge shows with a major artist, and with her new Signature Vater Drumstick release ( , PQ is gearing up for a massive 2023.




Diameter: .570” [1.45cm]
Length: 16 /8” [40.96cm]
Wood: Hickory
Tip: Small Barrel
Finish: Gold

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