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In response to demand for a soft style practice pad option, but available at music retail, we have added the Zero Pad to the already popular Vater Chop Builder Pad product range. Now available to order from any music instrument store.

A simplified, one size and color scheme version of a pad concept that have been around for many years in slight variations, the Zero Pad’s plush surface material and ¾” thickness [19.05mm/1.90cm] gives drummers another pad offering that has minimal rebound as compared to a traditional gum rubber pad – making the player focus, fine tune and strengthen their sticking mechanics and technique.

The Vater version is single-sided, measures 11” [279.4mm/27.94cm] in diameter and is quiet in volume due to the nature of the pad material. Covering the back side of the wood base is a thin layer of soft rubber to prevent slipping when placed on a surface, and can also be used in a snare stand.

ADDED BONUS: Each Zero Pad includes a FREE printed Vater Must Know Rudiments chart, as outlined by the Percussive Arts Society, which is essential for any drummer’s lesson binder or practice room.


Every drummer’s needs in a drumstick are unique.- Exactly why Vater proudly offers a wide variety of model options with variations to tapers, lengths, tip shapes, grip sizes, wood types, finishes etc.

With 200+ stick model options, dig into the Vater product range, hear what each stick sounds like on a ride cymbal, and find the perfect feeling and sounding drumstick for YOUR hands at

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