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jimmypageAre you a complete guitar nut with a spare 1.5 Million dollars on you? If so, you might want to purchase The Vault, a private collection of some of the most valuable guitars in the world being made available by Allans Billy Hydes. Featured in this collection, which is to be sold complete and not separately, are rare Gibson and Epiphone artist guitars from Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Don Felder, The Everly Brothers, Kiss, Billy Gibbons and other guitar greats.

“The Vault represents a collection of instruments that not only have all the “wow” and “cool” factors, but are a major part of our cultural history of Rock N Roll,” says former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick  “Who can deny seeing a Sunburst Les Paul, in Jimmy Page’s hands and not feel the power and joy of Led Zeppelin, or imagine the head banging emotions of an image of Slash armed with his “Appetite” Les Paul. We can all still hear the shrieks of Beatlemania resonating  through Sir Paul McCartney’s Epiphone Texan when he plays “Yesterday.”

This collection is impressive as a whole, but each of the instruments will stand on its own. Having such a complete representation of amazing guitars available, with some signed and numbered by our heroes, make this offer a complete mind blowing experience for one happy owner.

Australian Musician will bring you an update and further information, including comments from Allans Billy Hyde’s CEO Con Gallin soon.

Check out the collection here

Interested parties may enquire via email: or call 1300255 267

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