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Running Young are a five piece alternative/indie rock band from Melbourne. The band was formed after lead singer Joel survived emergency open-heart surgery at just 25 years of age. “I should have died before I even got to hospital because my aorta basically just popped like a balloon,” says Joel, smiling. “I spent two weeks in intensive care fighting for my life and, somehow, miraculously made it through.” ‘Out of Time’ was written about this harrowing time in Joel’s life. According to his doctors, with all of the post-op complications factored in, his chances of survival sat at around 2-3% but it seemed it wasn’t his time to go. “After coming that close to death you tend to gain some insight into what you want out of life and how lucky you are to still be a runner in the human race”, says Joel. “I decided what I wanted out of life was to be true to my heart for whatever time I had left and also to see if I could encourage others to do the same. The best way I knew how to both of those things was to start a band!”
Running Young have produced an emotive video to showcase their song ‘Out of Time’, which Australian Musician would like to share with you. ‘Out of Time’ recently featured on an episode of acclaimed US TV show Shameless and will feature on the band’s upcoming debut EP. “We strive to bring something fresh to the table”, says Joel. “We infuse our alternative/indie rock music with catchy hooks and big luscious four part Beach Boys-esque harmonies straight out of the 60’s.”
Out of Time was shot using 16mm film in country Victoria, this film clip was written, directed and shot by James Ballard with visual effects by Pete Shand.


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