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New VOX amPlug Brian May guitar headphone amplifier and MV50 Brian May miniature amplifier head provide players with May’s iconic tone

VOX announces the Brian May Signature Series, which includes two new mini-amps developed in collaboration with legendary Queen guitarist Sir Brian May, making his iconic tone accessible to all. These products, each designed as a nod to May’s classic custom-constructed red-and-black “Red Special” guitar, include the amPlug Brian May guitar headphone amplifier and the MV50 Brian May miniature 50W amplifier head, along with two Limited Edition bundles that pair each of these products with a matching cabinet and other accessories (specifically, a collectible keychain and postcards).

Brian May is a legend of the highest order: his volumes of work with rock institution Queen produced some of the most beloved anthems of all time, while May’s guitar sound itself provides an instantly recognisable boost to whatever he plays. May’s musical style manages to be fluid and rock-solid at the same time, and his legions of devotees have spent years pining for the chance to accurately emulate his trademark riffs.

May remarks, “I want people to be able to get the sounds you make in a stadium show into your living room, and these products achieve that. I hope that people find them inspiring.”

About the amPlug Brian May guitar headphone amplifier:
Taking its form factor from the VOX amPlug series of palm-sized, battery powered, headphone guitar amplifiers, the amPlug Brian May guitar headphone amplifier provides users with the legendary guitarist’s classic tone anytime, anywhere – through any set of standard headphones. Designed to recreate the unique sound of the signal chain of May’s “Red Special” guitar and cranked AC30, this special edition of the amPlug will thrill guitarists and Queen fans everywhere.

With the amPlug’s AC30 + Treble Booster setting, and three onboard May-inspired effects (“Brighton Rock” delay, phaser and chorus), the amPlug Brian May is literally “the Brian May tone in the palm of your hand.” But the amPlug Brian May goes further than merely delivering on tone. Featuring a range of backing rhythms, including the “We Will Rock You” stomps and claps, users can jam along to classic tracks in their headphones.

The amPlug Brian May is available individually from your favourite VOX dealer, or as a Limited Edition set with a matching miniature speaker cabinet.


About the MV50 Brian May miniature amplifier head:
Based on the form factor and circuitry of VOX’s MV50 miniature heads, and powered by VOX’s  Nutube technology – a revolutionary new vacuum tube that produces authentic tube tone at a fraction of the size and power – the MV50 Brian May adds a KAT (Knight Audio Technologies) treble booster, which can be toggled on or off, allowing guitarists to dial in Brian May’s instantly recognizable tone. Like the amPlug Brian May, the MV50 Brian May is available individually, or as a Limited Edition set with a matching 1×8” speaker cab.

With a 50w output at 4ohms, the MV50 packs a large punch despite its small size, making it just as suited for gigging and rehearsal as for practicing at home. And with speaker emulation in the headphone/line out, the MV50 Brian May can be recorded without needing to mic up a cab.

When matched with its cabinet, “It’s perfect for any smaller show, and if you want to put a mic in front of it, it’ll do for your big gigs as well. I wouldn’t mind going on some future stadium gig and seeing how this shapes up,” said Brian May.

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amPlug Brian May specs:
•Input/output jacks: Phones jack (3.5 mm stereo mini phone jack), AUX jack (CTIA-compliant 3.5 mm TRRS mini phone jack)
•Power supply: Two AAA batteries or AAA nickel-metal hydride batteries
•Battery life: 10 hours/16 hours (using alkaline batteries, when FX or RHYTHM is on/off); 3 hours/5 hours (using zinc-carbon batteries, when FX or RHYTHM is on/off)
•Dimensions: 87 (W) × 33 (D) × 39 (H) mm [3.43 × 1.3 × 1.54 inches], with plug folded down
•Weight: 40 g (1.41 oz.), not including batteries
•Included items: two AAA batteries

Matching cabinet specs:
•Connections: Guitar In, amPlug In, Aux In, DC9V In
•Output: 2W speaker VOX original 3″ x 1
•Power supply: 9V battery (006P) or AC adapter (optional)
•Battery life: approx. 12 hours (9V alkaline battery), approx. 5 hours (9V manganese battery)
•Dimensions: 100 (W) x 63 (D) x 101 (H) mm  [4 x 2.5 x 4 inches]
•Weight: 260 g (excluding batteries) (9.2oz)
•Accessories: 9V manganese dry cell battery (006P)
•Accessory AC adapter

MV50 Brian May specs:
•Input/Output Jacks: INPUT Jack × 1, SPEAKER OUTPUT Jack × 1 (6.3 mm monaural phone jack, unbalanced); PHONES / LINE Jack × 1 (6.3 mm stereo phone jack)
•Controls: Gain, tone, volume, treble booster on/off switch, impedance switch, standby switch, eco switch, EQ switch (flat/deep)
•Vacuum tube: Nutube 6P1
•Output Power: Maximum approx. 50 W RMS@4 ohms,25 W RMS@8 ohms, 12.5 W RMS@16 ohms
•Power supply: AC adapter (DC 19 V ) Current
•Consumption: 3.42 A
•Dimensions: 135 (W) × 75 (D) × 100 (H) mm [5.31 × 2.95 × 3.94 inches]
•Weight: 551 g/1.21 lbs.
•Included items: AC adapter, Power cord, Owner’s Manual

Matching cabinet specs:
•Speaker: 1 x 8″ VOX original 8ohm
•Input terminals: 2
•Allowable input: 25W
•Dimensions: 260 (W) x 280 (D) x 200 (H) mm [10.24 x 11.02 x 7.9 inches]
•Weight: 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs)

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