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The new VOX MINI GO series of lightweight, compact and portable guitar amps is suited for use anywhere a musician might play, from home to the street (busking) or even in a concert venue. Each amp in the series features realistic and responsive amp models based on the “VET” modeling technology used on the VOX Cambridge50 amp (including a newly developed vocoder for talking modulation effects), a rhythm machine that can play back patterns from 11 genres, onboard effects for a diverse range of sounds and tone, a mic input, AUX input and a headphone jack – all as standard features. The VOX MINI GO amps can be powered by the included AC adapter or, for portability, by any USB mobile battery with a current output of 1.5 A or greater.
The most compact amp in the series, the VOX MINI GO 3, features a 5-inch 3 W speaker. The VOX MINI GO 10 features a 6.5-inch 10 W speaker with adjustable amp output wattage. The largest and loudest amp in the series, the VOX MINI GO 50, features an 8-inch 50 W speaker with adjustable amp output wattage.

The VOX MINI GO series offer eight onboard effects types including chorus, phaser, octave and delay/reverb. The ten selectable amp models include the traditional VOX AC30 amp, a 1980s-style stack, a boutique amp, a high-gain amp with massive distortion plus a LINE setting useful when plugging in an electric acoustic guitar or keyboard. The amp series’ high-quality, built-in rhythm machines feature three variations for each genre, for a total of 33 types of rhythm patterns with freely adjustable tempo and volume. For recording or practice use, the amps have a built-in cabinet simulator, which can be monitored through the PHONES jack. This cab sim adds the characteristics of a guitar amp cabinet to the output signal just before it reaches the power amp – perfect when recording or when practicing in headphones.

Both the VOX MINI GO 10 and the VOX MINI GO 50 feature an onboard looper with up to 45 seconds of record time, accommodate a foot switch for assignable control of various features such as the rhythms and looper, and incorporate a tiltback mechanism for easy use as a monitor. When using the looper along with the rhythm machine, recorded loop lengths are quantized to match rhythm measure length. Also, when you play a rhythm pattern while the looper is playing, the tempo of the rhythm is automatically set to match the loop’s length.

The VOX MINI GO 50 also has three programmable amp and effect settings, recallable from the amp or via foot switch control, making it the best choice for live performance or when performing along with the looper. An AC adapter and carrying strap are included.

VOX VFS3 (three-button footswitch for VOX MINI GO amps):
By using the optional VFS3 foot switch, users can control functions such as programs, effects, rhythm, and looping on VOX MINI GO series amplifiers. This is a great advantage when creating sounds or performing live. The VFS3 employs a tough design with traditional mechanical foot switches and a long two-meter integral jack lead. The VFS3 currently works only with the VOX MINI GO 10 and VOX MINI GO 50.

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