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VOX is introducing its new VGH Series guitar amplifier headphones – three models (VGH-AC30, VGH-ROCK and VGH-BASS) that bring players the enjoyment of playing at home, in the rehearsal studio or outdoors just by plugging in to a guitar or bass – expanding on the concept of VOX’s popular amPlug series with headphones produced by Audio-Technica. VGH Series guitar amplifier headphones faithfully recreate the sound of players’ instruments, offering both loudness and a wide sonic field. When the headphone power is turned off, the product works like a pair of standard headphones, so it’s useful for a variety of situations.

The three models in the lineup each feature their own sonic variations. The focus of the VGH-AC30 was to offer the particular “chimey” sound of VOX’s classic AC30. Turn down the guitar volume and play with a clean, brilliant sound, or turn up the volume for a crunchy sound with greater presence. The VGH-ROCK offers a penetrating sound representative of a U.K. amp stack from the 80s and 90s, and the VGH-BASS is suited for bassists, providing a sound with a wide dynamic range that still achieves enough volume to please discerning players. Built-in effects add color to the sound: the AC30 and ROCK models feature reverb, chorus and delay effects, and the BASS model has a built-in compressor. Each effect can be adjusted, offering additional tone-shaping with excellent presence.

These models feature a closed-air dynamic headphone design and can also be worn comfortably for long periods of time with a minimum fatigue. The ear pads are designed to rotate for easy storage, and the headphone themselves offer exceptional performance.
The headphones’ design faithfully simulates the characteristics of the original amp circuitry with entirely analog specifications. The models also feature an AUX IN jack, letting users connect to music players or other devices. The detachable 5.25-foot (1.6-meter) cable is thick and sturdy. Visually, the headphones are attractive with a black finish and a retro feel with the iconic silver VOX logo on the outside of the ear cups.

• Type: Closed-air dynamic headphones
• Driver diameter: 40 mm
• Output sound pressure level: 97 dB
• Playback frequency range: 20 Hz –20,000 Hz
• Maximum input: 1,000 mV
• Impedance: 49Ω
• Cable length: 5.25 ft (1.6 m)
• Amp controls: Dials (Gain, Tone, Volume, Effect), Switch (Standby)
• Input terminal: Input plug (1/4-inch [6.3mm] stereo phone plug), AUX IN jack
• Power supply: AAA battery x 2
• Battery life:
◦ AC30 / ROCK: Approximately: 7 hours (Manganese)/16 hours (Alkaline)
◦ BASS: Approximately: 8 hours (Manganese)/20 hours (Alkaline)
• Dimensions (W x D x H): 7.68″ x 6.30″ x 1.97″ (195 x 160 x 50mm)
• Weight: 8.11 oz. (230 g) (without batteries)
• Included item: AAA battery x 2 for checking

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