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Nick Cowan is a respected Melbourne-based filmmaker who has made a variety of short films and music videos for Melbourne underground artists. Now via a freshly launched Pozible campaign, he wants to make a film called “I’m Not Afraid To Be Heavy”, a documentary celebrating the career of Dave Graney & Clare Moore, two of Australia’s most innovative, prolific and treasured musicians.

Beginning with the seminal post-punk band The Moodists, tripping into country psychedelia with The White Buffaloes, reaching the public eye and collective Australian consciousness through the commercial success of The Coral Snakes (which culminated in Dave winning an ARIA for Best Male Artist) and returning to creative independence in the 00’s with The Dave Graney Show & The mistLY. Their music has delivered unexpected and endlessly stimulating results for over three decades. Why has this story never been told in full? How many people truly appreciate the dynamic range of Graney and Moore, sonic explorers who have shapeshifted through the window of post-punk, country, rock, r’n’b, soul & folk. It’s time we made a film capturing the creative genius of Graney & Moore, celebrating their legacy as two of the greats of Australian music.

Cowan’s project entered development in March 2015. As a friend of Dave’s for eight years and a filmmaker who has worked with him on three music videos, he thought it was high time a feature film was made about he and Clare. It has since been extensively researched and his team has interviewed a host of personalities who have contributed an enormous depth of insight into their subjects.

In mid-April, Dave & Clare will be traveling to Europe to play three performances at All Tomorrow’s Parties in Wales, which is curated by comedian and long-time Graney/Moore fan Stewart Lee (who nominated Night of the Wolverine as one of his favourite albums). Following the ATP performances they will be playing a small tour across Europe. The film makers aim to get this entire European experience on film and interview a cast of European celebrities associated to their music.

To contribute to the Pozible campaign and snare some wonderful prizes, follow this link and donate.

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