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We Lost The Sea is an acclaimed cinematic instrumental / post-rock band hailing from Sydney, insanely adored worldwide but sadly not so much at home  – mainly because they don’t release albums or tour often. But when they do, it’s incredibly special. Their album preview show in Sydney last month sold out in 24 hours.

Their last album, Departure Songs (2015), landed the band widespread acclaim and a fan in Ricky Gervais who called the band “inspirational” and featured the single “A Gallant Gentleman” on his show After Life.

Their fourth record Triumph & Disaster, is a sad love letter about the collapse of the planet as told through a lens of intricate guitars, striking colour and otherworldly atmospherics. The album deliberates themes and events such as the climate crisis, over consumption, isolation and the loss of love and trust. It is a lament for the planet, all the people on it and the beauty that will be left behind.

Astutely aware of the challenges of being an instrumental band and telling their story, the artwork in Triumph & Disaster illustrates the narrative through a bleak and surreal children’s book that that tells of a mother and her son’s last day on Earth. The album sleeve / booklet contains 8 pieces of artwork and a short story illustrated by guitarist Matt Harvey.

The band will head to China straight after release and then take Triumph & Disaster on tour through Australia in late November.

Tour Dates

Friday November 22  Brightside, Brisbane

Saturday November 23 Crowbar, Sydney

Thursday November 28 Jive, Adelaide *

Friday November 29 Sewing Room, Perth

Saturday November 30 Howler, Melbourne

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