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Weekend Warriors has a brand spanking new website!

Weekend Warriors is the Australian Music Association initiative which allows lapsed musicians to get back to into playing music and for those who have never played in a band before, it gives you the opportunity to shine on stage for the very first time. We’ve just upgraded the national Weekend Warriors website so check it out now!

The Weekend Warriors (mature age) and Young Warriors Programs (12-19yrs) are all about having fun playing or singing in a band. The Programs provide the gear, the coaches and the CONCERT. You supply the talent and enthusiasm. Everything is provided including guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, amps, PA, etc.

The Program starts with a free, coached jam session. After the jam, if you want to go ahead with the rest of the program, a fee is involved. Coaches form the bands and contact everyone involved with times and dates of rehearsals. Your band will have four two-hour rehearsals (Young Warrior rehearsals are one-hour) with a professional coach, then perform in The Big Gig concert with other bands from your program. Each band plays for 25-30 minutes. Concerts are professionally produced and run. Band members are treated like stars and have a great time. You’ll have so much fun that you’ll want to do it again!

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