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For nearly three decades of continually redefining the parameters of hard rock, progressive heavy metal and surpassing critical expectations, devoted fans will be in their element as Dream Theater hit Australia next week for shows in Sydney and Melbourne and WE’RE GIVING AWAY 2 DOUBLE PASSES TO EACH SHOW!

As guitarist John Petrucci told Australian Musician’s Greg Phillips back in January at the NAMM Show, “Dream Theater is embarking on an anniversary  tour for the album Images and Words, which came out 25 years ago.” When asked if Australia would be part of the tour he said, ” I hope so… we haven’t been to Australia in a while.” He suggested if it did happen it would be around September 2017 and as it turns out, he was spot on!

Having last toured here in 2014, Dream Theater have arguably become the prototypical progressive metal band. And, not by coincidence, they are also probably the most successful purveyors of the form.  Dream Theater have a legion of fiercely diehard fans around the world and expect nothing less than a smart, fully immersive, experiential journey through otherworldly soundscapes from each and every live performance.

For a chance to win a double pass, simply email your entry to:
with the words ‘Dream Theater competition’ in the subject field.
State your name, contact number, whether you are in Sydney or Melbourne and name one Dream Theater band member.
Entries close 11am on Monday morning.
Winners will then be contacted and tickets will be organised

Tuesday 19th September, 2017
Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Ticket info

Wednesday 20th September, 2017
Palais Theatre, Melbourne
Ticket info

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