The Vox Cambridge50 amp competition we ran in conjunction with our Peter Green video tribute has been run and won.

The answer to the question, ‘What colour was Peter Green’s Manalishi’ is of course, Green!

The winner is Linda Campbell of The Gap in Brisbane. The Vox Cambridge50 amp will be on its way to you very soon.

Thanks to everyone who entered

The VOX Cambridge50 is a modern modeling guitar amplifier powered by Nutube and Celestion for powerful and responsive tones. The VOX Cambridge50 is an ambitious product that opens new possibilities in a modeling guitar amp. It features Nutube, for real tube distortion and response, and an open-backed cabinet equipped with a 12-inch Celestion speaker for the classic VOX tone. Its simple design allows you to easily dial in settings on the face of the amp, or save your favourite settings as presets. With 11 types of amp models, 8 built-in effects, and a built-in tuner, this amp is perfect for many applications and any style of music.

Watch our video special ‘Remembering Peter Green’ here