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Evetts Drums is Australia’s leading boutique drum company, specialising in handcrafted snare drums and drum kits. Founder and master craftsman, Steve Crawley, utilises hand selected Australian hardwoods and exotic veneers to build the backbone in your drum arsenal. Evetts Drums presses all drum shells in-house using premium quality materials. These beautiful woods provide a wide spectrum of unique musical sounds which cannot be reproduced by production line drum companies. Our philosophy is to sonically empower drummers and to offer unrivaled instruments suited to any drummer’s needs.
“A range of Evetts snare drums will be on display showcasing our beautifully crafted high end drums. We will be exhibiting drums made from various Australian hardwoods to demonstrate the diverse range of acoustic properties available from our drums. Along with our snare drums we will be showcasing a handcrafted drum kit for customers to get a first hand experience of how our drums feel and perform.

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