The concept seemed simple enough … six questions, six quick answers! The Great Emu War Casualties present their own variation on the theme. However, they most certainly do have a fab, fun new single “Gimme Gimme Shimmy Shimmy” which you need to check out!

“We were in the Netherlands for a short while and we were offered some free time in a studio to record. We said “YES!” as soon as the offer was made but we had no material ready. I locked everyone out of the apartment for the next 2 days and wrote a terrible 4 track EP. On that EP was Gimme Gimme Shimmy Shimmy. It was awful and it remains unreleased but the guitar ideas and riff that fueled Shimmy stayed with us as we moved around and jammed things out once we had Callum Barter on board to produce, we wanted to lean hard into the pop side of things, and Gimme Gimme Shimmy Shimmy was reborn, but good this time.” Joe Jackson

The Great Emu War Casualties were born near the end of 2017 on the other side of the world in a small village in the UK known as ‘Liverpool’. The band, whose tracks are regularly described as quirky, eclectic and eccentric, maintain that they are really just a fun pop group who cite Talking Heads, The Killers and Everything Everything among their main influences.

The band approached engineer Callum Barter (Courtney Barnett, Saskwatch) to produce and mix the track from his current home in LA. The song also features Internet “Celebrity” Alex Jones of INFOWARS, ranting maniacally about Hillary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth and the Lizard People who are secretly controlling society from tunnels underground.

Since arriving in Australia, The Great Emu War Casualties have played incessantly, headlining Oxford Arts Factory and The Factory Theatre in Sydney whilst hosting residencies at The Evelyn and The Tote in Melbourne. They released three EPs in 2018 with Aardvark Records in the UK and self-released their Double A Side SPACEBATANGELDRAGON early in 2019.