Link Audio, the Australian distributor of PreSonus gear is thrilled to announce three new products which are sure to excite recording musicians. They are; Studio One 5, the upgrade to PreSonus already popular DAW, PreSonus Sphere software, and ATOM SQ, the Hybrid MIDI Keyboard / Pad Controller.

1. Studio One 5 is a major (chargeable) upgrade from PreSonus. Please click each link below to see the video relating to each feature. V5 brings a ton of new features including:

– Score editing elements from Notion

– NEW LIVE Performance SHOW page

– New AUX channels so your MIDI synths can now be incorporated into your digital productions as easily as virtual instruments.
– New Poly Pressure and MPE support (MIDI Polyphonic Expression)
- Melodyne 5 Essential integration

Studio One 5 Artist now also includes:
- VST2/VST3/AU plug-in support (64-bit only)
- Rewire support
- Studio One Remote support
PRICING: Studio One 5 Artist = A$159     Studio One Professional = A$599

AVAILABILITY: New V5 download codes are in stock & available to order RIGHT NOW!

2. PreSonus SPHERE

PreSonus have added a new software sku called PreSonus Sphere that is an annual membership purchase option. PreSonus Sphere is a 12 month premium membership,  that is paid in full up front. It is not a subscription or recurring billing offering. It provides users all the PreSonus software resources valued at over $3,000 for a yearly fee of $269.99

3. ATOM SQ – Hybrid MIDI Keyboard / Pad Controller

A versatile performance and production controller ideal for creating hip-hop, EDM, or something in between. A staggered 32-pad layout makes it instantly recognizable as both a keyboard and a TR-style step sequencer. Deep integration with included Ableton® Live Lite and Studio One® Artist gives you a complete production toolkit right out of the box—without dropping the beat.

Quick, easy, and fun hands-on beat and melody creation; staggered pad layout is familiar and intuitive to both keyboard players and step sequencer fans; touch strip can be assigned to control nearly any parameter from filter cutoff to pan; pressure-sensitive pads support polyphonic aftertouch; context-sensitive LCD screen provides easy feedback for common functions; eight assignable rotary encoders let you control anything from tuning to filter cutoff; navigation and transport controls; onboard arpeggiator; Constrain to Scale feature ensures no more wrong notes; includes Ableton Live Lite, Studio One Artist, two loop packs and custom kits for Impact XT.

AVAILABLE LATE AUGUST – Expect to pay price = A$449