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rialwayGreat to see that the Railway Hotel in Brunswick (Melbourne) at 291 Albert St, has been back in action for a few weeks now, providing yet another quality venue for artists and punters to enjoy.

Next week the hotel will be hosting two record launches; The Horns (Friday) and The Cants and Loose Pills (Syd) on Saturday night as well as a rare appearance from Patrick Donovan’s (Music Victoria) band Cows Muff and John Von Goes legendary band Alloy Head and the Victor Motors on Friday December 19.

Support local music y’all

Friday December 5
The Horns + special guests
Are launching their debut single, ‘Play With Fire’, on Friday December 5th.
It all kicks off at 8 and its just an easy 10 bucks on the door. The single is going gangbusters on JJJ.

Saturday December 6
The Cants/Loose Pills (CD launch)/Barebones
LOOSE PILLS (featuring members from New Christs, The Eastern Dark, Lemonheads, Orange Humble Band, Handsome Young Strangers, The Scruffs….phew!) are headed on down the Hume Hwy to launch their fantabulous new album, “Rx” at The Railway Hotel, Brunswick on Saturday, December 6th.

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