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We get so many pitches from artists, labels and management and just don’t have the resources to do major features on them all. With Snippetz, we can get across the main points of the artist’s news and give them some kind of exposure on a fairly regular basis. We’ll try to focus on Australian artists and labels but there will be some occasional international news items too. We hope that this new section helps to get your music out there!

Snippetz – Thursday April 18, 2024


THE SMITH & WESTERN JURY – ‘Hotel Texas’ (Single) Album out June 14
“Come and check in at the Hotel Texas/Fill that vacancy/I’m from out of town/But I’ll show you around…”
These are lines found within the confines of the title track of Hotel Texas, the long-time-coming debut album from Melbourne/Naarm alt-country act The Smith & Western Jury, out June 14.
The track, which premiered on Double J’s Tower Of Song this week and is now available on your preferred DSP here, reflects on the universal tendency to pass judgment on others, regardless of what music scene you’re connected with.
Of the song, vocalist Samantha Lombardi explains “Whether it’s being labelled ‘too country,’ ‘too heavy,’ or criticized for not fitting a certain mould, there’s always someone with an opinion. Even down to the clothes you wear, someone will always have something to say. While every artist aims for uniqueness, at the end of the day, we’re all influenced by others, our surroundings, and our past. Some just get too caught up in the game and all the negativity.

Simon and I were discussing it one day, and he suggested, “You should write a song called ‘Bolo Ties & Bullshit’.” So, I did. We later renamed it “Hotel Texas,” but we kept those lyrics in the song. Simon and I fell in love with country music about ten years ago. Having listened to heavy music throughout our teenage years, along with my background in pop writing, our pasts helped shape the sound we’re creating now. When I wrote the line “I’m from out of town, but I’ll show you around,” it’s my way of saying— even though we didn’t always play country music, this is what we’re doing now, and we’re giving it our best shot. Like it or hate it.”

The Smith & Western Jury might be a relatively new name to your ears, but when it comes to the members themselves? It’s far from their first rodeo. Lead singer Sam Lombardi was a teen pop-rock export in a post-Avril Lavigne world circa the mid-2000s, while guitarist Simon Torcasio played in punk bands around Melbourne. Their long-serving rhythm section, Danny Bonnici (bass) and Matt Marasco (drums), both played in cult punk-metal faves Pagan.

Needless to say, the high-lonesome sounds of this twangy, dust-kicking, saloon-playing band is a far cry from their prior musical pedigree. As songwriting duo and real-life couple Lombardi and Torcasio explain, however, that’s more or less the entire point. “We’re not 18 anymore,” says Torcasio. “When we started this band in 2018, the idea was to do something just for us. We did the grind as best as we could, and took it as far as we were able, and we burnt out on it. Now, we want to do things our way.”

Hotel Texas, is out June 14, pre-order the album here. Hotel Texas (single), is out today and is available on all streaming platforms here.

JORDY BURNS – ‘Games’ (EP)
Eora/Sydney-based singer/multi-instrumentalist Jordy Burns has just unveiled her glowing debut EP, ‘Games’ – produced by Luke Clark, mixed by Gambino and Trent Dobson.

‘Games’ is a delicate fusion of vulnerability and potency, intertwined by Jordy Burns’ vocals and dreamlike cello. With ethereal melodies and stirring harmonies, every note lifts with authenticity and emotion, inviting listeners into a realm where her heart echoes in a sonic embrace.
Jordy Burns talks about the inspiration behind ‘Games’:
“‘Games’ is a collection of songs written during very vulnerable times in my life. I think that no matter how pure someone’s intentions are, our baggage and trauma come with us and often hurt the people closest to us. When these relationships start to drag out, it starts to feel like a game, where one or both of you know they’re hurting the other, but the back and forth continues, ultimately to everyone’s ruin. I’ve really learnt some lessons throughout all this, but still get caught up in the game of love.”
‘Walls’ unfolds with a captivating interplay of strings and piano, while Burns’ velvety vocals guide introspective tales, lifted by the resonating cello. Similarly, ‘For Forever’ sways with a mesmerizing rhythm as the instrumentation flow in harmony.
Focus track ‘Hear Me’ follows with impassioned vocals and lush orchestration, building to an emotional crescendo. The sweeping strings and haunting melodies paint a cinematic backdrop, leading seamlessly into ‘Keeping Score’, which continues the journey of hope and perseverance.
‘Second Chances’ concludes with vocals soaring through a celestial atmosphere, embodying redemption and resilience. With its driving arrangement and emotive lyricism, it shares possibility and optimism amid the past.

‘Games’ is available worldwide now


The DANDYS – ‘Sorry’ (Single)
Causing unnecessary unrest and worry, Brisbane/ Meanjin alt-rockers, The Dandys, have come out with a statement about their whereabouts over the past 6-months with a backhanded apology in the form of a belting new single titled ‘Sorry’ (Out Friday, April 12).

After a massive year in 2023 that saw The Dandys perform at Splendour In The Grass, showcase at BIGSOUND, release their debut EP and go on tour with Hope D, the band seemingly vanished. Efforts were made to track down the members after they made the promise of “Big things coming soon”, but fans and their entourage were left hanging until now. Nonchalant to the trouble they caused, The Dandys are deflecting their irresponsible behaviour, noting that they didn’t really mean anything by it, along with a list of other things they didn’t mean to do, penned in this cathartic anthem ‘Sorry’.

Strung together by throw-away one-liners that Mads Protheroe had heard over the last few months, ‘Sorry’ is a collage and celebration of madness and the irrational. Protheroe states: “This song is about all the words people say that mean absolutely nothing.The entire song is constructed from a series of one-liners that came up in different conversations over the last few months that I compiled in my notes app, (the tennis court line is word-for-word a text I received). I reworked it all to create a story where you can just be unapologetically insane for 3 and a half minutes.”

A little manic, a little hysteric, a little reckless, ‘Sorry’ is a remorseless, hard-hitting track that is all about stirring a ruckus. With the devil on the shoulder, the gritty verses have Protheroe reflecting on these things she didn’t mean to do before bursting out in a head-spinning, anthemic chorus made up of their wild energy and frenzied guitar riffs. The unhinged nature of The Dandys is confirmed in the track’s bridge which is a spoken, tongue-in-cheek confessional followed by a roaring close.

Back in full form, The Dandys will be making the rounds throughout the East Coast in May and June – more information TBA. Before that though, let that little devil on the shoulder do the talking when The Dandys release ‘Sorry’ on Friday, April 12.

Follow The Dandys Spotify | Apple Music | Youtube | Triple J Unearthed | Facebook | Insta: @thedandysbands | Soundcloud

PSYCHIC SOCIAL CLUB – ‘Where Did You Go?’ (Single)
Naarm’s Psychic Social Club, bring their vibrant spirit backed by a big indie-pop-rock sound in their latest single ‘Where did you go?’, accompanied by a playful, satirical music video about an eccentric director, making a music video.

In ‘Where did you go?’, Psychic Social Club delves into the aftermath of a hazy breakup from a long-term relationship, exploring the uncertainty and longing that follow such an event. The song pushes the band deeper into the realm of pop-influenced rock, showcasing a brighter, more optimistic sound while maintaining a gritty edge – setting it apart from their previous work. With its sunny melodies and unfeigned lyrics, the track’s upbeat energy is contrasted by a broken-hearted undertow. Frontman Jared Roscioli shares his insights into the inspiration behind ‘Where did you go?’:
“This song delves into the aftermath of a hazy breakup from a long-term relationship, the kind where you’re not quite sure if there’s anything left to be salvaged. Sometimes you’re so sure that two people will find their way back together, but then they don’t, and life pushes on.”

Paired with this brimming track is a charming, comical music video produced and directed by Aidan Rice. In a hilarious, self-deprecating approach, the clip follows a director (performed by Jack Walker) and his eccentric antics, mannerisms and artistic idiosyncrasies while filming a music video. Making sure he gets the perfect framing for each and every shot, the light-hearted and quirky nature of the clip make this a fun insight into the band’s go-easy energy.

This lively new single and music video from Psychic Social Club is out on Friday, April 12, and to celebrate, they will be launching the track at The Catfish in Fitzroy (Melbourne), on April 26. More details below.

‘Where did you go?’ Single Launch Friday, April 26 – The Catfish, Fitzroy (Melb) | Tickets

Follow Psychic Social Club Facebook | Insta: @psychicsocialclub | Youtube | Triple J Unearthed | Spotify | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Apple Music

LAVELIN ‘Addicted’ (Single) ‘Forget About Us’ Out May 24
Meanjin (Brisbane)/ Yugambeh (Gold Coast) based indie-pop artist, LAVELIN, made a powerful impact late last year with her debut single ‘Blind’. She is now following that up with the announcement of her debut EP ‘Forget About Us’ to be released on Friday, May 24, alongside the stunning lead single ‘Addicted’ (out Friday, April 12).

After showcasing her sparkling rebellious nature with the first dose of sugary and vibrant indie-pop in the form of ‘Blind’, LAVELIN’s ‘Addicted’ is glossed up with a seductive allure. Packing elements of dance, 80s pop and disco, LAVELIN and her flirtatious charm are irresistible which is fitting as a track that is about how love can sometimes become an unhealthy addiction. LAVELIN speaks on the track:

“Addicted is a song that explores the idea of being enamored with someone’s love, emotionally attached to them, and addicted to the emotional highs and lows of their fluctuating heart.”

Love and all its highs and lows are a flowing theme throughout the upcoming ‘Forget About Us’ EP, exploring rose-coloured, endorphin rushing devotion; unrequited feelings; toxic patterns; and relinquishing emotion of dropping heavy baggage.

“Forget About Us is an EP that takes you through the stages of a tumultuous breakup, from realizing that someone doesn’t love you for who you are, to recognizing the codependent nature of the relationship, to making the decision to leave and set yourself free.” LAVELIN states. “It is an EP that aims to empower and inspire all of us who may get lost in love.”

Follow LAVELIN   Spotify | Apple Music | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Youtube


LUCY WISE – ‘Handsome Molly’ (Single)
After winning Best Folk Work at The 2023 Music Victoria Awards for her recent album, Into The Blue, singer-songwriter Lucy Wise is releasing Handsome Molly, a second single from her new acoustic EP, Yearning. Lucy’s intricate vocals are accompanied by an interweaving of lively guitar, percussion and dancing violin and mandolin lines.


Growing up playing music with her mum, dad and two sisters sparked Lucy’s love of traditional songs such as this one. Lucy learned this Old Time American folk song from a kitchen table recording her mother had made her, after Lucy had moved to Melbourne from Southwest WA.   Handsome Molly has a bright uplifting melody, yet it’s a sad story of unrequited love. Lucy loves the intermingling of joy and sorrow, something that folk songs from many traditions do so well.

Lucy’s new EP, Yearning is out now. Produced by Luke Plumb, the EP has a warm, inviting contemporary folk sound that draws on traditional folk, roots and pop music influences. In this handful of songs, Lucy explores yearning as one of the deepest emotions humans can feel. She tells stories about how it shows up in times of loss, when a relationship comes to an end, or during small everyday moments, like walking in the rain. Yearning has been fundamental to Lucy’s creativity, a thread running through her music.

The past month has seen Lucy launch Yearning live at The National Folk Festival in Canberra and Yackandandah Folk Festival in VIC. Her Melbourne launch is this Thursday night, 18th April at The Wesley Anne. She’ll be joined by her band and some special guests, and Pia Nesvara will be playing a support set.

 Lucy’s Tour Dates:
18 April: The Wesley Anne, Melbourne, VIC
24 May: Palais Hepburn, Hepburn VIC
More tour dates, music and videos at:

Hot Water Music are excited to present two new singles “Side Of The Road” and “Chewing On Broken Glass”, lifted from forthcoming album VOWS, the long-standing, influential punk outfit’s brand new album out May 10 via Cooking Vinyl Australia (pre-save / pre-add / pre-order here).

Following album singles “Menace”, “Burn Forever”, “Remnants” and “Fences” (stream here), “Side Of The Road” and “Chewing On Broken Glass” feature leads from vocalists/guitarists Chris Cresswell and Chris Wollard on each, respectively, and provide commentary on the unpredictability of life.

“‘Side Of The Road’ is a song born from the all-too-familiar feeling of life tightening its grip, and in some cases not letting go until it’s gone too far,” Cresswell says. “Sometimes along the way, the journey becomes the detour becomes the abrupt halt at the side of the road, and you’re left pondering the meaning of all your miles traveled.” Of “Chewing On Broken Glass”, Wollard says, “Written in darker times, it’s about feeling like you’re not in control of your life. And how it can leave you struggling against the bitterness that comes with it all.”

Stream both singles on YouTube here and on all platforms here.

HOT WATER MUSIC – VOWS Out May 10 via Cooking Vinyl Australia PREORDER / PRESAVE


A true roots-rocker, ‘See You Again’ is an ode to love and loss, good times and memories made, featuring a chorus fit for kicking up dust on the backroads with the windows down. Full-bodied acoustic guitar guides this track through contemplation to celebration. It’s a deeply personal song to every member of The Commoners.

We were in Sheffield when we received the news. Halfway through our first UK tour, Adam was faced with the impossible decision of whether or not he should fly back to Canada to be with his father in his final moments. Greg, being a drummer himself, wanted nothing more than for Adam to keep going and make the family name proud. But the decision still weighed heavily on Adam and the band, as nothing felt like the right path forward.

A couple of days later in Birmingham, the decision was made for us. We played for Greg that night and have continued to do so every night since.

“See You Again” is a song inspired by and dedicated to Greg. It’s also a message that each of us has been able to contextualize within our own lives, honoring the memory of people we’ve loved and lost.  It’s a tribute that stretches across the sands of time as an ode to those who are no longer with us. We hope fans enjoy it and that it will resonate with those who have experienced loss in their lifetime. – The Commoners

‘See You Again’ is the 4th single from The Commoners’ new LP ‘Restless’ slated for release mid-2024, and follows on from ‘Devil Teasin’ Me, ‘The Way I Am’, and ‘Too Soon To Know You’ all of which have enjoyed strong support across Europe and Canada. The band have recently announced another European tour to capitalise on that support.

Pre-order The Commoners’ new album here
Stream / download link

Steve Purcell is a seasoned guitarist and songwriter known for his authentic blend of blues, rock, and soul. With a career spanning decades, Purcell has garnered acclaim for his electrifying performances and soul-stirring compositions. Steve Purcell’s Latest Single “I’m Ready” Takes Audiences Back to the Heyday of Blues Rock.  Fretbar Records is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Steve Purcell’s newest single, “I’m Ready,” set to launch digitally on all streaming platforms on March 1, 2024.

“I’m Ready” is a straight-ahead rocker that pays homage to the golden era when blues rock reigned supreme in the music industry. With its infectious energy and soulful riffs, the track promises to captivate listeners and transport them back to the timeless sound of classic rock. Steve Purcell, known for his electrifying guitar prowess and dynamic performances, delivers an electrifying performance on “I’m Ready,” showcasing his mastery of the genre and his ability to infuse it with a contemporary flair.”We’re excited to share ‘I’m Ready’ with music enthusiasts worldwide,” says Purcell. “This song is a celebration of the raw power and emotion that defines blues rock, and I can’t wait for audiences to experience it.

Prepare to be swept away by the nostalgia and exhilaration of “I’m Ready” as Steve Purcell brings the essence of blues rock back to life on March 1, 2024. Stay tuned for its release on all major streaming platforms.





YouTube Video:


Out recently through Nettwerk Music Group, “Ego Ride” – the debut album by Australian frog enthusiast Asha Jefferies – is a self portrait of the songwriter in motion. “I think travel and transit are so transformative,” she says. “When I listen to music, I’m not still – I’m walking, or I’m driving.”


Like filmmaker Greta Gerwig – forcing the camera to keep pace as she dances along New York City streets in Frances Ha – Jefferies harnesses the momentum of kinetic energy to move from scene to scene, to recover from her stumbles quickly. “It feels like I’m always writing about getting from one place to another.”

Created in collaboration with Ball Park Music’s Sam Cromack, the album will speak to an audience of deeply-feeling listeners searching for the courage to take a step of faith, without knowing where it will lead.

The whole Sunroom team is so incredibly proud of Ashy for this mammoth accomplishment. Ego Ride is sure to become an instant classic for fans of Julia Jacklin, Angie McMahon, Waxahatchee, Ian Sweet or Chappell Roan. Asha and her band are heading out on tour later this month, supported by Betty Taylor  – we’re looking forward to seeing you at a show!

Friday April 26: ‘Ego Ride’ Tour (with Betty Taylor) – The Worker’s Club, VIC
Saturday April 27: ‘Ego Ride’ Tour (with Betty Taylor) – Waywards (The Bank Hotel), NSW
Friday May 3: ‘Ego Ride’ Tour (with Betty Taylor) – The Valley Loft, QLD
15 – 18 May: The Great Escape – Brighton, United Kingdom


VIRJILLA JOYCE -‘Tequila Girl’ (Single)
Tequila Girl is an Aussie country tune infused with a shot of honky-tonk, telling the tale of a good girl who takes a walk on the wild side after being swept away by dreams inspired by her beloved tequila anthems!


Travelling around Australia for the past 2 years with no sign of slowing down, Virjilla is coming to a venue near you! Spreading sunshine & smooth acoustic tunes, Virjilla’s passion for connecting with people over her music has taken her all over the globe & now throughout Australia.

This rising superstar is currently touring Australia full time with her husband and daughter in a Rosa Mitsubishi Bus affectionately dubbed Rosalina, showcasing her country inspired set list and original music. Her wanderlust took her to events such as the CMA County Musical Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. This sojourn was the spark that gave Virjilla her confidence to perform in front of bigger audiences, and she is now a regular on the festivals & musters circuit. Virjilla’s favourite gigs are by the camp fire at happy hour as the sun sets at the local caravan park or bush camp! With many more adventures in store for her music, Virjilla Joyce is excited for you to be joining her on her journey!


CATE TAYLOR ’Sometimes in Winter’ (Album)
Award-winning, indie-folk singer songwriter Cate Taylor releases her second studio album, “Sometimes in Winter ”. Ranging from instrumentally rich and layered with guitars, violin, double bass, vocals and drums, to minimalist accompaniment with local birdlife, superb pedal steel from Ben Franz and uplifting fiddle from Matthew Arnold. Lyrically evocative with songs that either tell stories or invite contemplation and pause.

Woven throughout the album are elements of honouring nature and reflections on lockdown, mixed with wintery hibernation and new love. Recorded by Myles Mumford at Rollingstock Studios in Naarm “Sometimes In Winter” will be launched with full band at The Wesley Anne on Saturday 27th April at 3pm with support from The Lost Flowers, aka Tanya Bradley and Liz Frencham.


TESSA LEE -Big Slow Beating Heart’ (Single)
Independent Tasmanian songwriter Tessa Lee, is set to release her first single for 2024, entitled ‘Big Slow Beating Heart.’ Situated in a rocky, Neil Young-esque groove, ‘Big Slow Beating Heart,’ makes use of loud guitars, intimate vocals, tender lyrics and a sense of space which brings to mind abandoned, industrial landscapes.

The second single from soon-to-be released full-length album, ‘Mountains,’ it follows Lee’s triumphant single ‘Could It Be?’ (2022) and jazz-inflused ‘Warm Orange Glow,’ (2021). “‘Big Slow Beating Heart,’ refers to the first heartbeat a newborn hears when they lie on their mother’s chest for the first time. Indeed, they’ve been listening to that big, slow beating heart for a few months beforehand in the womb. How that heartbeat can become an anchor, a call to calm and total nourishment, if you listen out for it, even as a grown adult. I was thinking about how complicated our adult lives can/have become, and about the increased prevalence of anxiety amongst us, and the act of stripping everything back, listening in to that first moment where none of those complications existed yet… it’s possible to re-create those first moments of calm and safety. It’s possible to rebuild a stronger sense of self. Indeed, those first lyrics in the song (I have an enormous heart/I have an amazing mind) come from that place of affirmation. Saying something to yourself as if it’s already true, until it comes true.”

The track was recorded at Rolling on the River Studios, in Hobart’s Huon Valley, with producer/engineer Jethro Pickett. It was mastered by Colin Leadbetter of Leadbetter Productions. It features “The Cold Weather Band,” made up of accomplished musicians Ian Howard (drums), Isaac Gee (bass) and Fintan McCullough (lead guitars).

To launch ‘Big Slow Beating Heart,’ Tessa Lee and The Cold Weather Band play the iconic Forth Valley Blues Festival on Friday March 15th at 5pm.

You’ll also find them at The Royal Oak in Launceston on Saturday April 20th, supported by Teresa Dixon (Huon Valley).

Media links:
‘Big Slow Beating Heart’

Follow Tessa Lee:


WAFIA -‘Background’ (Single)


Netherlands-born LA-via-Australia based Iraqi-Syrian troubadour Wafia returns triumphantly with her new single “Background” and announces her signing to Nettwerk Music Group. Renowned for her acute powers of observation and poignant lyricism, Wafia’s music offers a compelling portrayal of the world unfolding in real-time.

“Background” and forthcoming releases are executive produced by the esteemed singer-songwriter, Sabrina Claudio, promising an exciting journey ahead for fans.

What distinguishes Wafia within the realm of pop music is her profound understanding of the human experience, underscored by her unique identity as both Arab and queer. Her musical journey began to gain significant momentum in 2015 with a cover of Mario’s “Let Me Love You,” amassing an impressive five million SoundCloud streams. Subsequently, her track “Heartburn” caught the attention of Pharrell Williams, who featured it on his Beats1 radio show, catapulting her into the spotlight. The endorsement of cultural icons like Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner further propelled her ascent, illustrating the organic growth of her fan base.

Wafia’s EP “Good Things,” released in 2020, garnered critical acclaim, with NPR hailing it as the “perfect pandemic soundtrack,” resonating deeply with listeners navigating tumultuous times.

With nearly two million monthly Spotify listeners worldwide, Wafia’s musical evolution continues with the release of “Background,” a buoyant and uplifting single that pays homage to the importance of supporting one’s partner.


WAFIA ON SOCIALS: Instagram | Tik Tok | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube


HUSKY – ‘Deep Sleeper’ (ALBUM Out Fri 26 April)
Husky is set to release new album Deep Sleeper on Friday 26th April and they’ll be taking it on the road in May, with shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Singles How to Forget, Deep Sleeper and Devil on the Dresser have already become favourites across radio and streaming and have delighted fans worldwide with the band’s signature warm tones and vivid storytelling.  Download/Listen

The first Australian band to be signed to iconic US label Sub Pop Records (Nirvana, Fleet Foxes), Husky went on to release four albums to international acclaim and toured the world several times over. Now they’re back with a new album and the word on the street is that this is Husky’s best work to date.

Singer-songwriter Husky Gawenda and producer-composer Gideon Preiss took on all the recording duties on their latest record – Gawenda wrote the songs, they produced together, Preiss engineered and mixed. The result is the kind of vivid and beguiling storytelling characteristic of Husky, but more intimate, more stripped back and immediate, more in the footsteps of folk heroes like Neil Young, and contemporary legends like Andy Shauf, both of whom Husky has toured with.

Husky will be touring Australia in May to launch their album, featuring Holly Thomas on drums/vocals, Hollie Joyce on bass/vocals Jules Pascoe on guitar, Gideon Preiss on keys/vocals, Husky Gawenda on vocals/guitar.

Brisbane – May 10 – Black Bear Lodge
Sydney – May 11 – The Vanguard
Melbourne – May 25 – The Night Cat


CHARM OF FINCHES – ‘If You Know Me’ (Single)


Melbourne based indie-pop sisters Charm of Finches today release new single ‘If You Know Me’ featuring Sam Bentley of the ARIA nominated indie-rock quintet, The Paper Kites. ‘If You Know Me’ is the fourth single from the dreamy duo’s anticipated new album Marlinchen in the Snow out this Friday 19 April via SPUNK! Records / Virgin Music Group. Pre-save the album HERE.

“If You Know Me is about navigating communication in the initial stages of a relationship and having a resting b*tch face”  Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes (AKA Charm of Finches) say of the track. “When we were recording this song, we felt it needed something extra and so we asked Sam Bentley from The Paper Kites if he might jump on it in some capacity. He came back with an incredible second verse which completed it perfectly.”

The whimsical tune pairs the delicate vocals of Mabel, Ivy and Sam with lush strings and laid-back drums and is the feature track from the award-winning sisters’ upcoming fourth album, Marlinchen in the Snow, out on Friday. The single’s accompanying video gives fans a behind the scenes glimpse of the making of the album.

Charm of Finches – If You Know Me ft. Sam Bentley (The Paper Kites)

Recorded in the depths of winter in the woods of Nova Scotia with acclaimed Canadian producer Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant, The Once, Oh Pep!) after five months of touring across Australia, UK and Europe, Marlinchen in the Snow is inspired by the frozen beauty of the landscape in which it was created. The album reflects on Mabel and Ivy’s transient life on the road, belonging and the idea of home, along with the fragility of relationships.

The title of the record is inspired by a Grimm’s tale, ‘The Juniper Tree’ which follows a little girl, Marlinchen, who buries her dead brother under a Juniper Tree before he transforms into a bird and sings the truth of his demise at the hands of his stepmother. She then plants his bones underneath the Juniper tree which transforms him into a phoenix. Mabel and Ivy recall hearing the story at seven years old with not a small amount of fascinated horror and cite being holed up in the studio within such a fairytale landscape as the catalyst for unlocking memories of the tale: “Being in the studio for a month amongst the woods, snow and with a frozen lake at our doorstep brought up memories of a Grimm’s fairy tale we were told as children. It’s a haunting tale that found its way into one of the songs on the record. There is a lot of symbolism in the story but really, it’s about female strength, intuition and overcoming obstacles led by your inner voice, which is a theme throughout the album.”

Charm of Finches are currently performing the album live to Australian audiences at headline dates throughout April/May before heading to the UK, Europe and Canada on a world album tour. See below for Australian tour dates.

Fri 5 April – Railway Hall, THIRROUL, NSW *complete*
Sat 6 April – Belco Arts, CANBERRA, ACT *complete*
Thu 11 April – Django Bar, SYDNEY, NSW *complete*
Sun 21 April – The Bridge Hotel, CASTLEMAINE, VIC
Wed 24 April – Old Stone Hall, BEECHWORTH, VIC
Thu 25 April – Northcote Social Club, MELBOURNE, VIC
Fri 26 April – Archies Creek Hotel, VIC
Sat 27 April – Noarlunga Arts Centre, SA
Sun 28 April – Wheatsheaf Hotel, ADELAIDE, SA
Wed 1 May – Eudlo Hall, Eudlo, SUNSHINE COAST, QLD
Thu 2 May – Stranded Bar, BRISBANE, QLD
Fri 3 May – The Citadel, MURWILLUMBAH, NSW

Tickets available through


NICK BATTERHAM – “A Boy is a Bee’ (Single) ‘The Sentimentalist’ (Album out May 17)

Naarm composer, producer and former member of 90’s indie faves The Earthmen, Nick Batterham releases “A Boy Is A Bee,” the first single taken from his forthcoming album The Sentimentalist, which is out on May 17th and available now for pre-order through Cheersquad Records and Tapes.

On his deeply engaging seventh solo album The Sentimentalist, Batterham leans into the power of a lifetime spent looking back. From alt roots adjacent folk through to noisy guitar driven and orchestral pop, the album is a carefully crafted exploration of love and hope that is all things heart worn, heart-warming and irresistibly relatable.

“My whole life and livelihood has depended on reading, reflecting and communicating emotion,” Batterham explains. The experience of looking inward for his work has served to deliver the conclusion that, “what might feel like a weakness can actually be an asset”.

The moving first single, “A Boy Is A Bee,” is a most perfect summation of the addictive nature of love. Its aching soundtrack cushions Batterham’s fragile vocal, as Naarm indie chanteuse Georgia Knight adds her signature breathy longing to the piece.  Ode to a lifetime chasing the intangible, in it Batterham concedes “home is no place to leave”.

The equally captivating video for A Boy Is A Bee was made with Batterham’s long-time friends and film industry collaborators Ben Saunders and Germain McMicking. “Ben has an absurd and dark sense of humour and a gentleness that I thought would be the perfect fit for my music,” Batterham offers. “My songs can be quite earnest, so I thought Ben’s humour would help sweeten the medicine.”

Batterham launches The Sentimentalist at The Northcote Social Club on Sunday June 2nd. Accompanying Nick will be Ben Wiesner on drums, Nick Murray on electric guitar and Jethro Woodward on bass and mandolin. Opening the show will be NSW via NYC songwriter Stephanie Cherote, in bare-bones acoustic mode. Playing songs from her Some Holy Longing album, described by The Guardian as “a masterpiece”.

Nick Batterham – The Sentimentalist Launch for tix click here
Sunday June 2nd Doors: 1pm
Stephanie Cherote: 1:30pm
Nick Batterham & band: 2:30pm

Nick Batterham – A Boy Is A Bee is out on April 17 and the album The Sentimentalist is out on May 17th and available now for pre-order through Cheersquad Records & Tapes watch the video here    pre-order the album here

SAMMM – ‘Whatever You Like’ (Single)
Meanjin’s indie/ alt-rock artist SAMMM., has always been characterised as an artist who explores eccentric, existential themes with a raw, angsty outlook. Forthright and carefree, SAMMM. and his band burst with their jagged indie-rock in a raucous take on the work-life balance and the “appearance” of being an adult with ‘Whatever You Like’ and its accompanying music video, out on Thursday, April 18.

Digging deeper into his twenties now, SAMMM.’s Samuel Geddes has no doubt ticked off some milestones, and his artistic direction has made him a unique and crucial part of Meanjin’s music community. Despite that though, the everyday monotony of life has left Geddes unable to shake the feeling of being “a boy in a man’s world” and needing to prove himself.

“I wrote ‘Whatever You Like’ to put together all my feelings about being inadequate as an adult and to then throw those feelings away. I think everyone knows how it feels to be pretending you know what you’re doing – or feel like you’re one of those “late 20s teenagers,” Geddes states. “There’s a point in your twenties when you realise everyone is pretending to be adults and not many people have it all figured out.”

While others are zigging, SAMMM. is zagging and ‘Whatever You Like’ has Geddes and his band exuding that free-spirited and wild energy in this upbeat indie rock number. Sharp, crisp guitars are excitedly picked away, backed by shimmering synths and jittery drums as Geddes’s distinct vocal idiosyncrasies are wrapped up in his lyrical metaphor. Skittish and jumpy like an Adderall-induced nervous system, ‘Whatever You Like’ is packed with constricting anxious tension that’s then polarized by the liberating feeling of being completely carefree.

Letting go of feeling the need to uphold the perfect image of a perfect life was the catalyst for the accompanying music video, directed by Phoebe Faye. Faye states:

“In the early idea-stage Sam talked a lot about how ‘Whatever You Like’ was about breaking patterns and escaping a monotonous life – it made me think a lot about the images of Japanese Salarymen asleep on trains and sidewalks in their suits.”

Naturally, this partially satirical clip follows Geddes and the band loosening their ties and unwinding after working their desk jobs. Suited up, the four let go and move from whiskey bar to Night Owl to park bleachers and finally to the karaoke bar.

What SAMMM. captures here is no doubt a universal feeling for most as we try to navigate life – trying to make the right adult decisions because it is what society says, but what’s the point of any of that if you aren’t having fun and doing the things you enjoy?

On Thursday, April 18, let go when ‘Whatever You Like’ is released.

Stream ‘Whatever You Like’

Watch ‘Whatever You Like’ Music Video

UPCOMING SHOWS Fri May 30 – The Brightside 10 Years Birthday, Brisbane | Headliner/s: Ruby Fields, Adam Newling, The Creases, and more (SAMMM. playing Friday night) | Tickets

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Disneyland in Dagenham, the third single preview from Scott Lavene’s forthcoming album of the same name, which is available for pre-order now, is out now through Cheersquad Records & Tapes.

In the 1980s the Walt Disney Company were considering building their first European theme park not on the outskirts of Paris, but in Dagenham, Essex. In his youth, Scott Lavene used to pick up drugs from a dodgy flat overlooking the proposed site. “Disney and Dagenham were never a good fit”, he thought, as he stood on the balcony one evening as the sun set, awaiting an overdue hash delivery.  “It never happened of course – perhaps the multinational corporation were put off by the sewage works and car factories that Mickey Mouse and Goofy would have counted as their neighbours”.

So Lavene recalls on the title track of his exceptional third album Disneyland In Dagenham, monologuing in warm deadpan over a wandering acoustic guitar. It encapsulates his conflicted feelings about the county he was raised. “A cowboy kind of place, a bit rough around the edges,” as he puts it. “A lot of funny stuff happened that you’d tell to normal people who’d be like, ‘What the fuck?!’” It’s changed a lot since then.

Narrating his view of life in a town of forgotten factories, grim shop-front facades, and dodgy drug deals, though not bemoaning, rather documenting his place within it.

“I mean, I’ve always had this love/hate affair with Essex. Now I love it. Spent my whole youth there. The song started out as this upbeat Bruce Springsteen kind of thing, but it was one that I rerecorded round my mates’ house one day. One take, two chords, simple. It’s the sort of the song I thought I was trying to get away from but not anymore. I like em too much and this one has weight and truth to it”.

Filming the video for the song, he and his sister took a drive around their old haunts along the A13. “The sewage works don’t smell anymore and they’re now calling Rainham ‘East London’, which is hilarious. It made me grateful for my past, for the shit we could get away with back then.”

 Scott Lavene “Disneyland In Dagenham” is out now in Australia through Cheersquad Records & Tapes, the album of the same name is available in plum red or traditional black vinyl for pre-order HERE


MOANING LISA – Fainter’ (Single)
Moaning Lisa embark on a fresh chapter with their new single ‘fainter’, the first offering of a new body of music from the Naarm/Melbourne based four-piece.

After the release of their debut album, ‘Something Like This But Not This’ in late 2021, Moaning Lisa spent most of 2022 playing live, including an Aus headline tour showcasing the album, a hometown support slot in Canberra for one of Midnight Oil’s final shows, supporting Sly Withers across their national tour, and also gaining the esteemed role as the support band for RIDE, on their ‘Nowhere’ 30th Anniversary Aus tour in December 2022.

This year of touring was the perfect opportunity to workshop and road test new music the band had been writing, before they bunkered down in various studios in 2023 to record a new collection of songs. Expressing their excitement about releasing new music, guitarist & vocalist Charlie shares that “putting out music again after so long is invigorating and so exciting. We had a few road blocks along the way (looking at you, COVID) but we’re so grateful for the time to truly explore who we are as artists now and going forward. We can’t wait to see what comes next!”

‘fainter’ is the first track to be shared from these recording sessions, and comes in the form of a shimmering, anthemically building indie-rock track, with slide guitar breathing in and out, and drums that drive into its cinematic and climactic ending. Discussing guitarist Ellen Chan, bassist/vocalist Hayley Manwaring, and drummer Hayden Fritzlaff’s contribution to the track, Charlie says “Hayden recorded the instrumental when he was inspired by Egoism’s ‘What Are We Doing’ and he’d accidentally looped the guitar chords in the wrong spot, so it makes the verses seem almost disconcertingly long. Ellen plays those guitar slides with a drum stick, simply because she couldn’t find her metal slide when recording the demo, but it made those parts so iconic and unique because of its unconventional technique”.

The track was recorded across three studios, and was produced and recorded by Ben Moore (Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Montaigne), Anna Laverty (Stella Donnelly, Camp Cope), and Moaning Lisa, with additional engineering by Rohan Sforcina (Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Ali Barter).

Charlie goes on to reveal the thematic inspiration and origin of their new track, saying that  “‘fainter’ is a song for anyone grieving. Whether you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or a past self, the experience of grief is exhausting and relentless and we wanted to capture that. We wrote it right at the beginning of lockdowns in Melbourne. Within a week my life radically changed. Our recording session in Sydney was cut short due to border closures, a close family member of mine was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and my long term relationship ended suddenly. I went into a deep depression and found myself in this state of limbo, feeling like my life was slipping away from me. The lyrics came almost immediately, like a flood gate opened and I realised the crux of my problem was how impatient I was being with myself. There’s that old saying of “life is short” as an argument for living life to the fullest but I was faced with all this space and uncertainty in front of me that it just wasn’t ringing true. It wasn’t until I discovered the ancient stoicism stance on life, that life is long and so you should live it to the fullest because there’s so much of it and this really stuck with me. Stop rushing through the bad just to get to the good, take your time with important things and ensure you’re giving yourself the space to heal. My favourite lyric from ‘fainter’ that sums up this notion is “if there’s one thing I’ve learned from loss, you can make it worse watching the clock”.

Moaning Lisa’s year of heavy touring also led to them finding a title for ‘fainter’, inspired by a peculiar occurrence that began happening when they played the song live. The band says that “it remained untitled for ages, until we started playing it live while touring in 2022 and we asked the audience to suggest potential titles for it. One particular person suggested ‘fainter’ to reference a bizarre phenomenon happening at these shows. On more than one occasion, after we played this song, someone in the audience would faint. I love the double meaning of the word ‘fainter’ because you can also read it as something fading away or deteriorating, which is how I’ve grown to think of the pain of loss over time – it’s still there, just fainter.

Moaning Lisa’s new single ‘fainter’ is out now, and is the first in a new collection of music set to be shared throughout the year.

Out now via Farmer & The Owl / BMG.


Watch the Visualiser for ‘fainter’ here


RUN – “Summer’ (Single)
The cooler months may be imminent, but things are only heating up for Melbourne band RUN, returning today with a brand new single Summer featuring Trophy Eyes frontman John Floreani.

An emphatic addition to the ever-growing RUN sonic universe, Summer layers cascading drumwork, emotive melodics and searing vocals, with frontman Lochlan Watt trading vehement moments with Floreani. Also accompanied today by a music video directed by Patrick Kearney, Summer is yet another heart-rending gut punch from the Melbourne five-piece.
“It was an honour to have my mate John Floreani clean up the chorus on this song,” shares Watt. “Most of us have become huge fans of Trophy Eyes in recent years, so once we were actually able to pin him down for recording, the collaborative vibes were unreal.”

While RUN’s previous studio collaboration, the 2023 single Everyone’s Cancelled, Everything’s Cancer, introduced a full lineup while spitting out the resentment from prior years to create a fresh slate, the track also saw the band go on to tour around the country with Deafheaven, Hexis, and Earth Caller.

Now completed by fellow veteran musicians guitarists Lewis Noke-Edwards and Arron Parker Richards, drummer Adrian Horsman and bassist/vocalist Benn Gaylor, RUN continues to unveil a new bundle of self-produced, bittersweet crushers that shine bright thanks to the glorious mix of Forrester Savell (Karnivool).

“We have a six track EP coming very soon,” Watt concludes. “It features an intro/title track, four seasonal anthems, and a grand finale. I think it blows the band’s previous material out of the water.”

RUN will return to the stage this May supporting the eclectic and emotionally charged British post-hardcore/metal band Svalbard on their debut Australian tour, with performances lined up in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.


Tickets from


SUGARBAG BLONDE ‘My Time Is Come’ (Single)
‘My Time Is Come’ the latest single from Sugarbag Blonde, has all the makings of a contemporary ‘Blues Rock Classic’. Intriguing lyrics, some stellar musicianship, and all while rooted in classic blues riffs, driving groove and an attitude to match.  STREAM AND DOWNLOAD AUDIO AS WAV AND MP3 HERE

 Sugarbag Blonde originates from the scenic beaches of Australia’s Sunshine Coast, quietly making their mark in the rock and blues rock scenes. Known for their distinctive blend of original music and finely crafted songs, the band has become a mainstay at festivals and a sought-after support act for Australian music luminaries.

Having shared the stage with iconic names like Thirsty Merc, Russell Morris, Kevin Borich, and the celebrated blues rock organ player Lachy Doley, Sugarbag Blonde has left an indelible mark on audiences with their dynamic performances.

The band has been a festival favourite at the Caloundra Music Festival and graced the stages of renowned events such as the Kickass Camping Festival, Sunshine Sounds Festival, Maroochy Foreshore Festival, and the Agnes Blues, Roots and Rock Festival. The band, distributed worldwide by MGM Distribution, remains grounded in their commitment to sharing their craft on a broader scale.

Sugarbag Blonde is humbled by the support and opportunities that have shaped their journey, and they continue to navigate the music landscape with gratitude and authenticity.


NICK WARD ‘Shooting Star’ (Single)
Following the success of his previous release, “Gimme,” which topped the most played chart on triple J in March, Nick Ward today unveils his latest single “Shooting Star”, a deeply personal track that is a heartfelt ode to confidence and self-worth.

Written as a homage to the unwavering support of his mother and his own journey towards self-assurance, “Shooting Star” delves into the emotions of empowerment and triumph. Ward reflects, “It’s a song about confidence and self-worth, and how my mum has always been a stream of support and love. I’ve really struggled with confidence my whole life, and it’s only through music and performing that I’ve found it. This song really feels like the emotion of being on top of the world to me.”

The track infuses hip-hop-inspired beats with Ward’s signature style, resulting in a sound that is both innovative and familiar, Ward captures the essence of “Shooting Star” as a dynamic and cinematic musical journey. Collaborating with fellow Full Circle artists SOLLYY and FRIDAY*, Ward crafted “Shooting Star” in a single afternoon, harnessing the collective’s creative energy to produce a song that is as authentic as it is captivating.

Set against the backdrop of a sports team, the “Shooting Star” video is a poignant reflection on the complexities of male dominance and the emotional toll it can take. Inspired by the film “Beau Travail” by Claire Denis, the video offers a thought-provoking exploration of identity and self-expression. As co-director, alongside Charles Buxton-Leslie, of the accompanying music video, Ward stayed true to his vision, creating a visual narrative that explores themes of masculinity and vulnerability with sensitivity and depth.




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