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We get so many pitches from artists, labels and management and just don’t have the resources to do major features on them all. With Snippetz, we can get across the main points of the artist’s news and give them some kind of exposure on a fairly regular basis. We’ll try to focus on Australian artists and labels but there will be some occasional international news items too. We hope that this new section helps to get your music out there!

Thursday April 25, 2024


THE SUPERJESUS – ‘We Won’t let Go Until It’s Over’ (Single)
Fresh from a huge national tour with Live and Incubus, The Superjesus return with their first new music for 2024, “We Won’t Let Go Until It’s Over”. An anthemic rock track delivered in the kick ass style that has won The Superjesus a legion of fans over the last 3 decades, penned by Sarah McLeod and Stuart Rudd; produced, mixed and mastered by Murray Sheridan.

Sarah McLeod said, “This song is one of my favourites from the record, I wrote it ages ago and submitted it to the band when we were doing the Love And Violence EP back in 2016, for whatever reason it didn’t make the cut. Never one to give up, I tried again in 2023. With our new line up and producer/drummer Murray Sheridan on the dials it finally came to life. I think the lyric line is quite fitting for this!” Watch the video HERE // Stream HERE


GOODBYE BUTTERFLY – Hazy Blue (Single out May 3) Self-titled EP (Released May 10)

Fairy rock chicks, Goodbye Butterfly are a four (soon to be five) – piece girl band emerging from Naarm/ Melbourne’s vibrant music scene. They weave a musical tapestry, creating ethereal indie rock/ pop tunes, characterised by shimmering guitars and smooth dreamy vocals. Whilst their captivating sound is inspired by the likes of Mazzy Star, Suki Waterhouse and The Allah – Las, above all, their music paints a vivid sonic landscape inspired by nature, femininity and an introspective take on youth.

Goodbye Butterfly have been making waves since the release of their debut single “Golden” in April 2022. Since then, they have graced some of Naarm’s most esteemed stages alongside other notable artists such as DICE, The Vanns and The Moving Stills. Their captivating live set is a celebration of youth, love and their friendships with one another.

2024 is looking even brighter for Naarm’s own fairy rock darlings with the upcoming release of their debut self-titled EP on Friday May 10. The EP encapsulates Goodbye Butterfly’s dreamy and feminine aurora and transports listeners to a rose-coloured world full of sun-drenched beaches, youthful love and cherished friendships. The EP comprises of their two flagship songs Golden and Where Will You Be Tomorrow? as well as three new dream rock tracks titled Hazy Blue, Stranger and Overgrown.  In anticipation of the release, the girls are sharing Hazy Blue with the world on Friday May 3. Through metaphors, glistening guitars and a vibey rhythm section Hazy Blue is a manifestation of the joy of young love. Please find more details about the band on their Instagram:


FAVOURED STATE  ‘Look Who’s Talking’ (Single) ‘It’s A Mess’ (EP out Wednesday May 15th)
Naarm/Melbourne-based post-punk outfit Favoured State have just released a huge new track titled ‘Look Who’s Talking’. The track explores the corrupt and out-of-touch nature of individuals in power who, at times, offer their input in spaces they shouldn’t. It puts its focus on those who feel a sense of entitlement to give advice and empty encouragement on experiences they know nothing about:

“Look who’s talking thematically is talking about the irony of those in positions of power feeling as though they can encourage people to reach success through ‘hard work’ when in reality their positions have been handed to them. It just addresses the irony that they preach a path they didn’t have to walk themselves.”- FAVOURED STATE

The aforementioned irony is palpable in the song’s lyrical content, which at times touches on the antagonistic perspective at hand, driven by a desire for inclusion and faux shared experience, rather than sympathy or selflessness: “I wanna be here and playing this game / But outside it’s not the same.”

Sonically, the track is an exceptional instance of the post-punk music emerging from today’s scene in Melbourne. ‘Look Who’s Talking’ is gritty, stirring, and brimming with energy. Intended to be reflective of the absolute madness of the themes it portrays, Favoured State expressed that the song’s “manic energy is supposed to symbolise this wildness.”

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Calum Newton (Amyl & The Sniffers, Moaning Lisa, Tamara and The Dreams), ‘Look Who’s Talking’ is set to be followed by the band’s debut EP on May 15th, titled It’s A Mess. Favoured State, who recently played at Melbourne’s beloved Sydney Road Street Party for Brunswick Music Festival, have also previously supported Berlin band S.U.G.A.R. While it is still early days for the band, prior to the release of a debut record, this incredible post-punk outfit are quickly building a name for themselves locally and beyond, and are undeniably in for quite the year ahead.

‘Look Who’s Talking’ is out now   It’s A Mess EP out Wednesday May 15th
Favoured State: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | triple j Unearthed


AARON SCHEMBRI – ‘Breaking Chains’ (Single)
Aaron Schembri releases his first single in 2 years, ‘BREAKING CHAINS’ On all streaming platforms April 25th 2024. Melbourne musician, singer/songwriter and guitar player Aaron Schembri has been touring the country alongside some of Australia’s great artists since he was 18 years old. Aaron has played guitar alongside the likes of Kevin Borich, John Swan, Renee Geyer and Normie Rowe. Over the last 5 years Aaron has been touring playing guitar with Ross Wilson, Renee Geyer and The Wiggles. Aaron has also spent some time over in Nashville USA recording and writing new music which he plans on releasing in the near future.

Aaron’s recent releases ‘It’s Not Goodbye’, ‘The Setting Sun’ and ‘Life Is Just a Game’ have all debuted in the Top 10 list on Apple Music within the first few days of the release.
“Breaking Chains” I co-wrote this song with Axle Whitehead. I was asked to write a theme song for a podcast named ‘Breaking Chains’, which breaks down all barriers about gambling, money laundering and even prison life.

Although the topic is quite dark and deep, I wanted the vibe of “Breaking Chains” to be uplifting and quite hopeful to others.” Aaron said.

“I feel like in the 2 year absence of releasing any new material that this one is where I feel most comfortable. Having released my first album ‘City Lights’ in 2019 which was a compilation of songs that I had written and had given to Australian artists such as Ross Wilson, Kevin Borich, Russell Morris, Colleen Hewett, Mark Gable and many more to sing. I am more than happy with where my musical inspirations have led me in order to create my art”

“The thing with writing songs with a specific topic, is you get the flexibility of utilising some truth, some life experiences and also you can completely make it from someone else’s perspective” Aaron said. “I have also been very blessed to be able to write songs with other artists like Ross Wilson, Sam and Sam, Paul Norton and Wendy Stapleton and also The Wiggles. There’s just that special something where you are creating something from absolutely nothing.”

Website –
Facebook –
Instagram –
YouTube –
Apple Music –
Spotify – si=0JyG_IlPTMKVTv5kxNU7LA


Australian popsters, Sheppard, this week announce one of the most anticipated records of 2024. Zora, their fourth studio album, will be released worldwide on June 21st on the back of their move to Nashville, a run of headline shows in the US and the tenth anniversary of their global mega-hit Geronimo which has gone viral once again.

As one of Brisbane’s most successful bands of all time, Sheppard are enjoying a renaissance with recent singles lighting up charts on five continents while a new generation on social media discover the hits that have seen the sibling trio become certified 34 x Platinum and cross two billion streams worldwide.

Zora is the first studio album for the band since 2021’s Kaleidoscope Eyes (ARIA #2), 2018’s Watching the Sky (ARIA #1) and their debut LP in 2014, Bombs Away (ARIA #2). Preceded by the singles Good TimeDaylightDance on the Sun and Edge of the Earth, Zora contains 16 tracks that explore themes of resilience, hope, despair and strength, all underpinned by Sheppard’s trademark brand of anthemic pop designed to be turned up loud.

Band front man George Sheppard explains, “the album revolves around the rejuvenating nature of light and that no matter how dark life at times can feel, a new sunrise is just around the corner. Throughout any family ordeal or crisis (which no doubt every family goes through), we constantly look up to our Croatian Baba (grandma) whose name is Zora. Life has thrown her some monumental curveballs, but the way she’s always kept a smile on her face, shown nothing but love, positivity, and hope for the future in the face of tragedy is something we’ve always admired about her. This led to us consciously focus on gratitude and finding the positive in our own moments of crisis or loss. Instead of writing sad songs of self-pity and despair, we decided to set out to craft an album that was authentic to our emotion and real-life experiences, but could still be fun, uplifting, anthemic, and most importantly – hopeful.”

Zora was largely written in Brisbane, LA and Stockholm by George and Amy Sheppard alongside long-time collaborator and founding Sheppard member, Jason Bovino. The new anticipated new album will be released on June 21st on compact disc, limited edition yellow double vinyl, limited edition yellow cassette, streaming and digital download. It is available for pre-order now from HERE!

Sheppard are George Sheppard (lead vocals, guitar), Amy Sheppard (lead vocals, keys) and Emma Sheppard (bass, backing vocals).


THE QUIXOTICS – ‘See Saw’ (Single)
The Quixotic Michael Gabriel is the singer /song writer/ guitarist behind the musical adventure that is The Quixotics.
Currently recording album number 6 at the amazing Poons Head studio,The Quixotics are ready to release the first single ‘See Saw’. An uplifting, upbeat poppy rock groover to follow up their 2021 album release ‘Young Tearaway’ which was launched locally at Mojos in Fremantle.The 2010 Quixotics debut ‘Bumpy ride’ was also launched at Mojos.

A trippy melodic rocking debut, the album highlights the Quixotics guitar based origins steeped in the blues, indie pop and rock n roll. Subsequent live shows and releases have highlighted the Quixotic nature of the band as it has adventured through myriad sound and personnel changes.

Fluctuating members since the bands inception have contributed piano, sax and harmonicas over the years. The current line up ( since 2017) is stripped back to a 3 piece which includes Michael’s son Gabriel on drums and Hannah Smilie (Psychotic Reactions) on bass and notable harmonies.

Together they form the chemistry groove engine that powers the band. The 2017 album release ‘All is Atremble’ was launched live in Melbourne and Sydney.

The Quixotics since then have been regularly gigging and recording locally and are ready to follow this up with some WA launches to be announced for their new single ‘See Saw’ from their forthcoming album throughout 2024.



MATT TURLEY – ‘Hills Above The Town’ (Single)
Twenty years in the making, Hills Above The Town is an ode to Matt’s hometown, and the three women he’s loved in his lifetime – two of them like him, Frankston natives. But only when the account closed on his most recent relationship could the words and chords now fulfill the missing part – the bridge between the second and last choruses.

The circle is now complete. After two decades, the song is done. The Hills Above The Town – to be specific, that sparsely wooded, sloping, grassy piece of turf just past the reservoir on Rosedale – was a place where dreams came true, where after you’d shake your head and asked yourself, ‘what just happened?’

Beaming. Adrenaline. Bright. Alert…Alive.

Of happy days when my first real girlfriend would light up two cigarettes, and drag her left knee up to her chest as she passed one over, filter first, as the hot dirty sun hit land in the west. There was no aircon in the Beetle, but she loved the beads of sweat at my temples and would say ‘That’s not very hot!’ STREAM AND DOWNLOAD AUDIO AS WAV AND MP3 HERE

More about Matt
Matt ‘Turls’ Turley has been playing and singing for over 30 years, his body of work the epitome of the ‘acorn that grows into the oak’. An eclectic mix of country blues and driving rock, Turley’s rootsy sound pays homage to his esoteric life, from growing up in Frankston at its worst, to chasing tornadoes on the Great Plains in the American midwest, to canoeing the bayous of the Texas/Louisiana back-woods looking for BigFoot.

So here we are today. What you have is an honest snapshot of an uncompromising time, delivered via catchy melodies and deft musicianship.


TYDE -‘Latte Partay’ (Single)
Delivering the groove in this flavourful disco-funk-rock fusion, TYDE has given the world a dish of optimistic nihilism in the form of ‘Latte Partay’ (out now) – a genre-bending dance-ready beat that is self-contradictory in the way only life can be. Stream ‘Latte Partay’

Based in Meanjin, this fem–led 8-piece band delivers a distinct sound that rejects conformity and isn’t afraid to get goofy with it! With their big sound, it’s no wonder they’ve played YONDER Festival, have two Byron Bay Bluesfest appearances under their belts, and have supported the likes of Harry James Angus, plus so much more.

Bringing that big festival stage energy with punchy horns, booming disco basslines, sunny vocals, rockin’ guitar solos, and even a half-time heavy breakdown,  ‘Latte Partay’ stares down the realities of late-stage capitalism and laughs in its face, determined to have a good time despite it all. Frontwoman Ella Belfanti shares:

“It pokes fun at the generation wars, laughs through the helpless feeling many young people know all too well with our leaders’ inaction across a long list of world issues, and at the end of the day comes back to what’s truly important: caffeine and sharing the love with your mates.”

With its modern lyrics, retro inspiration, and nihilistic playfulness, ‘Latte Partay’ isn’t afraid to bet on both sides and enjoy the payoff– a versatile groove that’ll serve just as well going dancing with your girls as it will walking to the bus stop.

To coincide with the release of ‘Latte Partay’, TYDE have collaborated with Ground Control Coffee Roasters to make a limited run of ‘Latte Partay’ beans, which will be available to pre-order soon.

Thur, May 16 – Stranded Bar, Brisbane | w/ Sixth Of The Sun and Moths To A Flame
Fri, May 31 – The Vault, Wollongong | w/ Moths To A Flame
Sat, June 1 – Lazybones Lounge, Sydney | w/ Moths To A Flame
Sun, June 2 – The Retreat, Melbourne | w/ Meraki Minds and Moths To A Flame

Follow TYDE Spotify | Apple Music | Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Youtube


SOUTH SUMMIT ‘Givin’ It Up’ (Single)
Having emerged as one of the country’s most exciting young groups, South Summit have consistently been growing a body of music that has perfectly captured their ease of spirit; charismatic songwriting talent, and engaging presence on record that has translated just as seamlessly into a beloved live show.

Coming off the back of a great, fruitful year in 2023, the West Australian group have revealed their first taste of new music for 2024 in the melodic and breezy, ‘Givin’ It Up’. As the first indication of South Summit’s creative journey for 2024, the single is beautifully executed – a track that achieves maximum impact from the first listen.

Renowned for their electric & captivating live performance, South Summit channel this energy in ‘Givin’ It Up’, with no doubts that they are solidifying themselves as one of Australia’s strongest live acts. Their diverse and wide-reaching range of influences makes them an enthralling band to both listen to and watch.

The new single was recorded at Perth’s Blackbird Sound Studio, South Summit working with producer Dave Parkin (Spacey Jane) and mastering engineer Brian Lucey (Post Malone, The Black Keys). As the band themselves describes, ‘Givin’ It Up’ emerged rather organically out of one of their many jam sessions. Built around a gorgeous reggae/indie vibe, ‘Givin’ It Up’ keeps the essence of the group in check.

The release of ‘Givin’ It Up’ also sees the band head out on a national headline tour across Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Sydney; the latter of which will see them play the city’s iconic Sydney Opera House.

Thurs May 23rd Valley Loft Brisbane, QLD
Fri May 24th The Espy St Kilda, VIC
Sat May 25th The Opera House (Vivid Festival) Sydney, NSW
Fri May 31st Indian Ocean Hotel Scarborough, WA

‘Givin’ It Up’ is out now Facebook | X | Instagram | YouTube | Triple J Unearthed | Website | TikTok


In These Trees and Tartie is a collaboration between two women who are over three decades and 10,415 miles apart. They came together when younger Australian singer/songwriter Tartie, sent some of her tracks to writer and U.S. alternative radio show producer Binnie Klein. Tartie’s song, “Winter’s Girl,” so captivated Binnie, that in a wild leap of faith, she sent Tartie a poem she had just written. Could it become a song?

“I’ll give it a go” was Tartie’s response and began what was to become a multi-year remote collaboration (they have yet to meet in person.) The results of that first effort were magical and “Orchard” (link to official video, with over 400k views) was released as their first single. More songs followed, with lyrics, melodies and demos being sent back and forth via emails and Zoom. The 10-song album “The Quiver” is the result.

The album is akin to a book of ten linked short stories, and explores memory, love, heartbreak, ecological grief, and hope. The music is by turns mystical, emotional, and uplifting; creating elegant soundscapes of piano and strings that nestle intriguing melodies, achingly expressive vocals, and lyrical guitar work. Think Kate Bush, Maggie Rogers, Madison Cunningham, London Grammar, and Lorde.

“The Quiver” is produced by David Baron (Lenny Kravitz, Noah Kahan, The Lumineers) and features guitarists Jeff Pevar (David Crosby, Graham Nash), John Andrews (Nena, Kim Wilde) and superstar session drummer Jerry Marotta.

Website: Instagram: @inthesetrees

“The Quiver” was released on March 19, 2024, and is available at all streaming sites and Bandcamp.


Head down to Stones Corner in Brisbane on Sunday, May 5 to enjoy an epic dance party for the ages. Once again, the streets are being closed off to host the highly anticipated annual celebration that is the Stones Corner Festival. With free entry and a jam-packed program of live music, delectable food trucks, breweries, markets and much more, it’s the ultimate day out. And this year’s lineup is one you won’t want to miss. Read on to discover who will be lighting up the stage!

The Potbelleez are bringing their in-demand and electrifying live act to the main stage as headliner of the Stones Corner Festival for 2024. Known as one of Australia’s most successful dance groups and for producing anthems that feature on dance floors across the country, The Potbelleez are ready to light up Stones Corner. Expect to hear hot new tracks such as their latest release ‘Go For Gold’ as well as classic chart-toppers ‘Keep On Loving’, ‘Don’t Hold Back’ and ‘Are You With Me’.

Lovers of loud and beautiful music, Screamfeeder join the lineup to bring their unique pop/indie rock music to the streets of Stones Corner. Tim and Kellie have played together as Screamfeeder for an impressive 30 years, and their performances have only gotten better with time. Their latest album was released to universal acclaim in May 2022, so get ready to hear some sharp new songs unlike anything else you’ve heard.

Fans of nostalgic bangers and a popping dance floor can look forward to when the Never Ending 80s take to the stage. Transporting audiences back to the age of big hair, big hits, and wild entertainment, Australia’s top tribute band promises to deliver an unforgettable soundtrack. Get ready to groove to timeless tunes from the likes of Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Bon Jovi, Prince, and numerous other icons.

Ready to embrace your inner country music lover? Well, make sure to catch the stunning Vixens of Fall at this year’s Stones Corner Festival. This local Queensland band, made up of three sassy sisters, Nina, Wren and Lulu, is bringing their passion for country music and their award-winning live act to the stage. It promises to be a performance to watch out for.

We’re thrilled to welcome songwriting duo Lontano to this year’s lineup. Despite the geographical distance between them, Anthony and Roz are able to share their passion for music and collaborate on poignant songs centred around human connection. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in their unique combination of mesmerising vocals, rich musical arrangements, and genuine emotion.

Later Daze, a five-member alternative indie ensemble hailing from Brisbane, emerged onto the music scene in early 2023. But don’t let that fool you! Driven by their collective love for writing and performing music, they deliver dynamic live shows brimming with undeniable stage charisma. Fast gaining recognition, they’re quickly making a name for themselves as a must-see act in Brisbane’s vibrant music scene.

One of Stones Corner’s most-loved and cherished acts, John Hanley, is returning to the festival once again for 2024. John is a devoted husband and father facing the challenges of MND himself. Despite his diagnosis, his enduring voice, combined with the talent of his bandmates, The Hurricanes, creates a truly incredible and unmissable performance.

The essence of Stones Corner Festival lies in coming together for both a good time and a good cause, as its foundation remains centred on raising funds for the MND and Me Foundation. Proceeds from the event go towards aiding Queenslanders battling Motor Neurone Disease, such as John, as well as contributing to ongoing research efforts. Therefore, attendees are encouraged to make a gold coin donation. Make a note on your calendars for this epic event. With free admission, Stones Corner Festival promises to be the ultimate day out on May 5!

Stones Corner Festival Logan Road, Stones Corner | Sunday, May 5 from 12pm-10pm

Website | Facebook | Instagram #stonescornerfestival


LAUV – ‘Potential’ (Single/Video)
This week, multi-Platinum and chart-topping singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Lauv releases his first single and music video of 2024, ‘Potential.’ With heartfelt lyrics that capture the uncertainty of a budding romance, Lauv invites listeners to share feelings of anticipation and excitement as he admits, “I think we got potential.” The accompanying music video, directed by Luke Orlando (Charli XCX, Caroline Polachek), is a vivid, stunning visual, seeing Lauv shine in his first-ever fully-choreographed video.

‘Potential’ is about realising you have feelings for someone and dreaming about the potential of what it could be,” Lauv shares. “It’s the beginning of my next, most authentic chapter, and I can’t wait to share this and everything that’s coming next.”

In 2023, Lauv’s ability to transfix audiences continued beyond the stage and the small screen as he was directly tapped to write and perform the original song, ‘Steal The Show‘ for Disney and Pixar’s Oscar-nominated animated feature Elemental. 2024 has already proven to be an exciting year in the global story of Lauv with a series of international hit collaborations, including ‘I Got You‘ with globally renowned K-Pop group TWICE and ‘Run Back To You‘ with Chinese multi-hyphenate Lay Zhang. With Billboard hailing his “brand of vulnerable, immaculately constructed pop,” Lauv continues to prove that he is a multi-talented trailblazer.

‘Potential’ also marks Lauv’s release under his new partnership with AWAL, a global recording business designed to help independent artists excel and retain ownership of their own music while still providing the services of a traditional label.  One of the first artists to prove the limitless possibilities of AWAL’s business model, Lauv achieved massive success with his 2017 AWAL debut ‘I Like Me Better‘: a global smash that went six-times-platinum in the U.S. and platinum in 12 other countries.



Apple Music


Australian rockers Ocean Alley mark the 10-year anniversary of their beloved debut EP Yellow Mellow, with a live re-recording of its six tracks now premiering via YouTube.

A collection of hazy and funky sounds, Yellow Mellow is stamped with early hallmarks of Ocean Alley’s now distinct sound – infused with psychedelic instrumentation, dub and plenty of groove, not to mention the essence of DIY and the garage they rehearsed in. The live video session sees the six-piece finesse the EP with their matured style, not so much reinventing as reinvigorating the record that set them onto their otherworldly trajectory.

For those who weren’t lucky enough to catch Ocean Alley gigging in pubs and bars on the Northern Beaches in those early days, Yellow Mellow was a gateway. Its title track was a firm fan favourite with its playful lyrics and sound, and over the last decade has become a standout for listeners and particularly live audiences – amassing over 70 million streams to date. A vinyl re-press of the EP saw the record reach #2 on the ARIA Top 20 Australian Albums and #41 on the ARIA Top 50 Albums overall in February this year.

Backing up a momentous 2023, Ocean Alley kicked off the first quarter of this year with vigor – hitting the road for a seven-date Australian Coast Tour that wrapped up last weekend after selling 35,000 tickets across Hobart, Torquay, Wollongong, Adelaide, Bribie Island and Margaret River. It follows their hugely successful run of nine shows last year, selling out huge local venues such as Melbourne’s John Cain Arena, Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion, Brisbane’s Riverstage and Perth’s Red Hill Auditorium, adding extra dates nationally plus a show at Auckland’s Spark Arena for a total of 47,000 tickets sold.

Most of this year will be spent touring internationally, firstly heading to North America with The Grogans for 17 shows in June. The band have already sold out dates in New York, LA, San Francisco and Philadelphia, plus surpassed ticket sales of 20,000. In August, they make their way to the UK and Europe for 15 shows supported by Hockey Dad; Roundhouse in London has sold out with an extra date added, and O2 Victoria Warehouse in Manchester was upgraded and sold out.

These huge international showruns follow the revival of Ocean Alley’s 6x Platinum single ‘Confidence’, which re-entered the ARIA Top 50 Singles Chart in December last year after going viral on TikTok globally, and eventually climbed to #19. Internationally, the track cracked the US Billboard Hot Alternative Songs (#13), Hot Rock Songs (#21), Hot Rock & Alternative Songs (#26), UK’s Independent Singles Chart (#6), New Zealand’s Top 40 Singles Chart (#3) and Ireland’s Single Chart (#29).

Over the last 12 months, Ocean Alley proved themselves to be one of Australia’s most exciting musical exports, taking the world by storm with their dynamic live performances, infectious melodies and faultless musicianship. Their catalogue is approaching a billion streams, with nine singles accredited in Australia and New Zealand with sales certified Gold or higher. Continuing to grow their devoted following both at home and abroad, the six-piece are solidifying their place as one of Australia’s most beloved and influential bands, and are poised to make an indelible mark on the global music scene for years to come.

OCEAN ALLEY – Yellow Mellow [EP]


1. Paradise a Burn
2. Freedom Lover
3. Hallucination
4. Yellow Mellow
5. Weary Eyed
6. Glitter

Follow Ocean Alley:
Website | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Twitter | YouTube


GREG ARNOLD – ’Tick Tock (running Down The clock) – (Single)
“Tick Tock (Running Down the Clock)” is a sonic road movie. It documents the year Greg’s time in Switzerland came to an end and the family all returned to Australia. With their daughter finishing high school and embarking on a gap year, Greg and Helen thought, “now there’s an idea, why don’t we do that, too”. So, they packed up their life into a container and hit the road to journey from Switzerland, to France, to Thailand, and finally back home, where they continued the road trip all over Australia with the Things of Stone and Wood Acoustic Tour.


The reflective lyric, jangly guitars, epic harmonies and some super enthusiastic rockin’ from The Suburban Daydreamers, all combine to deliver a classic joyous Greg anthem.  Viva la gap year for grown-ups.

More about Greg
Greg Arnold is best known for being the front man and songwriter from beloved Aussie folk-rock band Things Of Stone & Wood. The band’s top ten hit “Happy Birthday Helen” became a staple on Australian radio. In fact, it continues to get a spin and has even carved out its own space in the “new-school” world of streaming – quietly amassing over 5 million streams on Spotify.

At his core Greg Arnold is a songwriter and a musician. Whilst during his chart-topping hey-day he won an ARIA and was awarded an APRA songwriter of the year, he has never stopped making and being involved in music. He is a producer, a published author, an academic (earning a PhD in songwriting) and he is now releasing his fifth studio album In The Sky, recorded in Geneva, Switzerland with his European band The Suburban Daydreamers

Arnold has spent the last 8 years based in Switzerland, but that has not stopped him touring, releasing music and continuing to build his name as one of this country’s most valued songwriters.

In The Sky will add to an impressive body of work for this Australian treasure, however, it takes a slightly different tack to his previous offers.

Greg Arnold is touring the country playing the songs from the new album – and many from his back catalogue. As always, in addition to his solo back catalogue he’s always happy to smash out some of the TOSAW hits and rarities, too.


KATANKIN- ‘In A New Way’ (Single)
Katankin is the solo moniker of Melbourne indie-folk singer-songwriter and producer, Helen Catanchin. Born of Russian and Romanian migrant parents, and with a difficult, often harrowing family history, Katankin’s music is nevertheless an ode and testament to love, faith, and ultimately, hope. STREAM AND DOWNLOAD AUDIO AS WAV AND MP3 HERE

With her achingly pure and expressive voice, and poetic writing rich with imagery, she unflinchingly plumbs the darkest depths of the human condition – wading through despair, loathing, fear, rage, and revenge, and then soaring to its greatest, sun-drenched heights.

Katankin released her self-produced debut EP “The quiet shimmer of the world” in December 2022. It attracted extensive national radio airplay and was nominated for “Best Folk Work 2023” by Music Victoria.



GIRL AND GIRL – ‘Oh Boy’ (Single)
Garage-rock four piece Girl and Girl today give fans another taste of their anticipated debut record by unveiling newest single “Oh Boy!”, the third track from Call A Doctor which is set for release on Friday 24 May via Virgin Music Australia (AU/NZ) and Sub Pop (rest of world), and available now for pre-order.


“Oh Boy!” features Girl and Girl’s distinctive garage rock sound, injected with circuitous riffs and Kai James’ wonderfully nervy vocals. The track is about the growth that can be experienced after emotional turmoil and the long, slow and arduous process of channelling pain into something healthy. It explores the realisation that there’s no end to such growth – that misery and heartbreak are just a recurring fact of life – and how relieving it can be to come to terms with that.

“I’d had Oh Boy! half written for a few years before we got round to recording it, I really loved the first half, and had kind of psyched myself out of finishing it. When it was finally demo’d early last year this big sort of chaotic, sprawling word vomit poured out of me that seemed to tie the whole thing up nicely. It’s brimming with joy and misery and sarcasm, all things Girl and Girl” singer-songwriter Kai James says of the song.

The single’s accompanying music video tells the story of a local community theatre manager who has found himself in the possession of a magical rainbow prop. When people stand underneath the rainbow, they are suddenly overcome with joy. So he opens the hall on off days to sell happiness to the public. The only issue? He can’t get it to work on himself.

Girl and Girl’s forthcoming record Call A Doctor is an unforgettable first bow. The audacious and aggressively tuneful blast of an album was recorded during a frenzied two-week creative process at Sundowner Sound in Melbourne, a two-story industrial complex where the band ate, slept and made music in marathon sessions with producer Burke Reid (Courtney Barnett, Julia Jacklin, DZ Deathrays, The Drones). It is a record that is so out-and-out alive that you almost feel like you’re in the room with Girl and Girl as you listen to it.

Call A Doctor’s eleven songs—spanning sweeping guitar epics and wry acoustic shuffles to spiky punk manoeuvres and the type of raw, adoringly unvarnished indie-pop associated with legendary label K Records—are literally plucked from James’ personal history, reflecting on past struggles as well as new anxieties that emerged prior to the album’s recording. Call A Doctor lays a lifetime’s worth of woes (such as mental health and the human race’s planned obsolescence) across a canvas of indie rock that feels both timeless and in-the-moment. Though, even as it deals with uneasy topics, the music is still teeming with life. There’s a brazen, bold sense of humour and an undeniable brightness to the darkness that makes it impossible not to be drawn in as a listener.

Feeling bad never sounded so good!

Oh Boy!” by Girl and Girl out now.

Call A Doctor by Girl and Girl out Friday 24 May. Pre-order the album now.


QUEENIE – ‘Mama” (Single)
Mama’ is a passionate and vulnerable letter to her mother that acknowledges how much she gave up to raise Thetford and her brother. Thetford explains, “I struggled a lot after leaving home and trying to navigate the world on my own; this song was a way to express that. It’s basically a thank you in song, telling her not to worry; even though our lives descended into madness and violence and chaos.” The song starts off tender and soft before opening up into a powerful chorus that showcases Queenie’s powerful and gritty vocals. Through ‘Mama’, Thetford says she found a way of “Letting her know we’d always find our way back to our little triangle.”

Mama’ follows the release of ‘Not Divine’, a bold and fiery song that captures a relationship transitioning from idealised perfection to the raw reality of human imperfections. On both tracks, Queenie’s voice is tender one moment and fierce the next, soaring from Emmy-Lou Harris to Mariah Carey at the drop of a hat. Thetford’s songwriting and lyrics reflect this, “I write kinda sad songs, but in person, I’m pretty crass and silly, so perhaps the message is to be kind and sweet and vulnerable but don’t take yourself too seriously.” Influenced by an eclectic mix of artists, including War on Drugs, Kate Bush, Betty Davis, Tom Waits and Peter Garbiel, Thetford pulls these inspirations together to write about themes of heartache and grief with a vulnerability that draws listeners in.

Queenie’s new single ‘Mama’ reinforces the fiery charisma and emotional depth that is coming to be expected from the powerhouse singer.

‘Mama’ – out now



MIDNIGHT VIOLET-  ‘She Takes Her Throne’ (Single)
In the overwhelming world that is internet indie music, Midnight Violet emerges with a relaxed ouverture, creating music that celebrates various genres.

Their newest single, “She Takes Her Throne,” is a dreamy 6/8 folk ballad laced with a poetic lyrical influence from Mazzy Star and soulful guidance from artists such as Prince and The Cranberries. Creating sonic waves and a story that is as immersive as it is emotionally enticing.

Released right after their debut EP and single ‘I’ll Catch You, I Promise’, this song is a story of loss. Mia writing the song about the passing of her uncle.

“I’ve experienced a lot of grief and loss my whole life and recently I lost my uncle who was the main inspiration for this song. He was one of the only family members who supported my career in music so it was really hard. The song is about the process of grief and how it weighs heavy throughout life and how remembering is bittersweet”- Mia

The cover art for the song links to the lyric “I feed your dog and remind him that he’s loved”.

The band exclusively operates from a home studio, which, in their case, refers to a single microphone handling all instruments and vocals within the confines of a bedroom space.

In her recording approach, Mia. H aims for an authentic vocal performance, favoring single takes in each section to maintain a natural sound. She enhances this song with the addition of 5 vocal harmonies weaving throughout the piece, creating a supportive layer that enriches the overall beauty of the song.

When recording the piece Tom. C, the guitarist and producer, was set out to create a soundscape drawn from the creative well of ‘Let It Be – The Beatles’, aiming to capture the essence of a live band.

Looking to release more songs in the coming months, the band is practicing with a 6 piece lineup for shows in the very near future.


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