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Thursday June 13, 2024


LORNA ‘Underachiever’ (Single)
LORNA, an emerging alternative country/ folk singer-songwriter from the East Coast of NSW releases her second single, ‘Underachiever’, a spiralling, easy going ballad (out now). Debuting under this new moniker earlier this year with her single ‘Bloom’, the name LORNA is inspired by frontwoman Erin Condon’s grandmother, who was the reason she was drawn to music in the first place. This multi-talented artist showcases her skills on vocals, guitar, and piano accordion in this second single release.

With a slow, clear voice and twinkling brassy guitar, this song strikes a perfect balance between passionate and romantic, and soft and groovy. LORNA’s experiences shine through, proving that something amazing can emerge from even the darkest times. Erin Condon states:

“’Underachiever’ was written at the exact moment I thought my life was over. Following a pretty rough breakup, I had made such a big deal about being alone for Valentine’s Day so I did the inevitable Tinder download and began vetting my next date. This series of events summed up the months following this breakup; completely distraught and looking for any light at the end of the tunnel, even if that light took the form of a complete stranger…  just so that you don’t have to buy yourself flowers and a twix bar from the Coles Express on your way home.”

Upcoming Shows:
June 19 – La La La’s, Wollongong | Supports The Bancrofts + Shalani
July 11 – Lazybones Lounge, Marrickville | Supports The Bancrofts + Wil Linder
August 8 – The Victoria, Bathurst | Support Oak + Orangi

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STRAIGHT ARROWS  “Don’t Shoot Me” (Single) (Album ‘Surface World’ out August 9)
Sydney garage faves STRAIGHT ARROWS are back, ready to embrace a new chapter with the announcement of their fourth studio record, SURFACE WORLD. Marking the band’s first album of new material since 2018’s ON TOP!, this is a confident stride forward for one of the East Coast’s most engaging live groups, not to mention a band of fiercely talented songwriters. The album will be released via Rice Is Nice Records in Australia, Agitated Records in the UK/EU and Lolipop Records in the US on the 9th of August. From SURFACE WORLD, Straight Arrows came out the gate swinging with 2023 singles ‘Walkin Thru My Mind’ and ‘Fast Product’ setting an early pace. Today, they return with SURFACE WORLD’s next hit of dopamine, the explosive track ‘DON’T SHOOT ME’.

Recorded at Marrickville’s Golden Retriever Studios with Nick Franklin (Polish Club, The Buoys), the single surges with energy. Pulsating and attention grabbing from the jump, this first indication of the rest of SURFACE WORLD doesn’t just whet the appetite, it’s set to make fans ravenous. And for newcomers, if you love reverb, fuzz and riffs in great measure…welcome to the world of Straight Arrows. PRE-ORDER HERE

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DICE ‘This is Not A Love Song’ (Single) (Album ‘Midnight Zoo’ out August 9)
Today, WA breakthrough act DICE have announced their highly anticipated debut record, Midnight Zoo, to be released on 9 August 2024. To mark the occasion, the band have also released new single ‘This Is Not A Love Song’ out now everywhere via Tone City Records.

Following the critical acclaim of their 2021 debut and a breakout 2023 that included sold-out tours, international radio play, and a coveted spot on triple j’s Hottest 100, the highly anticipated debut record will see DICE shed the carefree veneer of their earlier work for a more introspective, multifaceted sound. Midnight Zoo isn’t just an album; it’s a sonic odyssey mirroring their whirlwind year of creation. Unafraid to dive into more complex themes, Midnight Zoo promises a genre-bending journey from dancefloor to dawn. “We find our love for music through its authenticity. There’s a certain beauty to creating music because it is a culmination of your own emotions, experiences and personality. ‘Midnight Zoo’ is a window into what our lives have been like and the memories we’ve made during producing the record.”

Written, recorded and produced in their hometown of Perth at Tone City Records, the debut album is an ode to their home as a band and their roots. “The ‘Midnight Zoo’ is the name we gave to Tone City Studios, the location of our creation. It was the place we all went to get away from everything, when we felt sad, when we had a fight, but it was also where our creativity was at its strongest. Termed ‘Midnight Zoo’ because of its long nights, wild energy and full moon recordings, this title just fits like a glove with both the tracks and its creation” DICE say of the forthcoming LP. “It’s also always been a joke that the studio is like a zoo and when it turns to night, that’s when the magic happens”.

The debut record from DICE, Midnight Zoo, is set for release on Friday 9 August 2024. PRE-ORDER/SAVE 




HANNAH STOW ‘In The Dark’ (Single)
Healing her loneliness, Boorloo/Perth’s Hannah Stow unpacks a dark time through her bold new single ‘In The Dark’ and its music video, out today. Having released a huge collection of stunning singles since debuting in 2020, Hannah Stow is announcing her debut EP ‘Sidelined’, which will be released in September.

With her distinct Australian accent, vulnerable lyrics, and emotionally charged voice, Hannah Stow has carved herself an instantly recognisable sound. Marking her first single since January, Hannah channels those deep-seated emotions in this preview of what’s to come in her upcoming EP. Now, with ‘In The Dark’, she gives the listener a raw, stripped-back track, letting the warm electric guitar tone and her expressive voice shine. With this minimalism, Hannah delivers a piece filled with emotionally rich lyrics and touching vocal expression to strike a chord in the most stoic heart. Hannah shares: “I wrote ‘In The Dark’ when I was in a terrible place. It was four chords and a sense of loneliness I thought I’d never shake. Someone close to me came up to me and asked me how I was doing and I said ‘Well I don’t feel so lonely with you in the dark’ and I thought that concept was raw and I knew I had to write about it.”

Paired with this single comes an intimate, off the cuff music video that compliments the authentic nature of the song with its one-on-one vibe and warm colour palette. With Hannah Stow’s emotionally charged vocal delivery and vulnerable songwriting, ‘In The Dark’ will ease the pain ahead of the debut EP ‘Sidelined’.

Follow Hannah Stow

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ANOUSHA VICTOIRE ‘Mole Creek’ (Single/Video)
Anousha Victoire is a weaver of everyday dreams, stitching together folk/world influenced melodies with bell-over-water clarity of vocal tone. The introspective singer-songwriter blends delicate ideas with a heartachingmimmediacy. Her trademark fingerpicking folk guitar style and haunting vocal melodies are complemented by soaring, emotive strings and vocal harmonies, blending into folk storytelling songs that could be timeless classics. Once they discover her, her fans prove tenacious, if not downright possessive.

“A song to sing along to when missing friends or taking a road trip. In a year of cancelled touring and not being able to see friends, due to a global pandemic- this song emerged as thoughts of loved ones far away combined with memories of road trips past, and yearnings for road trips future. All crystallised around a remembered image of a specific road trip up a winding road in soft rain to the beautiful Mole Creek, Tasmania.


ABOUT THE VIDEO: “The music video for Mole Creek explores the sense of disconnection and loss that the COVID period created, compounded by the loss of live music performance opportunities. The solo live footage is from my December 2023 show  in the Franklin Palais (as is the empty theatre sequence) in the Huon Valley, where I finally was able to perform after having multiple Tasmanian shows booked then cancelled during the pandemic.”

The full band live footage is from my EP launch in Newcastle last November. My isolated self in the video is singing and dreaming about the connections, touring and loved ones I couldn’t see during that time, and in the video clip the live performances are only a fantasy world in my head, a dream that had to be postponed. Happily the live performances and Tasmanian tour did finally come about in summer 2023-2024, so we could film this little video! WATCH VIDEO HERE


VANDERLAY ‘Doubtful Sound’ (EP)
Following the release of two impressive singles earlier this year (‘Assimilate Strangely’ and ‘Triumph and Disaster’), Melbourne/Paris-based Vanderlay now announces the release of his new EP ‘Doubtful Sound’; a collection of 6 meticulously written and produced songs, encapsulating a sound and atmosphere as mystifying as they are comforting. It is an incredibly accomplished body of work, traversing soaring highs and crushing lows. Delicate guitars give way to evocative string arrangements, accompanied by beautiful passages of piano and off-kilter drumming. Add to all this the gorgeous vocal harmonies laden throughout, and you are left with a musically stirring, emotionally poignant body of work.

Vanderlay is the moniker of singer-songwriter Caspar Conrick. Brought up on a healthy dose of Dylan, Morrison and Mitchell, Caspar admits he is inspired by songs with a strong sense of truth, songs that tell dense stories, that examine the human experience, and prompt him to decode his own. While drawing on the classics, contemporary artists such as Aimee Mann and Fleet Foxes were also regular reference points.

The EP has been no small undertaking. It is methodical and intentional. And while each one of the tracks is a powerful statement in and of itself, the EP stands as a unified collection of music, one that has grown and adapted together over several years. “I am a fairly slow writer, songs can often take years to come to fruition, and have to prove their worth before being committed to recording,” explains Conrick. “The songs on Doubtful Sound came up in tandem, over the course of several years; they speak to one another. While each one stands on its own, the songs on this record feel particularly interconnected. To me, this is always a sign that I’m working on a record, rather than just crafting individual songs.”

SoundCloud | Google Drive | Spotify

VANDERLAY ONLINE Instagram | Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube | Website


ELIZA & THE DELUSIONALS ‘Somebody’ (Single)
After gifting fans with the announcement that they’re highly-anticipated second studio album Make It Feel Like The Garden is set for release on Friday July 19, Eliza & The Delusionals delight once more with the unveiling of their latest gem, featuring a stand-out sax solo – ‘Somebody’ is out today via Cooking Vinyl Australia.


Rooted in the fear of loss, ‘Somebody’ delves into the vulnerability of dependence and attachment. It’s a sobering reflection on the fragility of happiness and the profound impact of intimate connections, tempered by the ever-present specter of despair. Lead singer Eliza Klatt comments, “This was another song we wrote in our DIY studio at our friend’s place in Napa, California. It started with a percussion loop and Kurt playing around with some chords on the piano. It eventually turned into this big piano moment that we were both obsessed with. We loved how it had ‘80s vibes and knew we had to have a saxophone moment in there somewhere. I remember seeing all of our faces in the studio when we did the sax and having a ‘wow, I can’t believe this is our song’ moment.”

In a world where music serves as both sanctuary and voyage, the indie rock trio invite you to immerse yourself in the lush tapestry and soundscape of their sophomore album. To celebrate the release, they will be hitting the road for a national album tour performing the album for the very first time to audiences across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane this August – presented by Handsome Tours. Tickets are on-sale here

Crafting a visually and sonically utopian landscape, the album acts as a refuge from the real world, transporting the listener to their own happy place or “garden”. Showcasing their trademark blend of catchy hooks, driving rhythms, and contemplative lyricism, the record is a kaleidoscope of emotions and melodies. The album was conceptualised on the road during their North American tour in 2022, with Kurt Skuse (guitarist) and Eliza writing majority of the album at their DIY studio in Napa, California, before heading back home and recording with visionary producer Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, CLEWS, Amy Shark) at his studio in Rye, Victoria.





CHARLIE PITTMAN “Nothing Is Forever ‘ (EP)
After a stellar run of singles that saw him debut as a singular creative, today Sydney-based alt-pop singer, songwriter and musician Charlie Pittman releases his debut EP, nothing is forever. Fresh from a sold-out headline show at Camden Assembly in London, he is set to embark on his east coast tour, starting tomorrow at The Lansdowne in Sydney then onto Brisbane on July 5th and Melbourne July 6th.

Having first begun releasing music in 2020, the self-taught artist made his official debut in March with first single ‘i don’t wanna be here’, before following it up with the stunning ‘house in the suburbs’. Amassing over a million streams for his original music as a wholly independent artist with no management or label, and selling out shows in Los Angeles and London, all of this has been leading up to the release of his nothing is forever EP, which has officially arrived.

The five-track EP underlines the alt-pop artist’s status as a diverse and immersive musician, exploring a range of emotions and experiences as traverses musical styles and genres, and utilises music as a form of catharsis and creative release. Alongside the previously released singles, the EP also contains the impactful ‘dog, black’, which is arguably the most personal song on the record. Pairing simple piano melodies with raw emotion and heartfelt introspection, the track slowly builds into a cathartic snapshot of the impact of pain and grief, and the courage it takes to move forward.

The EP’s release is also paired with the unveiling of an official music video for ‘dog, black’, which sees Charlie proving the importance of support and comfort during a devastating moment in one’s life, and the importance of vulnerability in addressing this pain.

‘dog, black’ Official Video Here 


Follow Charlie Pittman:


PHIL COYNE & THE WAYWARD ACES ‘Asking For A Friend’ (Single)
The Wayward Aces are excited to announce the release of a third single “Asking for a Friend” off their new self titled album. “Asking for a Friend” is a gypsy punk blues ramble about the turmoil of emotions and the lies we tell ourselves when things are all a bit raw. A showcase of rhythmic feel – Will Harris’ tasty fills, holds and drive are a stand out of this minor key anthem.

This song was written following a relationship breakup and it has some of my favourite lyrics. The phrase “it’s better to have loved and lost…,” was on my mind – annoying me, cause that’s not at all how I felt at the time! Some of the lines capture precisely how uncomfortable and out of my depth I felt. Lines like “wit don’t amplify” and “cant think straight enough to cry” pretty well sum up it didn’t feel like a “growth” opportunity.

Our new self titled album. “Phil Coyne and The Wayward Aces” is a 10 track LP and is planned for release on 9 August 2024 – we’ll be having a huge blues party at St Kilda’s George Lane in a triple header with Doggrel and Futuras Hammond Blues Band.

The new LP follows on from our debut EP “Sound and Fury” which we released to some great reviews. We got some fabulous airplay in Australia, UK and US, debuting at #10 on the Australian Roots and Blues Airplay Charts, making #3 Roots Music Report’s (US) “Top 50 Australian Album Chart” and we were nominated for Band of the Year in the VicTas Blues Awards.

We have a growing fanbase so if you you’re interested in covering its release, we’d love to know so we can promote it on our socials and get as many people interacting as possible.” – Phil Coyne 


OLD MERVS ‘What You’ve Lost’ (Single/Video)
Australian indie-rock duo, Old Mervs, return with a brand-new single, ‘What You’ve Lost’, the first taste of new music to drop from the West Australian group in 2024.

This new single comes off the back of their recently announced biggest headline tour across Australia and New Zealand – the cheekily named ‘How The Fark Are Ya!’ Tour (on sale now). This huge run of shows includes multiple theatres in major cities, and an epic, home-state performance at the 3,500 capacity Fremantle Arts Centre, supported by some of their favourite WA acts.

‘What You’ve Lost’ is a lively and energetic track crafted by the duo and produced by the acclaimed Chris Collins, known for his work with Matt Corby, Royel Otis, and Alex Lahey. The song features an irresistibly catchy hook, complemented by breezy guitars and upbeat drums, making it perfect for big gig sing-alongs. In other words, signature Old Mervs.

Speaking about the video clip, which they made with their regular collaborator Andrew Briggs, drummer Henry Carrington-Jones adds, “We ended up looking for cool locations for inspiration, as opposed to having a video idea first. It’s funny but pretty standard process for us. We then came across an abandoned plane yard and were quickly inspired. The rest is history with many thanks to Briggs who can bring any vision he has for a clip to life.”

‘HOW THE FARK ARE YA TOUR!’ With special guests Fool Nelson

Thursday, 29 August – Tuning Fork, Auckland NZ
Friday, 30 August – San Fran, Wellington, NZ
Saturday, 31 August – The Loons, Christchurch, NZ
3-8 September – Snow Machine, Queenstown, NZ
Friday, 6 September – Northcote Theatre (18+), Melbourne, VIC
Saturday, 7 September – Northcote Social Club (Matinee, All Ages), Melbourne, VIC
Saturday, 14 September – Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, WA  (18+ unless accompanied by a legal guardian)
Friday, 20 September – The Triffid (Licensed/All Ages), Brisbane, QLD
Saturday, 21 September – Metro Theatre (Licensed/All Ages), Sydney, NSW
Thursday, 26 September – Altar (Licensed/All Ages), Hobart, TAS
Friday, 27 September – The Gov (Licensed/All Ages), Adelaide, SA

Ticket information available via


DOLCE BLUE Sweet Melancholy Deluxe (Album)
Alternative pop-rock band Dolce Blue are excited to announce the release of their 20-track album Sweet Melancholy Deluxe. This expanded edition, out via Blue Grey Pink on July 5, features 4 new tracks and 3 alternative versions of tracks, enhancing the original album’s hauntingly beautiful narrative and theme of balancing the sweet with the melancholic.

Building on the success of their sophomore album Sweet Melancholy released in mid 2023 and celebrated shortly after with a nation-wide tour including an unofficial BIGSOUND showcase, the past 12 months has seen the band be finalists in Happy Mag’s ‘Needle in The Hay’ competition, and place in the top 20 in WAM (West Australian Music) ‘Song of The Year’ awards – all whilst revealing their extended LP with the release of tracks Sugar Free, Typical Kind of Fun, and Dream Catcher ft. Finn Pearson.

Featuring 7 additional songs the band were not afraid to push the release into new sonic terrains and really showcase their versatility. With Sugar Free as a transitional track more aligned with the original LP, the release then evolves to be more collaborative with Rise and Fall and Typical Kind of Fun seeing the band’s drummer Brody Honey co-writing and singing for the first time, and Dream Catcher ft. Finn Pearson bringing WAM Song of the Year award winner and “one of the state’s most exciting new additions in the past two years or so” (Pilerats), Finn Pearson into the mix for a re-release of a fan favourite. There’s an exotic flare with Valentino (Italiano), a re-work of a track about Dolce’s favourite cat transformed into an Italian alt-rock hit, in addition to catchy pop-rock ballad Little Games, before closing with Dinosaurs (extinction edition) an emotional rendition of the final track on the original album, but recorded live in the studio with just a piano and singer/ songwriter Veronica Zurzolo in the way she had originally written the song.

Explaining the motivation behind the deluxe edition, Veronica shares, “Sweet Melancholy has been a really special release for Dolce Blue, and we felt we weren’t quite ready to move on from it yet – but rather celebrate it further with a deluxe rendition. I hope listeners can get a new appreciation for the album and find something new that is hopefully interesting and relatable.”

Recorded with Michael Strong at You’re Weird Mixing (Pat Chow, Odlaw, Veruca Moon, Stacy Ann), co-produced between Veronica and Michael, and released on West Australian Music (WAM) Label of the Year winners Blue Grey Pink, Dolce Blue continue to expand their impressive catalogue. Drawing comparisons to the dreamy sounds of Alvvays, Best Coast, and Australian pioneers such as San Cisco and Ball Park Music, the band take inspiration from a range of artists they look up to including; Arctic Monkeys, Mac DeMarco, The Black Keys, Lana Del Rey, Kali Uchis, and Joy Division, creating soundtracks that are equally enjoyed by the poolside, or on your daily commute.

Dolce Blue’s Sweet Melancholy Deluxe is out now via Blue Grey Pink. More info is available


PHOEBE OVER ‘Indépendance’ (Single)
Hailing from Jersey (UK) and now making waves in Sydney, indie pop sensation Phoebe Over is set to dazzle audiences once again with her latest release, “Independence”. STREAM | OUT JUNE 21

Recorded at Drop Studios, Wollongong and produced by Benjamino Cauduro, whose portfolio includes artists such as Arlo Parks, Vance Joy, and Camp Cope, “Independence” showcases Phoebe Over’s raw talent and honest lyricism. Mastering for the single was handled by Sydney’s own Will Lob, known for his work with Sharon Van Etten and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. The result is a musical time capsule that captures Phoebe’s essence, with its stripped-back arrangement and authentic delivery

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Lily Allen, Jorja Smith, and Billie Eilish, Phoebe Over has garnered attention from respected tastemakers. Her previous track “Listen” received airplay on Radio One, while her performances at Electric Park Mainstage and Byron Bay Bluesfest have solidified her status as an emerging artist to watch.

Phoebe explains, “Walking home one day, the idea for my new single hit me: it’s about a guy who thinks things are getting too intense and wants to see less of her, while she just wants to get home. She wonders if he’ll break his vow of not seeing her, so she can get home safe. I actually recorded the initial version of this song when I was 16, and it’s taken years of growth and development to shape it into the single you hear today. I’m sure many people can relate to walking home late at night and wishing there was that one person who would drive by.”

As Phoebe Over continues to carve her niche in the music scene with her acoustic-led expressions of the human experience, the release of “Independence” signifies just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey ahead.


After being hand selected by Jay-Z to sign to his label Roc Nation, New York’s Infinity Song will be making their debut on Australian shores this year, today announcing a 3 date tour across the East Coast for December 2024.

Drawing comparisons to legendary 70s groups such as Fifth Dimension & The Mamas and The Papas, the band have taken their astute work ethic, busking in New York’s Central Park, Times Square & Grand Central Station, to cultivate their sound & following. With chance meetings leading to an appearance on The View, the band then were put in contact with Jay-Z after he was sent a video clip of their Central Park performances. Thereafter they appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert & Good Morning America.

The band’s 2023 EP ‘Metamorphosis’ included six original songs and a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’, with the single ‘Haters Anthem’ touching vitality, with 500 million views on TikTok & endorsements from Doja Cat & Keke Palmer. Taking to Australian shores for the first time this December, the band will perform across 3 nights in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney.

Tickets on sale: Friday, June 21st 2:00pm AEST

Tickets via October Presents

Friday December 6th The Brightside Brisbane
Saturday December 7th Nightcat Melbourne
Sunday December 8th Oxford Art Factory Sydney

INFINITY SONG: Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | TikTok


Visiting their favourite theatres and pubs around Australia over 12 dates, the band will tour with one of the country’s best brass sections to punch out the interwoven melodies that so defined the lushly orchestrated long player. Love This City (1999) was The Whitlams fourth album, a much anticipated big-budget follow-up to the award-winning Eternal Nightcap which had led them to Best Group and Best Song at the ARIA Awards the previous year.

Since 2022, a reinvigorated Tim Freedman has led The Whitlams in a resurgence, touring heavily and releasing two new albums – Sancho (2022) and Kookaburra (2024), the latter an Americana-shaded album which still sits at #3 on the ARIA Australian Country Albums chart three months after its release.

With one eye thus firmly in the present, Freedman will take the time in October and November to look back fondly to an album that, at the time, seemed like it would make or break him. The initial critical reception was rapturous (see below), but the surprising choice of first single ‘Chunky Chunky Air Guitar’ proved to be a stumble, considered as a puzzling novelty song unrepresentative of the band.

The second and third singles corrected the ship, when ‘Blow Up the Pokies’ and ‘Thank You (for loving me at my worst)’ were successful at radio and drove the album to double platinum status. Love This City has retained its solid reputation and was placed along with its predecessor in the Rolling Stone’s 200 Greatest Albums of All-time, with Eternal Nightcap at #36, and Love This City at #101.

Tim Freedman will be joined by long term cohort’s guitarist Jak Housden and drummer Terepai Richmond, who were both part of the sessions back in 1999, with new member multi-instrumentalist Ian Peres. It will be an evening of memories, melody and humour as the band delivers its usual rambunctious performance, complete with the power of brass.


Friday 4th October – Corner Hotel – Richmond, VIC
Saturday 5th October – Corner Hotel – Richmond, VIC
Friday 11th October – City Recital Hall – Sydney, NSW
Thursday 17th October – Canberra Theatre Centre – Canberra, ACT
Friday 18th October – Odeon Theatre – Hobart, TAS
Saturday 19th October – Craigie Knowe Vineyard – Cranbrook, TAS
Saturday 2nd November – Princess Theatre – Woolloongabba, QLD
Friday 8th November – Anita’s Theatre – Thirroul, NSW
Saturday 9th November – Newcastle Civic Theatre – Newcastle, NSW
Thursday 14th November – Astor Theatre – Perth, WA
Friday 15th November – Shelter Brewing Co – Busselton, WA
Saturday 7th December – The Gov – Hindmarsh, SA

Tickets on sale Thursday 20th June and available via


ANDREW FARRISS ‘Something Stronger’ (Single)
Andrew Farriss’ “Something Stronger” Sets the Stage for a New Era of Country-Rock Fusion. Andrew Farriss AM, the multi-platinum, award-winning songwriter of INXS fame, continues his stellar career with the release of his new single, “Something Stronger,” on June 28, 2024.

A blazing fusion of country and rock, “Something Stronger” captures the raw energy and reckless abandon of youth, fueled by hot emotions and a thirst for life’s wilder moments. “I wanted to record a song about grit and passion,” says Farriss, and indeed Farriss’s signature storytelling and evocative melodies have again created a powerful anthem, evoking a sense of nostalgia for youthful adventures, filled with cheap whiskey, burning rubber, and the thrill of chasing dreams.

‘We drank cheap whisky burnin’ down our teenage throats
A fire on the end of a hand-rolled smoke’

“These words capture the raw energy and recklessness of youth for many past and present,” Farriss explains, “the deep yearning for something more intense… something stronger.”

“Something Stronger” is a taste of what’s to come from Farriss’s highly anticipated second solo album, “The Prospector”, due in early 2025. “The songs on ‘The Prospector’ are about searching for the gold in life – reaching out for something higher,” Farriss explains. “It’s about digging deep inside, and encouraging others to look for the real treasures in life.”

The accompanying music video is a visual feast that captures the song’s essence – “fast cars, open roads, burning embers, a welcome home and raised glasses,” he smiles. Farriss kicked off his solo career with an acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2021 featuring the high-rotation radio hits “Come Midnight” and “Good Momma Bad”, with “You Are My Rock” achieving a Top-100 Billboard Indicator chart hit in the USA. In 2022, he earned a Golden Guitar nomination for ‘Heritage Song of the Year’ for “With The Kelly Gang.”

Accolades and global success aside, at the heart of it all, Andrew is a dedicated family man who has spent the past 30 years living and working on an established farming property near Tamworth, where he raises cattle and grows grains.

Beyond his solo work, Farriss continues to write and produce music for other artists, recently receiving notable acclaim for his collaboration with Yirrmal, a North-East Arnhem Land songwriter. His contributions have been recognized with numerous awards, including a Producer of the Year ARIA Award and an induction into the Australian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2016.

Fans can catch Farriss on tour across Australia in 2024 and 2025, where he’ll perform “Something Stronger” alongside his acclaimed solo material plus his songwriting classics. “Get ready to buckle up for an exhilarating ride,” he says, “as we hit the road and ignite the stage.”




HIATUS KAIYOTE ‘Cinnamon Temple’ (Single)
Hiatus Kaiyote shares ‘Cinnamon Temple’ as the final single from their forthcoming album Love Heart Cheat Code, set for release on June 28th via Brainfeeder Records / Ninja Tune. ‘Cinnamon Temple’ has become a fan favourite as a result of the band playing the song at their shows dating back to 2015, and today, it finally sees an official release. This latest offering follows the band’s previous singles ‘Everything’s Beautiful’, ‘Make Friends’,  ‘Telescope’ and album title track ‘Love Heart Cheat Code’.

Nai Palm shares about the song title, “It’s called ‘Cinnamon Temple’ because in Mali they have these mud brick mosques that look like they have cinnamon stuck in them. And because it was inspired by a Malian rhythm, there’s that element to it.” Speaking on the track’s unmistakable verve, keyboardist Simon Mavin adds about the sonic world the song lives in, “That kind of energy was coming out of Hiatus pre-covid, where we were getting into heavier riffs—not ‘metal,’ but just heavier.”

Love Heart Cheat Code is a snapshot of four musicians dancing together on the edge, 11 playful, exuberant tracks that shine light. Throughout the album, Hiatus Kaiyote emphasises sensing rather than knowing, a type of trust that can only be brought through creative harmony and hours of studio sessions. The result is a wide-eyed, cohesive, yet relaxed body of work that reflects a deeper understanding of themselves and the music they wish to share with the world around them.

On the forthcoming album, the band’s direction is not always attained directly; less deliberate, and more via deliberation and drift: in jam sessions that last late into the night and early mornings; in meals shared; in messing around with equipment and with each other. The album also features other Melbourne-based musicians like Taylor “Chip” Crawford, who played an instrument of his own invention called the frello; guitarist Tom Martin; and flautist Nikodimos; and the unprecedented addition of a very important creative force: Mario Caldato, whose work with the Beastie Boys and Seu Jorge is the stuff of legends.

Hiatus Kaiyote has always spoken on their albums as microcosms, a complete ecosystem. On Love Heart Cheat Code, the band envisioned a strong visual world to coincide with the music, working with Sri Lanken-born, Toronto-based multimedia artist Rajni Perera, using one of her paintings as the artwork for the album. Illustrator Chloe Biocca and Grey Ghost then collaborated with the band to create visual symbols and associated artifacts for each of the tracks on the project to be paired alongside Rajni’s painting. The artifacts morphed into real products, custom jewellery, and edible goods, ranging from the inspired to the haunted and utterly random. Eventually, this led the band to conceive an entirely imagined place, a Love Heart Cheat Code supermarket with the band as its employees who create these products, market them, stack the shelves, clean the aisles etc. In the banality of creating art into “product” for the modern world, the band finds solace in each item (or song) as they are packed with transcendent and resplendent musical magic.

Hiatus Kaiyote – Love Heart Cheat Code National Tour

Tickets on sale here

Tuesday 17th September – Forum, Melbourne
Friday 20th September – Enmore, Sydney
Saturday 21st September – Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane
Friday 27th September – Astor Theatre, Perth
Saturday 28th September – Hindley Street Music Hall, Adelaide






CODEE-LEE and RAY JONES “Leave The Light On’ (Single)
In a world where collaborations can sometimes feel forced, Codee-Lee and Ray Jones prove that genuine artistic synergy can create something truly magical. Their heartfelt track, “Leave the Light On,” beautifully captures the essence of a journey to pursue dreams while yearning to return to the warmth of home. The lyrics resonate with emotion and honesty, painting a vivid picture of a soulful singer on the road. STREAM HERE

Codee-Lee, a rising star hailing from Western Australia, has captured hearts with her velvety vocals and heartfelt storytelling. Her deeply personal lyrics and captivating melodies have earned her a devoted fan base and a swag of awards. Her versatile style effortlessly blends elements of country, folk, pop, and indie, making her a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.

On the other side of this musical fusion, we find the gifted singer-songwriter, Ray Jones, a seasoned performer who has left an indelible mark on the regional music landscape of Western Australia. With his mesmerizing voice and virtuoso guitar skills, Ray’s musical prowess weaves together a tapestry of emotions that resonate with listeners on a profound level.

The evocative collaboration of Codee-Lee and Ray Jones, “Leave the Light On,” is a musical journey that delicately weaves together the emotions of distance, longing, and the yearning for homecoming. This enchanting track resonates deeply with audiences and encapsulates the magical bond between two talented artists as they embark on a tour across the scenic landscapes of regional Western Australia.


THE MYSTERINES ‘The Last Dance’ (Single)
Merseyside alternative rock band The Mysterines have today released their whirring new single ‘The Last Dance’, the third track to be taken from their highly-anticipated new album Afraid of Tomorrows, due for release on 21st June via Fiction Records.

Listen to ‘The Last Dance’ Now    Pre-Save Album

Bolstered by a blistering guitar solo and thunderous drum beats, ‘The Last Dance’ details finding solace in something that is not real. Frontwoman Lia’s imagination dances wildly through the track, as it tells the tale of a person who falls in love with a porcelain mannequin and longs to dance with them. Lia comments on the song: “I suppose it’s an analogy for what loneliness can do to you. Once you’ve exhausted all the dark alleyways of drugs and alcohol, you end up reaching for something to connect to that isn’t real.”

Formed in Liverpool, The Mysterines – frontwoman Lia Metcalfe, drummer Paul Crilly, bassist George Favager and guitarist Callum Thompson – have undergone a radical transformation over the past few years. Fresh with new purpose and reinvigorated from songwriting sessions while secluded away in the countryside (in between playing to 60,000-strong crowds while on tour with the Arctic Monkeys), the band are now about to release the best music of their career.

Recorded and produced by Grammy Award winning producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Angel Olsen) in LA, Afraid of Tomorrows is a deeper and darker foray into The Mysterines’ psyche than its predecessor, and reflects the maturity and growth of the band. “Afraid of Tomorrows is a mirror where you find you’re nothing more than a formless being, one made from celestial constellations – of traumas, of the old and new, mistakes, addiction, fear and happiness, loneliness, but ultimately a desire for life and the fight to keep living. It’s a collage of what’s been lost and of love unbounded”, says Lia.

The Mysterines are set to embark on their biggest headline tour to date. The 16-date run will kick off in Dublin on 18th October and include a stop at London’s iconic O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, culminating in Paris on 8th November.

The band will play a string of exciting shows, including at Crystal Palace Park as special guests to Bloc Party for their huge 20th anniversary show on 7th July, and numerous festivals all over the UK and Europe including Live at Leeds in the Park, 2000 Trees, Truck Festival, Tramlines and Best Kept Secret.

The Mysterines – ‘The Last Dance’ Single out now. Afraid of Tomorrows album out June 21 via Fiction Records / Virgin Music Group


Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats have unveiled the newest single from their forthcoming album. The track “Get Used to the Night” is the third offering from their highly-anticipated fourth studio release South of Here, set to drop June 28 via Stax/Concord—pre-save/pre-order here.

The band performed the album’s lead single “Heartless” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week – check out the performance here. These new tracks continue to garner glowing reviews. Relix writes, ‘”Heartless” pours over with heart, testifying to Rateliff’s mastery of reflecting the knotty wholeness of life through personal narrative and sonic storytelling,” while Consequence notes, “Though there are tales of anguish and doubt in “Heartless,” the harmonies around Rateliff from the Night Sweats offer support and a light in the dark.”

With “Get Used to the Night”, Rateliff shares a moving tribute to his late friend and collaborator Richard Swift. “You run ahead and I’ll catch up to you / Still so much left for me to do,” he sings with tender resignation. A masterful vocal performance from Rateliff is coupled with a rich, stirring brass arrangement from The Night Sweats.
The new track follows the announcement of a brand-new series of headlining U.S. arena dates, their largest tour to date, including performances in Austin at the Moody Center, Chicago’s United Center, St. Paul’s Excel Center and a landmark show at Madison Square Garden. Acclaimed artist Gregory Alan Isakov will support.

A new video for “Heartless” is also out now—watch here. On the video, directed by award winning director Kimberly Stuckwisch, Rateliff reflects, “This song means a lot to me personally and speaks to the struggle of everyone trying to find their way. Kimberly and I come from similar backgrounds, both of us grew up in rural areas trying to find our way out of poverty. I was unsure how to approach a video for this song but felt so blessed to be able to work with Kimberly and see her vision for the song unfold.”

The album’s second single “David and Goliath” was lauded by Louder, describing “This 21st century Americana star bares his soul to stunning effect on this latest track – all moody Beatles-y sensibilities with a soulful lift, articulating the internal fights so many of us face.”

With their largest tour to date, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats achieve another career milestone culminating from a renowned history of powerful live performances. Rateliff’s undeniable stage presence has fueled his steady ascent since breaking through the Denver D.I.Y. scene. Noah Kahan called sharing the stage with Rateliff “such an honor.” He furthers, “His music has helped me through a lot of tough moments in my life. This is one of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard. He’s such a sweet guy and just a brilliant talent.” Additional collaborations include Paul Simon at Newport and Willie Nelson at the Hollywood Bowl. Most recently, Rateliff wrote and performed a duet with Orville Peck on Peck’s new album, Stampede Vol. 1.
Produced by Brad Cook (Waxahatchee, Bon Iver, Kevin Morby) and recorded at Sonic Ranch outside El Paso, Texas, South of Here reckons with a lifetime of pain and trauma and transforms it into a stirring, soul-baring rumination on love, loss, hope and resolve. “This album is a look into my own struggle with anxiety, insecurity and also stories of my life,” says Rateliff. “I hope these songs and stories give you an opportunity to better understand your own struggles whatever they may be.”
The new album seamlessly blends both sides of his immense talent: emotionally potent, vivid storytelling and the rugged, R&B revivalism that has powered the band to world-wide acclaim over the past decade.

Over the course of his career, Nathaniel Rateliff has generated widespread acclaim from critics and musicians alike. Robert Plant recently placed him among the next generation of greats. “He is one of these guys that will just carry the torch. Beautiful songwriting, beautiful singing, great delivery and he is a magnificent guy to go with it.”

Borne from the rock clubs in and around Denver, CO., Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats have released three LPs, two EPs, and a live album. Since their 2015 self-titled breakthrough album, the band has established themselves as generational talents through their ecstatic and dynamic live performances and a growing catalog of essential studio recordings. South of Here is another mighty leap forward. Bound by the struggle for identity and the search for belonging, it reverberates with the understanding that we’re all in this beautiful mess together.

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SAINT ERGO ‘Falling So Hard’ (Single)
Saint Ergo’s upcoming single, ‘Falling So Hard’ brings a cheeky humour to “taboo” relationships; sensually grooving for equality and consent. Saint Ergo is a cinematic modern contemporary experience with music that will shake your hips and break your soul. This project forges a unique fusion of R&B and baroque pop. You can feel the lived experience that we share as human beings within every song. The common thread has always been about the journey of connection, inclusivity and the struggle for relevance as a creative within our greater society. Whether that be an exploration of gender, sexuality, power imbalance, the mystical or the mundane, the music goes where the art leads, with whatever instrumentation is necessary. After the success of Saint Ergo’s debut EP, ‘Heart Like Paper’ she is back with the release of her forthcoming single ‘Falling So Hard’.

‘Falling So Hard’ is a song that wanders cheekily into the the question of “what if?” What if I actually pursued these relationships in spite of the taboo? Folks are often isolated and starved of affection, romance and erotic satisfaction when there is no opportunity to express themselves sexually and this is very evident in the disability community. There are many consensual relationship styles and configurations that society that declares as inappropriate, some rightly so, but allowing so-called conventional, compulsorily heterosexual (comp-het) relationships, that can still result in damage and abuse. What is rarely discussed is the real problem of power imbalances, consent frameworks, real relationship agreements and the personal responsibility for emotional growth that allows for healthy expression. Why is it so hard to just be a good human within relationships? ‘Falling So Hard’ cheekily explores the themes of the taboo relationship based on fictionalised real events and the real pressures we feel in having to hold ourselves back. Saint Ergo’s upcoming single will be released independently on Thursday, June 27, 2024.

Listen to / Download ‘Falling So Hard’ HERE The ‘Falling So Hard’ single release will be accompanied by two live shows, one in the city at Black Spark on Saturday, July 13 and one in the hills at Tecoma Uniting Church on Sunday, July 28.



Heavy metal legends set to thrill Aussie ‘Fanthers’ with tongue-in-cheek musical anthems and signature humour when they hit the shores later this year.

The planet’s most notorious, hilarious, and downright outrageous metal band, Steel Panther, are excited to announce the Australian leg of their riotous On The Prowl World Tour. After a monumental run of US and European dates, America’s greatest musical export will bring their live show to Australian cities this October.

With a reputation for over-the-top performances and bawdy humour, the band are set to deliver a series of epic shows kicking off at Metro City in Perth on October 18, before hitting AEC Theatre in Adelaide on October 21, Hordern Pavilion in Sydney on October 23 and Brisbane’s Fortitude Music Hall on October 24, rounding off the tour in Melbourne at Margaret Court Arena on Saturday 26 October.

For the uninitiated – Steel Panther was formed in 2000. Hailing from Los Angeles, the epicentre for rock n’ roll in all its debauchery and glamour, they have established themselves as the world’s premier party band, melding hard rock virtuosity with parody and criminally good looks. Steel Panther have released six full-length studio albums, sold out shows across the world, achieved platinum-level YouTube status, and appeared on high-profile television appearances such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, Larry King Now, Fox NFL Sunday and as semi-finalists on the 2023 Season 18 of America’s Got Talent. The quartet — Michael Starr (lead vocals), Satchel (lead guitar), Spyder (bass), and Stix Zadinia (drums) — reach another level altogether on their sixth full-length album. Released in 2023, On the Prowl is a self-produced record, and namesake of their world tour, that includes singles “Never Too Late (To Get Some Pussy Tonight), “On Your Instagram,” Friends with Benefits” and the German chart topping smash, “1987.”

Steel Panther’s On The Prowl World Tour has been a runaway success globally, currently making its way through Europe and heading back the US for final dates before trekking down under for Australia to join the fun. With their unique blend of humour, musicianship, and lowkey controversial presence, Steel Panther continues to redefine rock. Get ready, Australia – Steel Panther is coming, and it’s going to be one wild ride!


Friday 18 October – Metro City, Perth
Monday 21 October – AEC Theatre, Adelaide
Wednesday 23 October – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Thursday 24 October – Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane
Saturday 26 October – Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne


How time flies. It’s been 40 years since Alison Moyet stepped out of Yazoo and fired up a solo career with her #1 debut album ‘Alf’ and Top 10 hits ‘Love Resurrection’ and ‘All Cried Out’. That unmistakable voice – big enough to fill a stadium and yet intimate enough to make you feel as though she’s singing just for you – has taken her on quite a journey since, with career highlights including two #1 albums, six Top 10 singles, two BRIT Awards and a Grammy nomination.

Following her recent graduation from Brighton University in 2023 with a first-class degree in Fine Art Printmaking BA (Hons), Alison Moyet has combined both art and music here, creating the album art herself to celebrate her 40th year as a solo artist with the release of ‘Key’ on October 4th – a collection of 16 reworked singles, fan favourites and deep cuts as well as two new songs which combine to present a blazing showcase of the depth and breadth of her artistic creativity and songwriting. She launches the album by sharing one of its brand new songs, ‘Such Small Ale’ alongside the reworked classic Moyet single ‘All Cried Out’ (Listen HERE).

Alison says, “I wanted to take the opportunity to look at the trajectory of the past four decades and explore songs that, in their original form, were never fully realised or have had their relevance to me altered by time.”

The songs that feature on ‘Key’ were all reimagined alongside her producer, arranger and musical director Sean McGhee. Some songs remain closer to the originals, ‘All Cried Out’ and ‘Love Resurrection’ are refreshed rather than reinvented, their ‘80s motifs switched for a more timeless production. And others are cast in a new light, see McGhee’s exquisite arrangements of both Guy Sigsworth co-write ‘Filigree’, and ‘Is This Love?’, now translated as a sweeping, shimmering epic ballad. This album has allowed Alison to revisit some of the songwriting highlights of her career including tracks such as ‘Can’t Say It Like I Mean It’ and ‘This House’.

The lavish new single ‘Such Small Ale’ fits naturally alongside the classics, with Alison’s voice seasoned by experience but losing none of its emotion-inspiring grandeur. It’s also a song that’s the perfect fit for how her voice has developed, one that feels both contemporary but with a hint of nostalgic ‘60s flavour. Alison wrote the song with McGhee and Suede guitarist Richard Oakes, the latter of whom performs on several tracks on the album.

‘Key’ distils 40 years of music making, presenting a cohesive overview of a long and dazzling journey.  Alison says, “I hope this collection will be the key to those unopened doors. Let yourself in.”

‘Key’ is now available to pre-order here. A wide range of physical formats are available with exclusives for Amazon, HMV and select indie stores. The official store has bundles including marble colour vinyl, CD and cassette – all bundles include a print signed by Alison.

This week has also seen the launch of 40 Moyet Moments. A 40-part podcast series featuring Alison in conversation with her long-time digital manager, Steve Coats-Dennis discussing the key moments of Alison’s career: the highs, the lows and everything in between. Listen HERE


Today also brings the news that Alison will embark upon a long awaited World tour in 2025 – her first full headline tour since 2017. UK, Ireland and European dates are announced today and US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand dates are to follow. Fans who pre-order ‘Key’ from the official store HERE will receive the opportunity to access a UK and Ireland pre-sale for tickets. The pre-sale will open at 10am 19th June and will be live until general on sale starts from 10am 21st June. Further tour info available HERE

She adds, “Live work really matters to me. I can’t dial in a performance. I love the physical feeling that singing gives me. It’s totally primal and euphoric. On stage I remember how to connect with myself.”



16 Feb – Dublin, 3Olympia

17 Feb – Belfast, Waterfront Hall

20 Feb – York, Barbican

21 Feb – Manchester, Bridgewater Hall

22 Feb – Nottingham, Royal Concert Hall

24 Feb – Liverpool, Philharmonic Hall

25 Feb – Stoke-on-Trent, Victoria Hall

27 Feb – Birmingham, Symphony Hall

28 Feb – Cambridge, Corn Exchange

1 Mar – Ipswich, Regent Theatre

3 Mar – Sheffield, City Hall

4 Mar – Stockton, Globe

6 Mar – Gateshead, The Glasshouse

7 Mar – Buxton, Opera House

8 Mar – Reading, Hexagon

10 Mar – Brighton, Dome

11 Mar – London, Palladium

13 Mar – Bournemouth, Pavilion Theatre

14 Mar – Swansea, Arena

15 Mar – Bath, Forum

17 Mar – Southend, Cliffs Pavilion

18 Mar – Aylesbury, Waterside Theatre

20 Mar – Edinburgh, Usher Hall

21 Mar – Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall

22 Mar – Aberdeen, Music Hall


31 Mar – Oslo, Norway: Sentrum Scene

1 Apr – Stockholm, Sweden: Göta Lejon

3 Apr – Hamburg, Germany: Grosse Freiheit 36

5 Apr – Antwerp, Belgium: De Roma

7 Apr – Amsterdam, Netherlands: Paradiso

8 Apr – Groningen, Netherlands: De Oosterpoort

9 Apr – Eindhoven, Netherlands: Muziekgebouw Frits Philips

11 Apr – Cologne, Germany: Carlswerk Victoria

13 Apr – Frankfurt Germany: Batschkapp

14 Apr – Berlin, Germany: Huxleys Neue Welt

15 Apr – Copenhagen, Denmark: DR Koncerthuset



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